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Growth Aspects after Executive MBA
April 21 2024

There is no doubt that MBA is a degree which can completely change your life, giving you access to higher rungs of the ladder, and a whole new administrative knowledge and expertise. There are various different MBA courses available these days, one of which is the Executive MBA degree. It is a graduate level degree especially for those having 3-5 years professional experience to apply for the course. It is a highly specialized course, targeted at managers and administrators who wish to enrich their careers. An EMBA is one of the best options to give a boost to your career.

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Career Prospects after the Executive MBA Before the EMBA degree, you must be working at some 9-5 monotonous job looking for a post which is not accessible to you. But once you have your EMBA degree with you, you will find that the world is your playground. You will find endless opportunities standing in your way, both local and multinational companies reserving the highest designations for you. You could even choose to remain at the firm you were at and you will find it much easier to rise and acquire much higher post with your knowledge and expertise. Human Resource managers, project heads, company directors, everyone is seeking a specialized Executive MBA course to open up new professional avenues.

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Startups and New Business Ventures Many EMBA graduates generally end up starting something of their own and use the acquired business knowledge and expertise into full application. Whatever be their field of expertise, an executive MBA definitely allows them to apply their knowledge in new and different ways to ensure success and organized management. The course promotes insights into managerial levels and is in sync with what is actually happening across the globe. An EMBA candidate is fully knowledgeable and equipped to go out into the business world with a venture of their own and make it big.

Better Jobs and Better Pay The EMBA will allow the candidate to get a jump in terms of role as well as salary. Statistics show a fairly large paycheque increase within three years of graduating with an executive MBA, the best paying sectors being banking, finance, healthcare and consultancy. Several graduates even switch to other firms seeking employment at a better position with better paycheque. Others choose to stay loyal and patient with their previous firm, and work their way up to the administrative ladder. Reputed institutes have revealed that within three years of attainment of the EMBA degree, candidates who worked in a professional capacity started working in administrative and presidential or vice-presidential roles.

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Anisha Mukhija

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