XAT 2016 Announces Changes : So What’s our Strategy to Knock XAT ?


XAT 2016 Announces Changes : So What’s our Strategy to Knock XAT ?


CAT 2015 is over!! So What ? Here’s the Strategy builder to demystify the changes:

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All is not lost when one could not crack the CAT and get admission into the coveted IIMs.
The next big exam for most IIM aspirants is XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) 2016 – the gateway to XLRI Jamshedpur and 147 other institutes that include names like S.P.Jain, XIM Bhubaneshwar, MICA, TAPMI, GIM Panaji, LIBA, K.J. Somaiya, Welingkar, Great Lakes Chennai, IIFM Bhopal and IMT Ghaziabad. This year, XAT is scheduled on Sunday, 3rd January 2016.

Have You Registered ? If not the extension is for all of you.
The last date to apply for this test is now extended to 10th December 2015. So, if you have not yet applied to take the XAT, go ahead and apply NOW!!
Know the test
1. XAT is a paper-based test with 2 parts: Part I. Objective Questions and Part II. Subjective with an Essay to be written
2. The objective part of the test has four sections (i) Verbal and Logical Ability (ii) Decision Making (iii) Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (iv) General Knowledge. As per the latest notification, the first 3 sections will have 78 questions to be solved in 170 min. GK will have 25 question and the time allotted for the GK and Essay section will be 35 minutes.
3. The marks of General Knowledge will not be used for determining the percentile and cut off at first stage of selection. This is considered only for XLRI
4. Check out Previous Year analysis : http://bit.ly/1QPOV0t
5. There are no sectional time-limits – you can attempt the first 3 sections in any order.
6. Level of Difficulty of the Test: A sigh of Relief !!:  In past XAT papers, students would end up solving only half the questions – leading to very low score ranges. This year the level of difficulty of the test will be watered down to ensure that the best students (top 100) are able to answer all questions in 170 minutes while other students are able to significantly increase their number of attempts. What this implies is that students with a sound conceptual base should be able to score significantly high scores in this test. All the questions in GK will be “General” in nature rather than “Specific”.

What do these changes have instore for Aspirants ? 3 Changes Only need to Strategise well now !
1. The number of questions in the first 3 sections reduced to 78 (from 83 last year) and time-limit increased from 140 min to 170 min.

So What ? : Now need to score more to get the same percentile as last year – as attempts will go up and so will the corresponding scores. Push up the attempts to 65-70% compared to a 50% as of last year
2. The level of difficulty of the test is set to be watered down to an extent that the top 100 students should be able to solve all the 78 questions in 170 minutes.

So What ? : So, the test will become easier for all, but this implies I am looking for all rounders ! Can’t ignore any section
3. There will be negative marking of 0.05 marks per question if you skip more than 13 questions in the rest: So if you skip 20 questions overall, (20-13)*0.05=0.35 marks will be deducted from your overall marks.

So What ? : Can’t Runaway ! You cannot be overcautious and skip too many questions – at the same time remember that the penalty for incorrect responses is 5 times that of skipped questions, so wild guessing is still not a good option in the test. This change places a premium on conceptual knowledge, and so students with a sound conceptual base will be able to attempt more questions in the increased time duration (without wild guessing) and thereby score higher in this test. Focus on Concept Rebuilding ! coz Remember you have done it all for CAT


Coming to the Crux – What to prepare for XAT 2016?
We have been preparing for CAT 2015 – then you are already on the right track in your preparation for XAT. However, as the test structure above indicates you will need to additionally prepare for the Decision Making (DM), Essay and General Knowledge(GK) sections – the DM section is important to secure your GD/PI call while the Essay and GK sections are important for the second stage of the selection process.


CATKing Decision Making: The Most Repeated Decision Making Questions and Strategies from XLRI Alum .

Keeping this in mind: Stay Tuned for more updates on Strategies to Knock XAT ! Meet XAT Topper 2012 in Pune this Saturday and Mumbai Sunday. Call on 9619160261 / 9029077114

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