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How to regain lost motivation for CAT 2024
April 30 2024

Lost motivation for CAT 2024 and about to give up on your IIM dream? Time to Regain your lost motivation!

How to get motivation for CAT 2024?

While preparing for CAT 2024, aspirants tend to face a common dilemma-How to get yourself motivated so that you can continue to achieve your goals for CAT no matter what happens around you. The starting point of motivation is "motive". It means that what motivates you is should be your target to aim at whether it's a monumental milestone in your life or a small project and work.
We all have goals that we are working towards. We all dream of a particular lifestyle. Everyone on this earth wants to coin money. It is all possible if you set achievable realistic and time-bound goals.
These are the kind of goals that help you to achieve whatever it is that you want to accomplish but even if you have the perfect plan in place to achieve your goals sometimes along the way we can lose track and the motivation to continue the journey for CAT 2024.


Why to aspirants get demotivated while preparing for CAT?

It is normal to get demotivated. It is all because of the negative mindset that you carry. Your motivation for CAT in order to study hard and get into the B school of your dreams is very crucial. When you lose motivation it can result in loss of consistent efforts which are very important for competitive exams like CAT. Low mock scores are something that acts as a huge demotivating factor for almost all aspirants. Read ahead if you want to regain your motivation for CAT 2024.

How to regain your lost motivation for CAT 2024?

A few tips to help you regain your motivation  CAT and stay productive:

1. Start by dividing bigger goals into smaller ones:
Try to improve one topic at a time. Appear for topic wise tests after thorough practice. First, try to get better at topic wise tests. Then conquer sectional tests. Then move on to full length mocks and try to improve your scores in it. Remind yourself of the big picture goal how is this small goal (or topic wise test) is going to get you to where you want to be in the long run. Remember to break your goals down into bite-sized pieces so take the overall goal and make a list of all the smaller parts of the goal and then just eat one bite at a time.
2. Check-in with how you're thinking and feeling:
Most lack of motivation or demotivation is a side effect of feeling overwhelmed or stressed or getting burnt out because of trying to do too much in too little time and you just don't have enough energy.
3. Look for intrinsic motivators:
These are things within the goal that motivates you automatically rather than just a deadline. Find a personal reason why you want to achieve this goal. Sometimes a personal reason is to outperform somebody else or to do something that makes you better more respected more healthful than anyone else. That acts as a real motivator.
4. Take things slow:
Don't spend too much time thinking about it. When you think a task is too large or too difficult we have a tendency to avoid it or to lose motivation altogether. Just take it one step at a time and see where it leads. Keep your eye on the target on the destination. The starting point of motivation is motive. It means that what motivates you is you has to have a target to aim for your goal. The key motivator is a feeling of forwarding motion step by step that's getting you closer and closer towards your goal.
5. Have clarity of your goal:
It's very simple. One step at a time. Just simply be clear about your long-term goal be clear about the steps that you have to take to achieve the goal and then take the first step in life. All success begins by your taking the first step. And then step by step soon you actually start to build up momentum and you start moving faster and faster and as you make progress towards your goal. Your brain releases endorphins and endorphins make you feel positive they make you feel creative they make you feel happy they actually release ideas and you find yourself moving faster and faster towards your goal and you find your goal moving faster and faster toward you.
6. Believe in the law of attraction:
As you move towards your goal you activate the law of attraction so you begin to attract into your life, people, ideas, and circumstances that help you to achieve your goals even faster than before.
If you been feeling a bit overwhelmed and demotivated these are some steps you should take to get pumped up and regain your enthusiasm for CAT 2020 achieving your dreams. Remember, if you want to change your future take action! And take action now!
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