CATKing Reviews

CATKing reviews by students who have made it to the top MBA Institutes.

Raj Doshi – IIM A

Thanks to the entire CATKing team, who have played an important role in my success to make it to IIM Ahmedabad. I would like to thanks Rahul Sir for his continuous support and motivation till the D-Day.

Raj Doshi – IIM Ahmedabad 

Jay Satra – IIM A

Jay Satra

GDPI are always a big challenge, as the competition gets steeper; however, I was lucky to have the CATKing team to mentor me on this very crucial step. Thanks to Rahul sir for his end to end guidance on all the aspects of GDPI.

Jay Satra – IIM A | S | L | I | K & SPJain

Sakshi Gandhi – IIM A

I truly thank CATKing for helping me make it to IIM Ahemdabad, I am thankful to Rahul sir for all the last moment tips & tricks.

Sakshi Gandhi – IIM Ahemdabad

Vivek IIM B

I would like to thank Rahul sir for firing spark in me to prepare for CAT and go for MBA. I was not sure whether to go or not for MBA but introductory session by Rahul sir motivated me and I decided to prepare for CAT. His quote ‘Success is the best revenge’ kept me motivated throughout my preparation as I wanted to prove a point to someone.

Once again thank you CATKING and Rahul sir for helping me securing much coveted IIM Bangalore seat, the best in India as per HRD rankings. I wish all the best to CATKING and its CAT aspirants.

Vivek – IIM Bangalore

Jay Gosalia – IIM B

CATKing was really helpful in my GDPI Preparations for IIMs. Tips and Strategies by Rahul, helped me think through for the entire process, rather than just preparing from the WAT PI point of view.

Jay Gosalia – IIM Bangalore

Debanjana – IIM Calcutta

The mentors at CATKing with their teaching methods especially “strategies” were very helpful.
Their support and motivation helped me convert IIM C.  I would like to thank Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback.
Debanjana – IIM Calcutta

Sagar Sant- SP Jain

Thanks to CATKing, I was able to make it to a top B-School like SPJain. It is always special to make it to the college of your teacher. Now I can proudly say, I share the same college as that of Rahul Sir. I would also like to thank all the faculty at CATKing esp Ekagra Sir and Anisha ma’am.

Sagar Sant – SP Jain

Samay- SPJain

Being a CA student I had no clue about the MBA system and how to prepare for MBA entrances, but the guidance provided by CATKing & Rahul Sir helped me sail through the entire process. Their study material and mocks helped me to prepare for CAT in a structured manner, also the training given for group discussions and personal interviews was phenomenal.

I would like to give a huge shout out to all the faculties at CATKing. Rahul sir is truly the king at motivating students and he has even helped me improve my communication skills which will help me even in my MBA. Ekagra sir always been there to clear my doubts and queries. Would like to also mention Anisha Ma’am who was a constant at the Interview preparations and always ready for any help. A heartfelt thank to the entire CATKing team!

Samay – SPJain

Prathamesh – SPJIMR

I am very happy with my decision to join CATKing for my MBA entrance preparation. CATKing has excellent faculty who are experts in their respective domains. Rahul Sir’s workshops were really helpful for Verbal preparation. Through his workshops, Rahul Sir motivated me every time to work hard and keep pushing myself. Along with hard work, keeping your moral high is equally important when it comes to cracking CAT. Rahul Sir helped me to keep my moral high especially as the CAT exam day was approaching. Ekagra Sir contributed instrumentally in improving my Quant and DI/LR solving skills. CAT exam is just the first step towards getting into your dream school. GD/WAT-PI process plays an important role in the final selection process and the faculty at CATking made sure that I was well prepared for this. I would like to thank Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback. A big thank you to the entire CATKing team!
Prathamesh – SPJIMR & New IIMs

Khushboo IIM Lucknow

Rahul Sir and CATKing rocks! They truly know what they are into and are doing a great job by providing the right guidelines to the students aspiring for CAT. Thanks for all the help, I was able to convert IIM L. Keep up the good work.

