Woxsen WAT-PI Experiences

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Woxsen WAT-PI Experience 1:

Rithika Nagpal – MBA, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

I was working with Microsoft during which, the pandemic broke out. We had to work from home.  Since there was no commuting to office, I used that time for some self-reflection, during which I thought of upskilling and higher education.

During my research on best colleges to pursue MBA, I came across one of my old-time friends (an alumni from Woxsen) who introduced me to Woxsen University and its contemporary education there.  As I got to know more about Woxsen, I was free of my confusion and channeled by efforts  &  focus on entering into Woxsen university.

Now, I was also anxious to visit the Woxsen Campus to get a complete tour of the college, know more about the faculty and the curriculum of the program, which was going to shape the next 2 years of my life. And what fascinated me about Woxsen University or what I was desperately looking for from a campus point of view were these factors: campus away from the hustle and bustle of the city, eco-friendly campus with a widely spread lush green landscape. Woxsen had it all and I knew for sure this is what I wanted.

The visit to the campus made me extremely confident & focused to join Woxsen and headstrong to crack the WAT (Woxsen Aptitude Test) at any cost!

I no more entertained the thought “What if I don’t get through the WAT entrance exam” , I didn’t give myself an option, there only a one plan for me – plan Woxsen! My focus was to become a Woxsenite.

I gave the test and after 2 days I got a call to attend the Personal Interview Round (PI) round, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited that I passed the test and nervous for my upcoming PI round. Also, to mention the PI round was on a virtual platform, which I gave from a location convenient to me.  Finally, my turn had come to be interviewed by 2 panelists from Woxsen University!

As mentioned earlier, I had work experience with Microsoft. In the initial part of the interview, I was asked questions about my work experience. I comfortably managed to answer these questions.  The interview further progressed to some technical questions and some questions pertaining to current affairs.  From here on, the interview was getting intense, and opinions were being shared across.

The expectation to what it takes to be a Woxsenite was put across to me by the interviewers, it was challenging to hear a role of a Woxsenite. I was game for this challenge!

I was glad to put across my thoughts and appreciate the patience of the panelists. My involvement in the interview was so intense that it broke the shackles of my nervousness. Thanks to the interviewers for their patience and kindness while interviewing me. And the interview concluded.

I was anticipating the results on a positive note. I got the call from the admissions team and guess what?! I was not only selected but also received the highest scholarship of  50% My hardwork and perseverance had paid off!

This boosted my confidence and added a lot of positive energy in my personality development. I was determined to embrace this new journey, to make a lot of memories, to make a better ‘ME’, and to add value to Woxsen and to myself!

And thus began my journey to becoming a well-rounded Management Professional, starting at Woxsen University!

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Woxsen WAT-PI Experience 2:

Sohan Yendal – MBA, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

Reason why I chose Woxsen?

Woxsen is known for its International Standards and is located in Hyderabad city which is one of the best cities to live and work in India. Learning here at Woxsen is practical and unlike other B-Schools which follow conventional methods. Woxsen is ahead of its curve with its unconventional pedagogy.

My admission process at Woxsen:

1. I first cleared the WAT (Woxsen Aptitude Test), Which was an online MCQ based test, determining logical reasoning, comprehension skills, domain knowledge & quantitative skills.

2. Post that, I got shortlisted for the second round which was the Personal Interview Round, for which I had to give a Psychometric Test.

3. Due to Covid-19, the Personal Interview round was online. The link was shared two days before and my interview was in the morning slot.

There were two panel members to interview me, one of them to test my technical knowledge and the other to test my domain knowledge. My performance in both the rounds played a huge role in getting me the most sought-after scholarship!

The Personal Interview Round

Since I knew my interview was going to be online, I practiced on video calls with my friends, to make myself comfortable and boost confidence in front of the camera.

The actual interview panned out from my introduction, to questions ranging from my choice of specialization, management, my internship experience & more!

The interview further progressed with questions depending on my inclination. I was asked challenging questions like Strategic tools I would apply for a small-scale Business organization, Reasons for why and how a company would choose Tradeoffs to make their Business models successful etc. Such questions were not only thought-provoking but also forced you to think on your feet! One had to be well read to answer these questions.

Takin cue from my SOP, I was also asked If I had any leadership experience before. As a proud Rotarian in my previous University, I shared my contribution and various activities done for the society. By this, I found myself talking corelating my experiences, what insights I draw from them and how I plan to implement them in my career!

In my technical round, being from a commerce background I was to demonstrate my understanding of the specialization I am opting for. Then the conversation furthered to my extracurricular interests, I spoke regarding our family Business and my startup idea.

I was made comfortable form the point go and hence was not nervous during the interview process and could answer all the questions.

My interview experience made me eagerly for the results. I was absolutely excited to receive the offer letter indicating that I was selected for MBA (Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning) course.

This was my journey to Woxsen University

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