How an MBA transforms your personality

How an MBA transforms your personality

MBA is one of the most coveted post-graduation programs people look after. But before opting for an MBA course have you ever thought about how this is going to change your life. To answer this question of how an MBA transforms your personality, I would like to share some of the points from my experience bucket.

Make your Profile MBA ready

Most of the people believe that MBA is all about a career quick fix, or a salary hike platform, the most effective way to advance your career or to leverage your earning potential but there is much more to it. An altogether different perspective of doing an MBA is presented below:

During an MBA course, you will be tested on your presentation skills, how effectively you manage your time. Overall soft skill development will be the first and foremost change that you will notice.

Pitching in front of big leaders or the greatest minds of the industry will give you confidence It is not that you will not fail, or stammer or fumble but you will eventually learn and grow professionally and personally. An MBA transforms your personality by pushing you out of your comfort zone, your nest and bring you to the front facing.

You will be seen as a credible leader after completion you’re your degree. Whenever and wherever you go, you will be carrying forward the brand name and value of your college and yes Alma Mater does matter.

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An MBA is not about becoming a technical expert; rather it invites you to develop your skill set – the soft skills and the hard skills.

The teaching pedagogy and syllabus at B schools are designed in such a way that you get to know the nitty-gritty of business management, strategic alliances between firms, etc. The case study analysis approach gives you a touch of how exactly the things happen in the real world, your approach and evaluation criteria determine your thinking and decision-making ability.

Enrolling into an MBA course will change your outlook towards economic trends, technological advancements, social and legal issues, government schemes and policies and how are these going to impact your business. You become proactive and sense the upcoming risks. This helps you plan your mitigation strategies.

Learn, learn and learn more. An MBA is the best time in terms of learning from the past experiences of the peers, your faculty and who so ever you interact with. The more you attend webinars, conferences, B school events, and corporate competitions, the more you will get an opportunity to explore and expand your learning horizons.

The MBA curriculum is designed to give you industry exposure through programs like Summer internships and Industry Interface Programs, make you a socially aware citizen through programs like the Rural Immersion Program, etc.

Another challenge that MBA throws at you is to manage a group. You are supposed to be a good leader as well as a good player at the same time. Take your team along with you and guide them in odd situations. Learn to see things from different people’ viewpoints, be open to changes and manage the difficult circumstances. It is not only about generating revenues but also about being ethical and sustainable in your actions.

The next big things an MBA offers is giving you the benefits of networking, how well you use your connections to leverage your opportunities or sail through high tides, all are linked to your close connections. You will get to build relations with industry experts through various clubs and committees in the colleges and also by organizing various conclaves and seminars.

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That’s how I believe that MBA transforms you physically, mentally and emotionally. The everyday challenges you face during those two years prove to be beneficial in the long run. The way you get prepared to face the world outside is closely related to how much willing you are to break your shell and push your limits.

At last, I would like to say that’s how those bittersweet moments of MBA life will break you, shake you but most importantly build you to face the unseen challenges.

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