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How To Crack Verbal?
April 11 2024

How to crack Verbal?

If Verbal is not your section then don't worry. Read this article to know about the strategy to crack Verbal in MBA exams.

Start Reading

Start reading Newspapers like Times of India and The Hindu daily. It will help to improve your Verbal skills and comprehension abilities. Read Novels to increase your vocab and comprehensive skills. 

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Verbal Ability & RCs

The Verbal sections are divided into two major parts; Reading Comprehension and English Usage. The RC has good weightage so, this can make or break your scores in the verbal section. Vocabulary is very important since if your vocab is not strong, you would fail to quickly answer some of the easy questions.Before starting the preparation students should understand well beforehand the number of questions that can be asked from each topic. the foremost important topic within the Verbal section is Reading Comprehension, within the last two years of the CAT exam the number of questions was 24. From this students should understand that RC is the main topic where they have to focus more. The study plan of a student should have daily reading comprehension practice. Here is the tip to excel the Reading Comprehension; start solving just one RC each day till the exam. The daily practice of RC will assist you to extend your accuracy day by day.  A good reader will always have a good understanding of different topics. Here we don’t need any particular knowledge about a topic but understand and analyze what the passage is all about. Major topic related are from these categories:

  • Natural science
  • Social science
  • Humanities

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Vocabs are important for your RC also as there are simple vocabulary questions in Exams like NMAT. Vocabulary can't be memorized. But a word must be learned with its root in order that if there's another word with an equivalent root, it'll be easier for college kids to spot the meaning of it. during this way of learning, vocabulary doesn't require memorizing and mugging up the words and their meaning. Learn Vocabulary through music videos. Mnemonics are often helpful in your vocab preparation. Learn Mnemonics Online [embed]https://youtu.be/evUCxunZM9c[/embed]

Don't underestimate Critical Reasoning

One should understand the subject by its name. Critical Reasoning, because the name says is critical and requires its own set of rules and methods to unravel. Students often make this error of using their own knowledge rather than using rules while solving CR questions. the subject is critical but is often understood well when its rules are kept in mind. Students while solving CR questions shouldn't use any extra knowledge which isn't mentioned within the passage. they have to form sure that they use the rule called ADNL – Apna Dimag Nahi Lagana (Don’t use your brain/knowledge) to use the passage information to unravel the questions. Funda no 4 CATKing students must be versed with Funda no 4. Using Funda no 4 is extremely important for any question of verbal in CAT. Funda no 4 is among the foremost important fundas of cracking CAT verbal available in CATKing Verbal book. it's about the signal words which connect or provides a direction to the sentences. For example: Additionally, moreover, additionally to, however, etc. These are those signal words which you'll definitely see in RCs while practicing also as within the CAT exam. Funda no 4 is additionally vital for solving Para jumble to seek out out links between the sentences. Some important topics aside from the RC and vocab are: Grammar Para Completion Para Jumble Fill within the Blanks Vocabulary Synonyms Antonyms Find the Error Sentence Correction Verbal Reasoning Critical Reasoning Tips: you'll start with easy RC and slowly increase the extent of it; ideally it'll be good if you'll practice quite 100 RC before your actual CAT.

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