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Must do GD PI Topics for MBA Interviews

Group Discussions are an integral part of any B school selection criteria. Based on your group discussion, the panelists judge you on various personality aspects. That is the reason, the GD topics are diverse and there are varied types of group discussions. The GD topics could range from social issues, philosophical ideas, current affairs, politics, business and economy. Sometimes, instead of giving you a generic topic, you are given case studies. Case studies are nothing but scenarios given to you where you need to read the given script and then discuss about your opinions on the same . You also need to come down to a conclusion at the end of it. The panel is of 8–12 students and each group is given 12–15 minutes on an average to discuss and come to a conclusion.

What skills are judged in group discussion?
-How good you are at communication with others.
-How you behave and interact with group.
-How open minded are you.
-Your listening skill.
-How you put forward your views.
-Your leadership and decision making skills.
-Your analysis skill and subject knowledge.
-Problem solving and critical thinking skill.
-Your attitude and confidence.

Here are the most important and repeated group discussion topics that you need to prepare:

  1. Demonetization : Effects on Economic Pillars
  2. E-commerce– A Boon or a Bane
  3. NITI Aayog
  4. Molestation and Indian Mentality
  5. BREXIT– An event that created a stir in the Global Economy
  6. Union Budget 2018
  7. Rohingya Crisis
  8. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
  9. Merger of Private Sector Banks
  10. Startup India and Digital India

All the best!! Stay Glued!!!

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Best way to convey your point in Group Discussion

Almost all institutes are making group discussion as the first criteria for screening the candidates for face-to-face interviews. And there is reason too for giving huge importance for Group Discussion. First thing Group Discussion is used for mass elimination! And second thing group discussion selection criteria’s are based on actual company requirements.

Communication and Group Discussion skill are two relevant soft skills that are must for software testers.

Why group discussion should be the first criteria for selecting software testers?

Managers requires communication with different people like team members, managers and customers. So interpersonal skill is very important for tester.

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Yesterday one of our readers mailed me about her problem. She is very good at work but when it comes to taking credit for her work, someone else is taking the credit.

Why this is happening? She is lagging in interpersonal skills. Lagging in communication. She might be proficient in many skills, but what if she isn’t able to communicate her thoughts in front of her seniors or evaluators? Simply, she will lose the credits of her own work!

Making a good impression while speaking in meetings or interviews is the basic skill every professional should have.
Let’s see how you can make this impression.

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What skills are judged in group discussion?
-How good you are at communication with others.
-How you behave and interact with group.
-How open minded are you.
-Your listening skill.
-How you put forward your views.
-Your leadership and decision making skills.
-Your analysis skill and subject knowledge.
-Problem solving and critical thinking skill.
-Your attitude and confidence.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Group discussion:
1) Keep eye contact while speaking:
Do not look at the evaluators only. Keep eye contact with every team member while speaking.

2) Initiate the GD:
Initiating the GD is a big plus. But keep in mind – Initiate the group discussion only when you understood the GD topic clearly and have some topic knowledge. Speaking without proper subject knowledge is bad impression.

3) Allow others to speak:
Do not interrupt anyone in-between while speaking. Even if you don’t agree with his/her thoughts do not snatch their chance to speak. Instead make some notes and clear the points when it’s your turn.

4) Speak clearly:
Speak politely and clearly. Use simple and understandable words while speaking. Don’t be too aggressive if you are disagreeing with someone. Express your feelings calmly and politely.

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5) Make sure to bring the discussion on track:
If by any means group is distracting from the topic or goal then simply take initiative to bring the discussion on the track. Make all group members aware that you all need to come to some conclusion at the end of the discussion. So stick to the topic.

6) Positive attitude:
Be confident. Do not try to dominate anyone. Keep positive body language. Show interest in discussion.

7) Speak sensibly:
Do not speak just to increase your speaking time. Don’t worry even if you speak less. Your thoughts should be sensible and relevant instead of irrelevant speech.

8 ) Listen carefully to others:
Speak less and listen more! Pay attention while others are speaking. This will make coherent discussion and you will get involved in the group positively. You will surely make people agree with you.

9) No need to go into much details:
Some basic subject analysis is sufficient. No need to mention exact figures while giving any reference. You have limited time so be precise and convey your thoughts in short and simple language.

