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How to Prepare for CAT Exam 2024: Complete Study Plan for CAT Exam Preparation
June 13 2024

With over 3.2 lakh candidates competing in the CAT exam 2023, figuring out how to prepare for CAT 2024 is essential for any aspirant facing this intense competition. CAT exam preparation and strategic planning become indispensable in such cases!

Achieving your dream of getting into an IIM is possible with dedication, consistency, and an intelligent preparation strategy. In this blog, we'll address the question many aspirants like you ask: "How do you prepare for the CAT exam?" We're here to guide you through every step of the way.


Understanding the CAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus

CAT Exam Pattern:

  • Sections: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA)

  • Duration: 120 minutes (40 minutes per section)

  • Total Questions: Around 66 questions

  • Marking Scheme: +3 for each correct answer, -1 for each incorrect answer (MCQs), and no negative marking for non-MCQs

Syllabus Overview:

  • VARC: Reading comprehension, grammar, sentence correction, and vocabulary.

  • DILR: Data interpretation (tables, graphs, charts) and logical reasoning (arrangements, puzzles, etc.).

  • QA: Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, number system, and modern math.

Mock Tests

Full-Length Mock Tests:

  • Weekly Mocks: Take at least one mock test per week initially, increasing to 2-3 per week closer to the exam.

  • Performance Analysis: Analyze your performance and work on weak areas.

Sectional Tests:

  • Regular Practice: Regularly take sectional tests to maintain balance across all sections.


  • Key Concepts: Revise key concepts, formulae, and shortcuts.

  • Focus on Weak Areas: Focus on areas of improvement identified in mock tests.

Best CAT Mocks to Take

For comprehensive preparation, we highly recommend the CATKing mock series, which includes all the mocks and covers CAT and non-CAT exams. Here’s a glimpse of what CATKing offers:

CATKing Mock Course Description

  • Mocks Verified & Tested by 5 IIM-Ahmedabad, FMS, SP Jain Mumbai Alumni

  • Mocks Inspired by the Past 5 Years' CAT Papers and Expected Convenor

  • 45 Real CAT Mocks (25 Proctored, 15 Take Home & 5 - Target 99%iler Mocks) Made by IIM and FMS Alumni, CAT 99& 100%tilers

  • Learn from the Toppers: Attempt to CAT Videos by FMS Alumni, CAT 99.8%iler

  • Real CAT Mock Solving Live Session Along with Detailed Mock Analysis Dashboard

  • 45 Sectional Tests for the Practice of Each Section

  • CAT Mocks Target Setting Videos for 90%ile, 95%ile by FMS, IIM Ahmedabad Alumni

  • 100 Topic-wise Tests for Each Topic of QA/VARC/DI-LR

  • 12 Actual CAT Mocks 2020 - 2023 (Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3)

  • 130+ CATKing Bible LOD 1 and LOD 2 Practice eBooks

  • Last Leap to CAT Special E-Book - 800 Must-Do Questions of CAT Level

  • WhatsApp Group to Stay Updated with Important Notifications

For more details and to enroll, visit- CATKing Website

Regular Practice and Self-Assessment

  • Daily Practice: Set aside 2-3 hours daily for focused study.

  • Weekly Assessments: Take a mock test or sectional test to track progress.

  • Error Analysis: Review mistakes and understand where you went wrong to avoid repeating them.

Time Management and Strategy

  • Develop Strategies: Develop your strategy for time management and question selection.

  • Simulate Exam Conditions: Take mock tests in a timed environment to simulate the actual exam day conditions.

  • Balanced Preparation: Ensure balanced preparation across all sections to avoid low performance in any one area.

Stay Healthy and Motivated

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.

  • Stay Positive: Keep a positive mindset, and take breaks to avoid burnout.

  • Stay Connected: Join study groups or forums to stay motivated and exchange ideas with fellow aspirants.

Final Tips

  • Consistent Effort: Consistency is key; study regularly without long breaks.

  • Adaptability: Be flexible and adjust your study plan based on your progress and mock test performances.

  • Seek Help: Don’t hesitate to seek help from peers, mentors, or online forums when needed.

By following this detailed study plan and maintaining a disciplined approach, you can maximize your chances of performing well in the CAT 2024 exam. Good luck!

For more comprehensive resources and mock tests, visit the CATKing Website

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