Khushboo – IIM Lucknow

Piyush Bindu – IIM Lucknow

Piyush Bindu

CAT is one of the most crucial exams of one’s life and having the right preparation partner goes a long way in this decisive battle. I was fortunate to have CATKing alongside my preparation.

Piyush Bindu IIM L – McKinsey

Shashwat – IIM Lucknow

Rahul sir is a rockster; he is excellent with verbal teaching and I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved his webinars since they are always of engaging nature. Overall CATKing was a good experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Shashwat – IIM Lucknow

Jay Walendra- IIM Indore

I was a bit nervous before signing up for CAT however the CATKing team was quite helpful in clearing all the doubts. All the faculty played an important role in my preparations. Their last moment tips and tricks were very helpful to boost my prep.

Jay Walendra  – IIM Indore, New IIMs

Taniya Kurve – IIM Indore

My cat preparation would not be as comprehensive as it has been without CATKing. Their study material, mocks, faculty and support staff all have been excellent. Special thanks to Rahul sir for all the guidance and inputs till the very last day of both exams and GDPI. If you are looking for sturdy support and excellent study material; CATKing is for you.

Taniya Kurve – IIM Indore

Vaibhav Shah – IIM Shillong

I have been associated with CATKing since I began my journey; since then it has been nothing short of wonders. Coming from a Commerce background I was not particularly strong in Quants/DI or verbal either but the faculty at CATKing helped me gain excellence in these topics at ease especially Ekagra sir’s quants shortcuts. My journey in cracking top MBA entrance exams is incomplete without mentioning Rahul Sir who has been constant support and pushing me and believing in me that i can achieve great scores.He has been a true mentor and motivation in this Journey.Last but not the list I would like to thank all the CATKing faculties for their esteemed support.

Vaibhav Shah –  IIM Shillong, NMIMS & MICA

Pyarelal – IIM Ranchi

The preparation experience with CATKing was amazing; they know their stuff. They gave me a very clear idea about what needs to be prepared when. I was skeptical about quants however the faculty made sure they would start from the basics & then gradually move to the advance level. I took all the mocks and did a deep-dive analysis for each of them, which helped me score good in actual CAT.

Pyarelal – IIM Ranchi

Rohan Chatterjee, NMIMS Mumbai

I was a CATKing Online student. Many of you will be supporting the fact that online students do not get much attention from coaching institutes. But trust me guys this was not the situation in my case. The amount of support I got from Anisha maam and Rahul sir was amazing. They were undoubtedly the best mentors who helped me clear all my doubts and uplift my confidence before the exams.

Moreover the mock tests they provide have pretty good content. If one practices all the type of questions available in the mocks, he/she is bound to get most of the question types common in the exam. The patterns are also similar to the respective exam.

Rohan Chatterjee, NMIMS Mumbai

Keval Satra – IIM Rohtak

Thanks to CATKing I was able to make it to IIMs; all the lectures are excellent esp the workshop that they conducted just few days before the exams. These workshops are not only filled with tips and tricks but also are full of motivation which is very much required for any student serious about these exams.

Keval Satra – IIM Rohtak – 98.74%ile

Aliasgar Pardawala, SIMC Convert

CATKING is the place you should join. Personalised attention by teachers in class and after to help them solve their problems, online lectures, pre recorded lecture videos for students , profile building and till last minute gidance and the list goes on if this ain’t best I don’t know what would be. I personally have been an average student through out my academics but it’s due to the above points Im today SIMC Convert 2017-2019. CATKING all the way.

Aliasgar Pardawala, SIMC Convert 2017-2019

Radhesh Chandran, MICA Convert

I had enrolled for the CAT King – MICA online coaching sessions and I had a wonderful experience. The sessions were planned very well and the entire course contents were covered. Rahul Sir’s enthusiasm is simply unmatched. I would definitely recommend CAT – King.

Radhesh Chandran, MICA Convert 2017–19

Akshit Batheja , NMIMS Mumbai

A Coaching class much more than just teaching you, it’s about guiding, helping, changing strategies according to different exams, profile building, preparing you for your interviews by taking mock sessions and finally making you believe that you can score and convert your respective calls.I feel CATKING is the name when u keep all the above things in mind. Trust me i have experienced it myself and hence i respect Rahul sir and his entire team as they really take efforts and pains to ensure that u make through and yes, i did make it through.

