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Advice to MBA Aspirants – How to succeed in Life | CAT Exam Motivation
May 16 2024

 Advice to MBA Aspirants – How to succeed in Life | CAT Exam Motivation Sumit Singh Gandhi (Rahul), CEO & Director of CATKing Educare had a discussion with the students with some golden advice on how to succeed in life. He said, 'No matter what happens, you should be able to figure out positive and good outcomes even in bad situations. This is called being an eternal optimist. Look at the clock. Even the clock that is stopped, shows the correct time twice a day. Are you guys with me? Isn't it a deep thought? If the clock is stopped at 12 o'clock , it shows the correct time during the day and night. Boys and girls be eternal optimists. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

So don't listen to anyone! Trust yourself and trust your gut! And keep going. Life is very beautiful. Life is challenging and full of ups and downs. Thank you so much for joining in boys and girls. This was the motivation of the day. Rapping up on a very long day. Hope you guys enjoyed the discussion! Super congrats to the people who have got IIMs calls! Do comment , in the comments section below. If you guys have liked my hard word so far. Please type in the comments sections, which IIM calls have you received. Love you all! Keep killing it! God bless you guys! Thank you so much!'.

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Anisha Mukhija

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