5 Reasons to Pursue BBA in HR

5 Reasons to Pursue BBA in HR

About BBA:

Bachelors’ in Business Administration is a foundation where a student learns all the basics that will help them sharpen during MBA. The course includes various core topics such as Business Law, Industrial Law, Business Mathematics, Accounting among many others. It helps students get theoretical as well as hands-on skills.

About HR:

Human Resource Management is a course where the students learn how to manage the employees in a company, to satisfy the needs of the employees, to keep a record of their performance, employment law and many others.

Following are the 5 reasons why a student should pursue BBA in HR:

  1. Market:

Students gain knowledge about how to approach, how to do things in a systematic manner and learn the current happenings as well as the past market happenings

  1. Develop skills:

Skills which are not just based on theory but also practical as students are taken on field trips and industrial visits which help them have a proper insight.

  1. Employees:

This is one of the main areas where the students must focus on. They learn employment laws, to understand the welfare of the employees, to maintain a good brand image of the company in front of the employees.

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  1. Behavior:

Another concept that the study is the behavior of each candidate that comes for an interview, behavior of an employee, behavior of the organization and many more.

  1. Management:

This is the part where they learn how to keep an eye on the activities going on in the organization, managing disputes if occurred among the employees, managing events that are arranged in the company.

The other reasons to pursue are HR has a wide exposure which will enhance a students’ capability. It also makes a student capable of having leadership skills & management skills. There are also many job opportunities which when explored can be found in many industries.

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To conclude we can just say that this article sums up to say that HR is a course which has a secure career and opportunities that come your way which should be used wisely.

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