Akshit Batheja,NMIMS Mumbai 2017 CONVERT (NMAT 216)

Meenaz Shaikh, NMIMS Bengaluru

I think their strategic approach for exam and highly energetic & motivated faculties make CATKing different from other institutes. One should definitely join CATKing. I highly appreciate personal mentorship of Rahul sir and Anisha ma’am.

Heartly thanks to Rahul sir for helping me convert NMIMS 2017

Meenaz Shaikh, NMIMS Bengaluru





I Hv made way to one of the prestigious colleges, Welingkar. None of it would have been possible without constant support and push from these mentors. They understand that motivation is the key to success and make you dream your future so well that you actually end up living that dream. What I will never forget is their devotion towards teaching. I Hv learnt a lot from these 2 gurus m I wish I make them even more proud. Thank you so much Rahul sir…

Cheers to a good future


Jagesh Golwala,CAT 2018 100%iler IIM A, B, C Convert

I had joined CATking in June 2018 to get some help in the VARC section. Initially, I attended a few classes and one-on-one sessions with Anisha ma’am. This helped me gain some familiarity with the kind of questions appearing in CAT and how to go about solving them.

Jagesh Golwala,CAT 2018 100%iler IIM A, B, C Convert 

Swati Sinha, MICA Convert

How much you benefit from a particular course depends on what is your style of learning. However it does help you in knowing the pattern of questions asked in GE-PI and preparing the SOP. I cannot compare CATKing with any other course or rate it against any other similar courses but can tell you that if you are looking for getting a proper guidance, you can go with CATKing, however, you will have to put in efforts from your side as well.

Swati Sinha, MICA Convert


Thanks to Rahul Sir and CATKing, I not only made it to Welingkar but also got best placements at Deloitte. I still remember Rahul Sir’s motivating words, which played an important role in my success.

Welingkar - PGDM (2016-18)

Know how Hetal managed to convert NMIMS even at 208

Converting NMIMS at 208 was a tough job for me. It seemed so, initially, before I joined CATKing for the CDPI and I realized that all I needed for some teachers to believe in me wholeheartedly. Rahul Sir, you are probably the best professor I met in a long while after my schooling. You believed in me more than my family ever did then. Thanks for all the much needed support. I will always be grateful. Rahul Sir and Anisha Ma’am made it really easy for me to give my best shot on the day my interview was scheduled. The sessions were intensive but were truly worth all my time and travelling. I actually made the most of the time I had after we got shortlisted. I am really grateful to CATKing for getting into NMIMS and I always will be. They somehow helped me to portray the best qualities in the interview and in the case discussion. The cdpi that took place in class was at par with the actual one and it really helped a lot. Those few days of intensive efforts that I had put were correctly channelized by Rahul Sir and Anisha Ma’am. Thank you so much!

Shreya Gulati, MICA Convert

I have a lot of friends who took coaching from CATKing for MICA. And they are extremely satisfied with the guidance they got there. Every batch has more than a handful of students who prepared at CATKing. What I like about CATKing is that it gives dedicated mentorship for different colleges, tailoring solutions as per the different needs of different students. Personal mentorship and timely feedback make the preparation for GE PI extremely targeted and meticulous. Additionally, since CATKing team has a lot of MICA alumni on board, there’s nothing better than learning from the people who’ve got it right once.

Shreya Gulati, MICA Convert

Rashiv Tripathi, 99 percentile in VARC-CAT

Right from their online mock tests, speedy grievance redressal, the valuable expertise of Rahul Sir and guidance of Anisha Ma’am, the mock GD, theoretical framework for CD and basics of MBA, and grooming one for PI ; CAT King excels in all the aforementioned aspects.

Rashiv Tripathi, 99 percentile in VARC -CAT

Apoorv Asthana, MICA Convert

I was a CatKing student who had joined the borivali batch in 2018 with an intention to get into a tier-1 b-school in 2019.

