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CAT Exam Preparation - Is it possible to crack CAT in 6 months ? | Myths about CAT
October 09 2023

Well, the answer to this question is yes! It’s very much possible and feasible. All you need to do is to believe in yourself and stay committed towards your goal. If you prepare well you can crack CAT in 6 months.



  • There are few candidates who believed that 6 months is not enough time to crack CAT. One needs to overcome this roadblock to crack CAT. If you prepare with your total capacity by setting different goals every day you will make it happen. Smart work is more important than hard work. Make a strategy that is realistic and you’ll kill it.
  • CAT is an extremely difficult exam. Yes! that’s true that CAT is difficult but is not impossible to crack. It’s an unpredictable exam as one can not judge the difficulty level it may vary from year to year. Different time slots have different levels of difficulty. So you never know which slot you can get. If you’re lucky enough you might get the easy one.
  • CAT is for Engineers! This is a common myth by non-engineers who believed that only engineers can crack CAT because they have a strong command of Maths and DILR. But that’s not true anyone can crack CAT no matter if you belong to humanities or commerce or science. Your preparation will decide whether you can crack it or not.
  • Not good in Spoken English. There are many students who believed that fluency in English will impact their overall marks in CAT but the reality is the section is more concerned with logic and understanding of the context. Fluency is important but understanding the concept is most important.

To crack CAT exam the candidate needs to have a strong mindset and a positive attitude. CAT aspirant needs to understand the exam strategy that they are offering by looking at the previous year question papers. The one who understands the pattern automatically wins the race.

All the best !


Anisha Mukhija

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