XAT 2018 Analysis

XAT 2018 Analysis

With XAT going Online, it posed a series of glitches at various centers with the exams getting started an hour late and most people stuck with systems hanging, disappointing for the students who already have the fear of XAT with these to top it with technical glitches. XAT has always known to be a difficult exam with tricky questions and time consuming unlike CAT. However the paper was easier than always. The number of questions being reduced was good for the students to have better have attempts, as XAT has always been an exam to be tested with the skill of leaving out the difficult questions and focusing on High Accuracy.

Good attempts with 85-90% accuracy would enable to meet XLRI Expected Cut-Offs

Sectional Analysis:

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation:

The overall section was moderate to difficult with basic questions of Arithmetic and modern Maths like progressions, time speed distance and Geometry. Definitely easier that last few years, however the geometry questions were tricky.

Data Interpretation had 2 sets only; but they were difficult one being tricky the other being calculation intensive.

Verbal Ability:

Was slightly difficult than the usual Verbal Section, the Reading comprehensions dominated the paper, coming from the philosophy section, while the critical reasoning were moderate to do as long as the temperament of the students was calm. People who did not invest time in these road blocker questions have done well.

Grammar easy questions from spot the error, to vocab usage in fill in the blanks were easy.

Parajumbles was little time consuming but manageable

Decision Making:

This is always the trick area with close answer options making the students life difficult. But this time this indeed was difficult as compared to previous year. The situational conventional type of decision making questions dominated the section with 18 questions and just 3 based on numerical, analytical approach. This was easy to crack unlike last years calculation intensive set..

The GK was fairly doable with a major focus on economic and business GK. This is considered only for XLRI.

The Essay Topic was: Ethical Practices and Sustainability: Do they co-exist?


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