To start with, let me state that the decision to pursue post graduation in management needs complete clarity as to what exactly you want out of it because that is what is going to shape your life ahead. Your goal(colleges to be aimed) setting and motivation to breakthrough is utmost important. I personally feel Catking is a place full of that.

Apoorv Asthana, MICA Convert

Rukhsar Khan,MICA Convert

To me, CATKing was more of a push that I desperately needed to get on a definitive track. Anisha Ma’am was the one who told me about MICA when I first met her, and MICA became my dream from that day on. Even though I felt Quant lectures were slow for me sometimes (in an absolute sense, this means that they were keeping it as simple as they could so that majority of the class would be able to grasp), I would still attend each one of them because there were professors who gave some brilliant tricks and hacks to solve problems in Number Systems, Geometry, and Algebra. These tricks really sped me up wrt Quants.

Rukhsar Khan,MICA Convert


I have been a part of CATking for a year and I remember meeting Rahul Sir and Anisha ma’am after not getting my seat at NMIMS after getting 226(99%ile).

This was the first time I felt that I was losing my self confidence after getting that score. I had heard about CATking through a lot of people as it is a premier teaching institute but I wanted to check it out personally.I still remember that time when Anisha ma’am told me that it wasn’t your effort that fell short but it was your luck. She believed in me and told me that I would have to work a little harder on some edges and make it in this year(2019).


Sweta Pattnaik, MICA Convert

I realised it personally values its students and makes sure u reach where u want to and I can say that coz despite of not being a regular student Rahul sir and Anisha mam did everything to make sure u get thru. Apart from CAT centric it focus on other institutes like MICA SPJAIN JBMIMS and there number speaks volume.

Sweta Pattnaik, MICA Convert

Hamza Bhamla,Symbiosis Convert : 2017–19

To my opinion go for CATKing as it’s the king in MBA preparation genre and below given reasons will just assure you on your smart decision post results declared.

Complete students focused. The teaching faculty is none other than the last few years passed outs from top institutions like SP Jain, NMIM, MICA, Jamnalal Bajaj and 100 percentilers in various competitive examinations.Mentors to analyse your growth time to time to strateg your preparation plan more effectively.Not just IIM targeted instead gives equal focus and mentoring for other institutions examinations as well I.e. NMAT, SNAP, MICAT, XAT.

Hamza Bhamla,Symbiosis Convert : 2017–19

Akshat Bhargava, NMIMS Mumbai

the excellent coaching staff coupled with flexible class timings and convinient locations of classroom centres definitely overpowers other institutions. The study material provided is more than enough for cracking almost all National Level Management exams. The online study portal with number of mocks give you a real exam feel.

Another positive aspect of CATKing is that, unlike other institutions, they do not solely concentrate on CAT. They give due importance to various other exams like NMAT, MICAT, SNAP, CET, and International exams like GRE, GMAT to name a few.

Akshat Bhargava, NMIMS Mumbai(NMAT – 220)

Biswadip Roy – NMIMS

Being an engineering student, I never faced trouble with Quants however when it came to Verbal I was a bit nervous. However, this nervousness was brought to an end once I joined CATKing. Rahul Sir was exceptionally good with the subject and made sure we conceptually learnt it. This helped me score good and eventually secure a good college.

Biswadip Roy – NMIMS

Prerak Thakkar – IIM Rohtak

I would like to thank CATKing team and Rahul sir for my IIM convert. I was very fortunate to join CATKing which was not only a good place to study but also helped visualise the life during and post MBA. This was a motivating factor and kept us going. If you are serious about CAT, CATKing is the place to be.

Prerak Thakkar – IIM Rohtak

Rukhsar Khan – IIM Raipur

Rukhsar Khan

CATKing team and Rahul sir has played an instrumental role in my success in the most competitive exam. The team was just a call away for any doubts or questions which we had. The professors and staff members both helped whenever and wherever needed. Thanks CATKing for a great and much needed mentor-ship & motivation.

