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GK-First in the World
April 27 2024

First in the World

Facts on the First ones in the World are not just interesting but also are commonly asked in the GK section of exams. Students should know the important ones so that they maximize their chances of scoring in GK. Read our list of First of the world to know all about who tops where.

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The list of First in the World:



Person/ Country Year/ Date
1. To reach Mount Everest Edmund Hillary, Sherpa Tenzing May 29, 1953
2. Who reach the North Pole Robert Peary April 6, 1909
3. To reach the South Pole Roald Amundsen's  December 14, 1911
4. The religion of the world Hinduism 5500 BCE but certainly by c. 2300 BCE
5. Country to print book China Between 618 and 907 AD
6. A Country to issue paper currency China 806 AD
7. Country to commence competitive examination in civil services China Between 7th to 10th century
8. President of U.S.A George Washington April 30, 1789
9. Prime Minister of Britain Robert Walpole 1721
10. Governor-General of the United Nations Trygve Lie (Norway) 2 February 1946
11. Country to win Football World Cup Uruguay July 30, 1930
12. A Country to Prepare Constitution U.S.A. June 21, 1788


  • The first to climb Mount Everest is  Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing

  • George Washington is the first President of the USA Align


  •  The first to fly an airplane were Orville and Wilbur Wright Brothers

  •  Atomic bombings on Hiroshima




Person/ Country Year/ Date
13. Governor-General of Pakistan Mohammed Ali Jinnah August 14, 1947
14. Country to host NAM summit Belgrade (Yugoslavia) September 1-6, 1961
15. European to attack India Alexander The Great 326 BC
16. A European to reach China Marco Pole 1275
17. European to fly an airplane Wright Brothers December 17, 1903
18. Person to sail around the world Magellan 1519
19. Country to send a man to the moon U.S.A. July 20, 1969
20. A Country to launch an artificial satellite in space Russia October 4, 1957
21. Country to host the Modern Olympics Greece 1896
22. City in which atomic bomb was dropped Hiroshima (Japan) August 6, 1945
23. Person to land on the moon Neil Armstong, followed by Edwin E. Aldrin 1969
24. Shuttle to go to space Columbia January 16, 2003
25. Spacecraft to reach Mars Viking-1 June 19, 1976


  • The first women President of the UN General Assembly was Vijay Lakshmi Pandit (India

  • The first man to fly into space Yuri Gagarin 




Person/ Country Year/ Date
26. Woman Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher 4 May 1979
27. Muslim Prime Minister of a country Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan) 2 December 1988
28. Woman to climb Mount Everest Mrs. Junko-Tabei (Japan) 16 May 1975
29. A Woman cosmonaut of the world Valentina Tereshkova (Russia) June 16, 1963
30. Women Prime Minister of a country Mrs. S. Banda Maike (Sri Lanka) 1960
31. A Women President of the UN General Assembly Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit 15 September 1953 (62nd Session)
32. Man to fly into space Yuri Gagarin (Russia) April 12, 1961,
33. Batsman to score three test centuries in three successive tests on debut Mohd. Azharuddin 1984–85 series
34. Man to have climbed Mount Everest twice Nawang Gombu 1965
35. U.S President to resign Presidency Richard Nixon 9 August 1974
36. Country to issue stamps Britain 6 May 1840
37. Climate-neutral country Maldives 2020


  • The first satellite in space Sputnik 




Person/ Country Year/ Date
38. Country to introduce internet voting Estonia 2001
39. A Country to ban plastic Bags Bangladesh 2002
40. Country to deploy 4G in Asia India 10 April 2012
41. A Country to ban human cloning Britain 2001
42. Humans to walk in space Alexei Leonov 1965
43. Atom Bomb Little Boy (dropped over Hiroshima) 1945
44. Manned space vehicle Vostok 1, USSR 1961
45. Person to cross Antarctic Circle James Cook 1773
46. Woman to set foot on North Pole Ann Bancroft (USA) 1986
47. Blind man to scale Mt. Everest Erik Weihenmayer, USA May 25, 2001
48. Residents of the International Space station Bill Shepherd (USA), Yuri Gidzanko and Sergei Krikalev (Russia) 2 November 2000
49. Women to fly solo around the world Jerrie Fredritz Mock 1964
50. Olympic Gold Medalist woman Charlotte Cooper, UK, Tennis singles 1900
51. Woman to win a Grand Slam Maureen Catherine 1953
52. A Woman to Command a Space Mission Colonel Eileen Collins (U.S.A.) July 23, 1999
53. Woman President of a country Maria Estela Peron 1974
54. Satellite in space Sputnik I October 4, 1957


That’s all! I hope you found this article on the List of First of the World helpful.

Happy Learning! 

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Anisha Mukhija

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