Crack Welingkar Institute GDPI – Group Discussion & Personal Interviews

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Crack Welingkar Institute GDPI – Group Discussion & Personal Interviews

A guide to Crack Welingkar Institute GDPI – Group Discussion & Personal Interviews

Group Discussion:

Average Duration: 22 mins. (2 mins. to think and 20 mins. to discuss)
No. of Panelists: 3
No. of Participants: 12

Tips to crack Welingkar GDPI

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Topics for Group Discussion

– Corporate Jobs = Slavery?
– Should live in relations be legalized.
– Does sustainable development hamper Industrial Progress?
– Should e-learning replace classroom programs?
– Internet: A curse or a boon.
– Climate change & I
– Joint family V/s Nuclear family
– India shining or corrupting
– Should Gambling be legalized?
– Social networking: boon or bane?
– Cyber crimes and their prevention
– If it suits you carry on and forget everything else
– India is gleamingly corrupt

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Personal Interviews
Average Duration:  15-20 mins.  No. of Panelists: 3

Excerpts From Interview (A B. Tech.Mechanical with academics as 75% in graduation, 85% in 12th and 81% in 10th.):

Introduce yourself. What are your hobbies? Choose between one game, chess or boxing? Why do you want to do an MBA? What was your project all about? Which are the other energy resources available with us? What are your strengths? What is your weakness? How do you think you can make your weakness a strength? Why do you want to go for only Operations?

Excerpts From Interview (A B. Tech.Mechanical pass out consistent academics above 75% in graduation and a work-ex of 2 years in the Automobile Industry): 

Tell me something about yourself Why MBA? How will your background in Automotive technologies help you to contribute to the MBA program? Why not ME/M Tech? Tell us about your family? Are you satisfied with your job? Have you resigned? What would happen if you are not getting selected here? What about your Extra Curricular?

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Excerpts From Interview (A B.Com. candidate with no work –ex and falling trend in academics ): 

Why MBA? Tell us about your hometown? What is your family background? Tell us what is trade, commerce, accounts, GDP rate, and General Entry? What are your strengths? How passionate are you? How do you define passion?

Excerpts From Interview (A B.Tech. CSE candidate with no work –ex and rising trend in academics): 

Why MBA? What are your aspirations after an MBA? Why entrepreneurship? Why not start now and save two years? Tell me what happens when you type a web address in the address bar of browser and press enter? What is your family business? What is the business model? How old is it? Where do you export your goods? What will you add to your business? How much revenue do you think you will generate in the 1st year?

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Excerpts From Interview (A 93.41 CAT percentiler with 10th -83%, 12th -85.4% and B.Tech. Electronics – 68% and work experience of 2 years with consumer durables and manufacturing sectors):

Where have you done your engineering from? Why have you worked in different sectors? What are your work responsibilities? If transferred to the managerial role in the current organization would you accept the offer? Why are you interested in MBA? What are your hobbies? Why do you want to do e-business? (the interviewer placed an empty Bislery bottle in front of the candidate and asked 5 different usages of the bottle)

Excerpts From Interview (A 92.85 XAT percentiler with 10th -86%, 12th -89.2% and B.Com.–63%):

Do you read newspapers? Which newspaper? Who is the editor of this newspaper? Where is it published? Which is its parent company? What is CRR? And what is the current going rate? What is the difference between a manager & leader? Why an MBA and not CA? Which specialization are you interested in? Who is the vice chairman of the planning commission of India?

Excerpts From Interview (A 89.20 CAT percentiler with 10th -91.6%, 12th-92.8% and B.Tech. in ECE -80.06%):

Kindly introduce yourself. Why do you want to join Welingkar? What will you bring with you to this college? Who is your role model? Who is a better leader, Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi? How do you see reverse innovation in India? Why are you interested in MBA? Sell this water bottle to us. What is a brand? What are the features of this water bottle? How do those features make the bottle special? What different uses can it be put to? How would you decide on the pricing of this bottle? How is Amitabh Bachchan relevant in Cadbury’s ad?

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Excerpts From Interview (A 93.41 CAT percentiler with 10th -81%, 12th-61% and B.Tech. in CSE -68.16% and work experience of 2 years with the IT sector):

Kindly introduce yourself. Why do you want to join Welingkar? Which specialization do you want to pursue? What do you think of China as a competitor of India? What advantages does India have over China? Who is the Defense Minister of India? What are the issues of differences between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu? Tell us about your hobbies. What was your work profile?

Excerpts From Interview:

Something about yourself? Asked to market a pen for Rs 250. How many buttons are there on your shirt? Tell some rules about the interview? Should you keep your hands on the lap or on the table? Are you carrying any documents along? How can we trust that these documents are authentic? What do you know about Welingkar?

Excerpts From Interview:

Where are you from? Do you think you can adjust yourself in Bombay’s environment? Do you want to have a cold drink? (said no), why not, it is so hot outside? Tell something about your family background? What is our national game? Don’t you think cricket is given more importance in our country than hockey? Why MBA? What are the benefits of doing an MBA? How an MBA gives you credibility?

Excerpts From Interview:

Why MBA? What is Fixed Cost, Variable Cost and Break Even point? (academic question). Why is your city Patiala famous? How would you rate your performance in the GD? What are your hobbies? Have you read Fountainhead? (candidate loved reading) Who is its author? Do you know anything about the person? Which Business Magazine do you read? Which institute did you take coaching from? Anything that you would like to ask from us?

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Final Tips

  • Cracking any GDPI is not difficult. Be updated about current affairs and be confident and accurate about whatever you speak.
  • Your personality is also being evaluated. Your verbal and non-verbal cues are being read.
  • Remember, you are the participant in the Group Discussion, not the evaluator. So, rather than evaluating others and your performance, participate in the discussion.
  • Your confidence level is being evaluated. Decent communication skills with good confidence is a must to crack the Group Discussions.

Focus on your strengths and do not spend too much time thinking about how others are superior or inferior to you. It is easy to pick up these cues from your body language. You can crack Welingkar institute GDPI – Group Discussion and Personal Interviews.

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