Rukhsar Khan – IIM Raipur, Rohtak, Ranchi & MICA

Gaurav Deshmukh- IIM Kashipur 

Excellent faculty with every individual being an expert in their subject. Rahul sir is undoubtedly the best teacher for English. Ekagra and Rohit Sir got my quants concept clear & their tips and tricks for solving advanced quants problems was awesome. The best part is that everyone is a MBA grad from one of the best colleges in the country. Workshops conducted for every exam helped understand the the paper the better and crack it smartly. Reaching out students through social media was a big benefit to keep us updated with every event happening. GK sessions held on Facebook was a great way to study the subject. Also, every teacher is a true motivator!

Gaurav Deshmukh – IIM Kashipur 

Tushar Sawant- IIM Kashipur

My journey for CAT preparation has been very exciting and the credit of my success goes to all the CATKing Faculty, esp Ekagra sir who resolved all the Quants & DI related doubts. I must also thank Rahul sir who cleared all the fundamental doubts about verbal ability and also kept the students motivated.

Tushar Sawant – IIM Kashipur

Anjali Verma- IIM Jammu

I have been fortunate to join CATKing for my MBA entrance exam preparation. All the faculty were very good and helpful. Rahul sir played an important role not only as a verbal faculty but also to maintain the high moral of the students. He was very motivating.

Anjali Verma – IIM Jammu

Radhika Sule

A huge thanks to Rahul Sir and the entire team at CATKing for not only the amazing lectures but also the constant support and guidance during the entire preparation. The strategies to tackle the exam were truly game changing, the constant motivation by the CATKing team kept me driven towards my goal all the time.

Radhika Sule – JBIMS – 99.96%tile – AIR 13

Ishan Gangar

Planning is very important in competitive exams where you have to study for a whole year and then exam is just a matter of one day. CATKing comprehensive plan was extremely crucial and effective. All i had to do was follow the plan.The strategies to tackle the exam were truly game changing, the constant motivation by the CATKing team kept me driven towards my goal all the time.

Ishan Gangar – JBIMS

Kedar Bhat

CATKing helped me reach my dream of JBIMS. Rahul sir, along with the entire amazing faulty of renowned professors, guided me throughout the journey and especially till the college GDPI stage.The strategies to tackle the exam were truly game changing, the constant motivation by the CATKing team kept me driven towards my goal all the time

Kedar Bhat – Rank 7 (JBIMS 2015-17)

How Radhika converted JBIMS

A huge thanks to Rahul Sir and the entire team at CATking for not only the amazing lectures but also the constant support and guidance during the entire preparation. The strategies to tackle the exam were truly game changing, the constant motivation by the CATking team kept me driven towards my goal all the time.

What helped Kedar reach JBIMS?

CATKing helped me reach my dream of JBIMS. Rahul Sir, along with the entire amazing faculty of renowned professors, guided me throughout the journey and especially till the college GDPI stage. I will always be thankful to them for everything I’ll achieve later in life.

Know what helped Ishan get into JBIMS

When I enrolled for CATking, I was looking for something more than any other class would provide. I was looking for guidance and structured process for preparing for competitive exam, and I found exactly what I was looking for. Concepts and syllabus would be covered by any other coaching classes but CATking helps us plan our preparation of topics, tempo of preparation and mocks.

Planning is very important in competitive exams where you have to study for a whole year and then exam is just a matter of one day. Comprehensive plan for mocks and revision just a few months before exams offered by CATking was extremely crucial and effective. All I had to do was follow the plan.

Being experienced MBA professional themselves Rahul sir and Anisha maam provided us with valuable insights from their experience during before interview rounds began. Their guidance also helped me identify key problem areas and techniques to improve time and speed during regular course. I am extremely thankful to CATking and team, Rahul sir, Anisha maam to help me get into one of the top Business Schools – JBIMS


I had taken CATKing last year and i think i made the right decision as i am now pursuing MBA at NMIMS. also cracking other exams like IIFT SNAP was only possible due to the strategies I learnt in CATKing which I think was a differentiating factor. I owe a lot to Rahul Singh sir for motivation and pep talk apart from his awesome teaching and his strategies ofcourse. Also I would like to mention the GDPI sessions in CATKing were very informative and helped me crack many interviews. Thanks CATKing once again for all the help.

