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Goa Institute of management GDPI experiences
May 18 2024

Students GD/PI Experience

Sneha R (A student of PGDM - Healthcare Management batch of 2022)

I had a strong affinity for the healthcare field. Therefore, naturally, GIM’s PGDM - Healthcare Management program seemed fascinating to me and became my priority. The admission process for the program is much like that of any other B-School's process. The difference was that, for this program, GIM emphasizes the overall profile of the candidate.

My group discussion, written ability test, and personal interview were scheduled in March. In the group discussion round, there were 10 candidates and 2 panelists from the college who moderated the entire process. We were given the topic ‘E-learning-a boon or a bane’.  Before initiating the GD, the panelists asked each one of us to voice our views about the topic for a minute, followed by an open group discussion that lasted for 15 minutes. All of us expressed our opinions, without any chaos, which was very important to ensure that everyone's ideas were conveyed. We eventually came to a mutual consensus and summarised the discussion in the last 5 minutes. After 15 minutes, we were asked to pen down an abstract of the discussion, which was then followed by personal interviews.  In my interview, I was asked about myself, why MBA in healthcare, and why I chose GIM.

Some technical questions were asked about my undergraduate course and the projects that I had done along with a few related to my work experience.  The panelists were easy-going and made sure that the candidates were at ease and in their element, they discussed my hobbies and interest as well. Overall, the whole process was good and we were evaluated on all aspects like the group dynamics we had, the ability to convey the idea clearly while speaking and writing, and the knowledge we possessed about the subjects and the extracurriculars. All the factors were given equal importance in the selection process.  

Vishan Khatavkar (A PGDM Student at Goa Institute of Management (GIM))

GIM is one of the top B-schools in the country and as I was invited to participate in the prestigious Achievers Round, I was well prepared for the process which included a group discussion and personal interviews. My tip to all the aspirants is that thorough preparation well before the D-day helps a lot.  GIM has a very beautiful campus overlooking the Sahyadris.

As soon as I entered the campus, I was escorted to a classroom where we were briefed on how our day was planned. GIM gives aspirants who attend the Achievers Round, a chance to attend a real-time class on the campus. I got an opportunity to attend a Business Law class on campus. This helped me understand how business schools are different from conventional schools. The participation students had in the class gave me a taste of what peer learning is all about. After the class, I had my group discussion planned in the break-out room. My group discussion topic was, does B schools require curfew timings? We were given 10 minutes to pen down our thoughts. Everyone got an opportunity to give an opening note on this topic, and I mainly focused on both the institute and student side initially.

The discussion lasted for half an hour, after which everyone got a chance to give a closing note. We were asked to write an essay on the same topic in 10 minutes.  After group discussion, I had my first interview with two senior faculty on the panel. My interview revolved mostly around academics. So, I would suggest aspirants brush up on their domain-specific basic knowledge. I was fortunate enough to get shortlisted for the second interview which is called the Director’s Round. Here, an aspirant stands a chance to earn an on-spot admission offer. Since I am from an Operations background, my second interview revolved around the field of Ops itself.  I was given a spot admission letter just after this interview. It was an exhilarating and adventurous experience for me. The process was very transparent, and it gave me a feel of how a day in GIM looks like.  

Anisha Mukhija

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