10) Formal dressing:
Do not take it casually. No fancy and funny dressing. You should be comfortable while speaking in group. Positive gesture and body language will make your work easy.

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Demonetization - Noteban

Demonetization: Effects on Economic Pillars

A year back, an unexpected appeal by PM Narendra Modi shook the Nation. It was an appeal to join him in the fight against corruption and black money. This could be the riskiest political move by the Modi Sarkar, however, they took a stance and start the implementation of demonetization. It has been a year after this bold move, so, let’s examine the results of the move.

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The move has had a great impact on the economy and has resulted in the following:

  1. Black money unearthed
  2. A cleansed financial system
  3. Drop in real estate prices
  4. Decline in lending rates of the bank
  5. Detection of fake currency notes
  6. Increase tax compliance



E-commerce Boon Or Bane.

E-commerce is the market where people can buy and sell goods on a digital platform. This enables the manufacturers to reach out to a huge customer base. It has several types such as B2C, B2B, C2B, C2C markets and e-commerce portals.

Now the main question is, whether E-commerce has benefited the market or not?

E-commerce has been a changing point for many young entrepreneurs. It has been a beneficial factor for all those who have wanted to create a mark in the business world. But it has also effected the other offline businessmen, big and small.

Following are the several points that will help us understand whether e-commerce is really a boon or bane to the current business world.



Big Economic Firms- The one’s you must know about

Economic firms also known as economic and financial consultancy firms. Those which help and guide companies in investing in the right way. Following are the economic firms:

  1. Berkshire Hathaway:

A Corporation that deals with several activities and gains revenue of whooping US $223.60 billion. The headquarter is located at Kiewit Plaza, Omaha, Nebraska, United States.



Introduction and Objective:

The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), came in action through a resolution of the Union Cabinet on January 1, 2015. NITI Aayog is providing both directional and policy inputs. They design long term policy and programs and provide technical advice to the Centre and States.

The main objective of this program is to help people in need and bring the States of this country together in national interest which gives rise to Cooperative Federalism.

NITI Aayog has two hubs: – Team India Hub and the Knowledge and Innovation Hub. These both help in handling the two key tasks. One is handling the Central and States. Second is handling NITI’s think-tank capabilities. (more…)

Molestation and Indian Mentality.

Women in India have been experiencing various forms of the dreadful acts i.e. molestation, rape, eve-teasing. These acts have turned out to increase in numbers in the coming days. Women have started questioning the government about their safety and the laws regarding the same. Indian mentality has still been the same in terms of topics related to men and women equality, molestation, and all things related to women empowerment and punishing the criminal.

There are debates rising about the way women dress up and on the clothes, they wear. It always comes down to Why was she there? What was she doing at that hour of the night? Why was she was wearing those clothes? Blah blah…. Molestation has been happening at a higher rate at places like Delhi, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh. There have been cases where children have faced physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse.


Welingkar GDPI experiences 2017

Following are the GDPI Experiences of the students at Welingkar, Bengaluru which happened on 29th and 30th of April, 2017.

Student 1

In the GD Room

GD topic: Indian firms are investing in the US, is it right or wrong?

First it started with the registration part with our score cards and admit cards. After that we were given a presentation on Welingkar College by its students. Then we began with the Group Exercise which includes Group Discussion and written test. The topic was given and some facts were also given regarding it.

We were given 5 minutes to think, 15 minutes to discuss and 10 minutes to write the conclusion.


Donald Trump- Bright Future Of America

Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States of America was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens New York. He was a successful billionaire and a huge television personality before entering the politics. He is the supporter of the Republican Party. He was standing against Hillary Clinton for the final round of elections.

He has brought many new rules and regulations which have created a massive impact all over the world. He won the elections on November 8, 2016. Donald Trump is the first who has won without any military or government service. He is the oldest and wealthiest President. (more…)


BREXIT- An Event That Created A Stir In The Global Economy

Brexit is a term used to describe the exit of Britain from the European Union. The European Union – often known as the EU – is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries. To decide whether they should be in the European union or not a referendum that is there were votes taken from all who were eligible to vote. This process took place on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

The result was in favor of leaving the European Union. The leave won by 51.9% to 48.1%. There were more than 30 million people voting and the turnout was 71.8%.

After the referendum was lost, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation as the Prime Minister of UK. He was in favor of staying in the EU and he preferred best that the captain for this ship be different.