Ruchita – NMIMS 



I started preparing for NMAT 3 and picked up Mocks and NMAT Maximizer post my CAT seriously. Mocks are Realistic and helped me sail the cut offs! Apart from the mocks major credit goes to Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for providing the right guidance and making us do smart work instead of hard work.

Raj Shah – NMIMS


Shruti Singhal

These Mocks helped me making it to the NMIMS. Thanks to Rahul Sir verbal was a cakewalk and helped me to crack NMAT. CATKing made me understood that it is all about smart work and positivity rather than donkey work and no achievements.

Shruti Singhal – NMIMS

Shruti Singhal


The classroom teaching and guidance by entire CATKing Faculty made me reach up here. They played a major role in my journey from a dreamer to an achiever. I just followed the mantra of ADNL and reached my goal. CATKing provides the best mentor one could ask for.

Mihir Toradkar – NMIMS

NMAT 247 - 99.97

Harshini Pathak

As Rahul Sir rightly says, “To be the best, you have to be around the best peers”. At CATKing, I have been with people who are better than the best. CATKing has helped me not only in cracking my entrance exams, but also in growing as a professional. The amount of time they invested in us for preparing for the group discussions and personal interviews is unmatchable. End result, I got through NMIMS and now I am branded for life.

A huge thank you to Rahul Sir and team for their constant guidance and motivation. And I can say this with utmost pride that I am what I am because of CATKing.
Harshini Pathak – NMIMS – ITC 


Heartly thanks to Rahul sir, for guiding a clueless girl to learn and achieve her goal of getting into one of the best B schools. After my family, i give the credit to Rahul sir and CATking to help me reach a place where I am right now.
His commendable mentorship is the reason behind my transformtion.
The energy at CATking gave me the motivation of doing MBA from top college. And now here I am sharing my experience after getting one of the best brand NMIMS.
The other faculties like Egakra Sharma, Atul Mittal, Rohit and karandeep had helped me throughout my preparation till the end.
A special thanks to Anisha Mukhija for being there everytime for my preparation from entrance exam to GDPI practice.
Meenaz Shaikh – NMIMS

Anjali Lalani

It was a great journey at CATKing. The faculty here are highly knowledgeable, dedicated and never hesitate to explain a concept any number of times, till we are clear with it. Also, the guidance during the GD/PI process was awesome and very informative to crack the PI round. The mock interviews were very helpful. I can vouch for the quality of teaching by the faculty. Their support and input was of great help during the GD/PI process. I believe that they have a large contribution to my NMIMS and IMT conversion. Thanks a lot Rahul Sir, Anisha Ma’am and the entire CATKing team and I hope you help make many other dreams come true.

Anjali Lalani – NMIMS


The faculty and their method of teaching especially “strategies” were very helpful and fulfilling.
Their support and motivation helped me grab a top B-school.  I would like to thank Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback. A big thank you to the entire CATKing team!
Neeraj Ghatge – NMIMS (219 NMAT)


CATKing has helped me a lot …in MBA entrance as well as personal front….the professors not only imparted knowledge on subjects related to entrance exam but also worked on my presentation skills for GDPI..




It would really like to thank CATKing for all the tremendous support and helping me getting close to my dream college MICA..From the very start of making us understand about how important it is to give all exams and the various tricks n trips to ans on the D day, all really helped me to do well in papers..apart from this the USP of CATKing which really built confidence in any student is Mentorship programme.. Its very student per your strength and weaknesses and inclination to join colleges we are advised to study gives a very clear direction n also motivation to keep going.. I am really glad to have such mentors…kudos to Rahul Sir for all the support and motivation.. Mazel Tov!

Sonam – MICA


Kushal - MICA Spot Offer

Think big..! This is something which you can sense in the air at CATKing. Our mentor, guide, Sir, our founder is always behind each one of us and believes in smart work rather than donkey work. Strategies, mocks, theories, books and stress on cracking the entrance is the goal. And every leader needs a mentor. At CATKing, the person teaching you has the expertise and can foresee all you need to put in. Crack the entrance and leave the rest on them. Learning from someone who has “being there” and “done that” is priceless. Morever, Cetking doesn’t only assist in getting you to your dream B-School but you builds your profile which stays with you forever!

