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Would you enter the battle without knowing what the terrain looked like? Even in cricket, the state of the pitch is of crucial importance for either of the teams. As the skillset of every player is different, how the player performs on every pitch plays a vital role in the end result of the match. Similarly, it’s important to understand earlier exam paper pattern, and how the answers were derived at. We’ll explain to you why it’s important to have not just NMAT analysis but also other analyses of exams, to get ahead of the competition, so you can win the battle.

Why should you analyse past papers?

Any competitive exam follows a standard pattern and MBA Entrance exams such as CAT, CET, XAT, NMAT etc are no different. Every exam has a unique pattern which is repeated every year. To really know the tricks of the trade, it becomes important for every career aspirant to test the battleground. Analysing of past exam papers such as NMAT, CAT, CET etc. is exactly what you need to do to kick start your preparations.

How we can help?

We have consolidated and analysed as many past papers as possible to give MBA aspirants a perfect start with their preparations. In this analysis we not only give you break-up of the various question types but also discuss the difficulty levels of each section. By solving your papers and checking it against our expert NMAT analysis or CAT analysis, you’ll be able to note exactly where you went wrong, and improve upon a similar question in the future.