10 Tips to Crack XAT

10 Tips to Crack XAT

XAT is an entrance test that is accepted across 100 institutes in the country apart from XLRI that conducts it every year. It is a paper-based test conducted on the first Sunday of the year. The pen-paper exam gets its edge through the section that’s not common to the rest of the entrance exams: Decision Making. The approach to excel in XAT exam needs to be a little different but the essence of it is more or less the same.

Following are few tips to crack XAT:

1) The verbal and logical ability section has since always, been majorly dominated by critical reasoning and reading comprehension. Hence, quick reading and comprehension skills need to be developed, which can be done only through practice.

2) For decision making and analytical judgment, you just need to ensure that the decision that you are taking is unbiased. It should not favor one particular party which means that it needs to be ethical and balanced; keeping the perspective of all stakeholders involved in mind.

3) For the aforementioned section, it is also important for you to not lose objectivity in the entire process and to not let your own biases cloud your judgment.

4) Quantitative ability and data interpretation require what they need in any other entrance exam; strong conceptual base and good application orientation.

5) Environment plays an important role in XAT because the general knowledge section is majorly based on economics and business related facts of the current time. Apart from current events from the past 6 months, it is essential to brush up knowledge of books, prizes, and awards.

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6) The second additional section that XAT has, that CAT doesn’t have, is the essay writing section. Historically, XAT topics have evolved from abstract dimensions; maybe a phrase or a poem with a deep psychological connotation attached to it. Read newspapers like The Hindu to become comfortable with a gamut of topics which could come for the XAT essay writing section.

7) Unlike MICAT where creativity is analyzed, for XAT, the ability to provide logical arguments overpowers anything else. It is important for you to develop coherence of thoughts by reading and practicing.

8) Speed and accuracy form a major part of any entrance exam that is testing your managerial skills. Ensure both.

9) Time Management and Prioritisation are the key contributors to success. Hence, they should be developed accordingly, both while preparing and while giving the test.

10) Practice so well to figure out how much time you need to clear cutoffs of every section. Because ultimately that’s what matters.

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