Kushal – MICA 


Ronak MICA

It was a month of september was totally confused what to do and how will I crack any B-School entrance infact was afraid will i be able to clear any. It was my second attempt time class proved nothing worth..than heard about CATKing. To be frank I went to Rahul sir’s free demo lecture just bcoz it was free thought that at least something might help and there comes a young tall man Rahul Singh with a loud voice said whats up party people. That class I can say was the best ever 3 hrs of my life simply because that 3 hours changed my life and I landed from CATKing to MICA. The level of motivation and also not to forget the verbal class of Rahul Sir was above par which helped me to convert MICA. The detailed Videos of all the topics uploaded helped me a lot and the best part is that I could access those videos anytime anywhere 24/7. CATKing changed my life and of many others. Joining CATKing was the best thing happened to me.

I heartly thanks Rahul Sir for guiding me coaching me and showing me the right path which leads to a premier bschool.after converting when I had a talk with Rahul sir I felt that not I but he has converted MICA, that shows that every aspirants dream is his dream CATKing’s dream.

Thanks again CATKing.

Ronak – MICA

Himani Singh

Himani Singh

I received a very focused material for MICA GE-PI preparation from CATKing. Since my sole aim was MICA, that’s the kind of material which helped me the most. Anisha ma’am personally took my mock interview and gave very helpful reviews on my answers and SOP. She made me MICA ready. Big thank you to the CATKing team and Anisha ma’am.

Himani Singh – MICA

Rashi Motiani

Rashi Motiani

I was a part of the CATKing online courses for MICA. Choosing CATKing has by far been the best decision. I would like to thank Rahul Sir for the structurally focused and dedicated teaching which helped me clear both the phases. Each and every concept, tip, trick and idea was useful. I also want to thank Anisha Mam for being there all the time, for reviewing the SOP and giving a positive boost even a day before GEPI.

The mentoring, motivation and the efforts put in by CATKing were extremely effective and landed me to MICA.

Along with a very resourceful online availability, I hope CATKing has more centres all over!!

Rashi Motiani – MICA

Manmeet Kaur

Manmeet Kaur

I received a SPOT OFFER from MICA university and now I am a proud MICAN. My relationship with Catking classes was only for 3 months but the learning I gained was immense and something worth all the money I invested. Thank you Catking team and Rahul sir “

Manmeet Kaur – MICA

Meera Nair


The credit for my success across all exams goes to CATKing’s Rahul Sir. They have guided me, forced me, coaxed me through every decision and at every juncture. My queries were answered even post midnight without any delays

Meera Nair – MICA

Ammaar Golwala

My association with CATKing began with the start of my MBA entrance preparation. Rahul sir’s workshop is the best thing that I have attended till date. I received a thorough strategic plan for my approach and preparation for all the exams including MICAT. After having cracked MICAT, CATKing was the only coaching institute which had 14 days of intensive preparation series of GEPI session that helped me immensely to secure a confirmed offer from MICA for the 2016-2018 batch. I owe my success to CATKing.

Ammaar Golwala – MICA

Know how Sangharsh overcame his weakness in verbal

“I would like to thank Rahul sir and team for the motivation and shortcuts provided during my preparation. The base concepts were taught very meticulously which helped me build a strong foundation for all the competitive exams. My weak link of the verbal section was polished by sir which helped me gain confidence. Cheers to the team!! “

What helped Ajay? Our strategies.

I had a wonderful time in Catking. You wont find just teachers here but guides..THE BEST GUIDES.!!
I made it to the top mba institutes only because they led me even after cracking the written entrance exams.! After getting short listed for the gd-pi rounds, my first mock GD in catking was a nightmare,believe me I didn’t utter a word throughout the discussion. But thanks to Poonam miss and Anisha miss for motivating me when I had lost hope. With their expert advice and more gd-pi mock rounds i got the confidence to nail it !!

