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How to Clear NMAT exam in 1 month
April 27 2024

NMAT is one of the popular exams among MBA aspirants. In the past several changes have been introduced in the NMAT exam pattern. A clear NMAT exam in one month is a difficult but not impossible task. Aspirants could choose an exam date according to/suitability. Within 70 to 90 days from the testing window. NMAT candidates can appear for 3 attempts including the first one. He/she could send his/her best score out of three scores for admission. Like this candidate could get a chance to improve performance. These factors make the NMAT exam friendly for candidates. However, there should be a difference of 15 days at least between two attempts.

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Understanding of Exam patterns.

After acknowledgement of the exam pattern, one could start his/her preparation. Understanding the exam fundamentals briefly is equally important. The aspirant needs to attempt all 108 questions to get a maximum 360 score. Each question carries 3 marks without any negative marking. However, there is a section-wise time limit. Once a candidate pass from one section can't return to the same section before of time limit. Here check out the details of the time allotted in each section as well as questions in each section.

  • Language skills have 36 questions with 28 minutes allotted time limit.
  • Quantitative Skills have 36 questions with 52 minutes allotted time limit.
  • Logical Reasoning has 36 questions with 40 minutes allotted time limit.

Checklist to Clear NMAT exam in one month.

Here is a checkout list that's required to clear the NMAT exam.

  1. Get an updated and effective study mat.
  2. Get the question bank of well-known authors.
  3. Attempt NMAT mock test paper.
  4. No Negative marking in the scheme till now. So, the candidate must attempt all questions on paper.
  5. The level of exams is moderate-difficulty level. So, strategies properly for the exam.
  6. Target your dream colleges and set a target first.
  7. Download or purchase question banks.

Guideline's to Clear NMAT exams in one month.

If you want to crack in one month you should not waste time. Come up with an effective strategy as well as a timetable to prepare. Few devise aspirants should be considered if they want to clear the NMAT exam mentioned below:

1. Week-wise plan of action to clear NMAT exam in one shot.

The first week is fully or mainly devoted to fundamental concepts. Highly important topics and concepts. So that you could revise later on. Analyse the syllabus thoroughly so that any concept doesn't leave aside. As the clarity of fundamentals is equally important for attainting a good score. Practice the questions of fundamentals you studied that day to confirm those concepts. Considered exam pattern video. Start your day with the Language skills section and spend 2 hours on fundamentals. Then 1 hour on solving questions. Then take the Quantitative Skills section and spend 3 hours on fundamentals. And 1 hour in solving questions. At the last of the day focus on the Logical Reasoning section. Then once revise the concept you studied.

2. Start your preparation with strong concepts as well as strong sections.

Segregate your weak and strong concepts in two columns. As you have less time in the exam focus on the strong section first. Then work on your weak areas or concepts. Don't begin with any topic candidate is not familiar with. As you don't have that much time to touch on the not familiar topic. That would increase stress. For Quant most difficult and important questions for the exam.

Here are some most important vocabulary words. One should pay attention.

Must learn some idioms and phrases regularly. Revise them every Sunday and make flashcards for revision. Learn at least 10 vocabularies daily.  Revise them also with the help of flash cards.

3. Create notes, journal, most tests and last year's question papers.

Create your notes to help you retain fundamentals for a longer time. Journal with help you to keep a record of your mistakes, mock test paper and important concepts. Further writing and reading are considered good memorization techniques. Solve maximum mock test papers. Download the NMAT Mock test paper. Attempting regardless of last year's paper would help you with time management and knowing your position for the exam. Analyse your result thoroughly and try to don't repeat them in further papers.

4. Strengthen up your weakness.

After working on your strong concepts you can work on your weaknesses. That would increase your score and increase your chances of getting admission to your dream college. Afterwards, brush up on your weak concepts and practice from the question bank. Take the help of your mentors, peers, fellow aspirants or through the internet if aspirant gets difficulty at any point. Always keep these things in your mind and never give up. Never compare. Keep the optimism. Keep improving. 

For strategies visit https://www.youtube.com/c/RahulCatking.

5.  Revise your concepts as much as you can and analyse your performance daily.

Concept clarification is most important while solving questions. Revising them helps you to memorize the concepts for longer. Learn some tricks and strategies for better solving question positions. Daily performance analyse would help you for better results. Train your mind with mental calculation. Make a formula chart and vocabulary chart for better understanding. That would help you in quickly revise and memorize concepts. NMAT topper highly preferred last year's question papers to improve efficiency. Sample papers are considered a self-assessing tool to evaluate. The candidate also gets an understanding of exam patterns and difficulty levels. Then they could easily strategies their plan of action for exams.


So by following the above mention tips, strategies and pieces of advice you could clear the NMAT exam in one month. NMAT topper also thinks time management and consistency are keys to success. Make your notes, formula sheet and journal for better results. 

3 Things must do before starting preparation. . In a word, I would say join the crack course and join the mock test series. CATKing NMAT courses and strategies have helped many aspirants to crack the exam. And also to get admissions to the top MBA colleges of India and outside India. Thus, our team will make sure to give you the best service and resources that you need for NMAT 22 exams. In sum CATking mentors will help you to find your path for admission to your dream college.


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