Know how Mitesh scored 700 in GMAT

I am glad I took up coaching with Rahul sir at gmat prepking, his approach towards the exam helped me strategize and crack the exam. More than just the exam the motivation and encouragement he provides as a mentor adds value. The course material is well sorted and extensive, from the entire pool of resources available for GMAT they have consolidated the best methods to learn and practice mocks were the most helpful thing as actual exam style mocks are rarely available. I am sure every GMAT aspirant like me would gain immensely from this online teaching institute which I made best use of as per my convenience and time schedules.
Thanks team for the great learning experience “

CATKing mocks helped me top the exam

The study material provided by CATKing is very extensive. It helped me cover all areas, because of which I was quite accustomed to different question types well before the actual exam.I would like to thank CATking for providing the best study material and mocks which helped me to give my best in the exams.

CMAT Topper: 99.98%ile AIR 9 (QA 100%ile) Mumbai Topper

Biswadip Roy

Kaushal Bavishi – IIM Raipur 

When the exams approached near, while the other coaching institutes stopped conducting lectures; CATKing started to teach the strategies to do in the exam. This was something which helped me a lot during the last days of the studies. They were very responsive to the students doubts/queries or problems.

Kaushal Bavishi – IIM Raipur 


CATKing was of great help while putting together my SOP. They helped me identify my strengths & put them across with the “Mican edge”. They also played devil’s advocate with me and got me geared up for potential obstacles. I have seen many candidates come a long way under CATKing’s guidance as they’re very well acquainted with the process.

Rahul – MICA

Ajay Gajakosh

I had a wonderful time in CATKing.You wont find just teachers here but guides..THE BEST GUIDES.!!
I made it to the top MBA institutes only because they led me even after cracking the written entrance exams.! After getting short listed for the GDPI rounds, My first mock GD in CATKing was a nightmare,believe me I didn’t utter a word throughout the discussion.But thanks to Poonam miss and Anisha miss for motivating me when I had lost hope. With their expert advice and more gd-pi mock rounds I got the confidence to nail it !!

Ajay Gajakosh

Piyush Agarwal – IIM Rohtak

I have been fortunate to have joined CATKing. I had no doubts that this will be the right choice after meeting Rahul Sir. Not only they are good with Verbal but also have great faculty for DI, LR & Quants. The best part is their study material which is very systematic and very close to the actual exams.

Piyush Agarwal – IIM Rohtak IIM K Call

Neha Rathore – LSE Admit & IIM A (Call)

Thanks to CATKing for a great strategic input to boost my scores. I started preparing for CAT after my graduation in the month of March. As advised by Rahul Sir, for the first few months, I focused on basic concepts and then on taking mocks and improving on my weaker section was my target. My success mantra is “Believe in yourself, the world will believe in you”.

Neha Rathore – London School of Economics – IIM A Call 

Naynesh -IIM Lucknow

Thanks to CATKing for all the guidance and help for my CAT Preparations. I was very fortunate to get in touch with Rahul sir, who was an excellent mentor; he not only helped me with Verbal ability but also help boost my confidence for the crucial CAT exam.

Naynesh Rajyak – IIM L Call


Tej Rajani-IIM L

The lectures and the faculty are truly one of the best one can get for his/her prep. Besides, the preparatory process for GDPI was exhaustive and those sessions are a must attend for any MBA aspirant. Some key guidances given by Rahul sir and the rest of the faculties proved to be very useful on the D-day. Thanks to the CATKing team for putting in so much efforts and bringing out the best in me , for me to realise my JBIMS dream!

Tej Rajani – IIM L (Call), JBIMS

Aftab Mulani – IIM Rohtak (Call)

It was a great journey at CATKing. The faculty here are highly knowledgeable, dedicated and never hesitate to explain a concept any number of times, till we are clear with it. Also, the guidance during the GD/PI process was awesome and very informative to crack to grueling PI round. The mock interviews were very helpful. I can vouch for the quality of teaching by the faculty. My success mantra is practice till you cannot get it wrong!

Aftab Mulani – IIM Rohtak (Call)

Apoorva Choudhary – IIM A

Thanks to CATKing to help me in my preparations. The strategies & tactics provided by them were very effective. Special thanks to Rahul Sir & Anisha ma’am for all the guidance and help in my preparation.

Apoorva Choudhary – IIM A Call