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How to Tackle TOEFL and GRE?
May 16 2024

Do you belong to a non-English speaking country? Do you wish to work or study abroad? In that case, you will be needing to appear for TOEFL and IELTS

We have enumerated a few steps for you to excel in the exams:

Preparing For GRE.

The time for preparation may vary from one to three months depending upon your acumen.

1) The first step is to improve your vocabulary and verbal skills. In order to do this, you can start off by reading brief and small articles of any topic you like. It is noted by experts that you need to develop a penchant for the English language in order to excel in exams like GRE.

2) Avoid cramming words. You may use word power books Norman Lewis has a vocabulary book which is very famous. don’t let the gut of the content scare you you may begin by reading short articles. Or a number of pages. And may gradually increase the same. Many students find it very amusing and productive to learn vocabulary words as it helps them throughout life in general as well.

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3) There are several learning websites online you may go there and download study based apps from them. institutes like Catking Educare have created apps for mobile learning which will help GRE candidates. Such apps help students improve their concentration as they can do something productive weather phone too. apart from that, they did not carry books while travelling they can simply use these apps to increase their pace. The main new USP of the apps is their UI, the easier it is the more fun it is for the students to learn.

4) It must also be noted that gaining familiarity with the words is not the only useful thing in itself but using them in related contexts is the most important thing.

5) There is no substance to practice remember practice makes one perfect. Remember plenty of practice materials are available online nowadays it is very easy to download it online. simply do your research on Google and you will get a number of them.

6) Have a good collection of study materials you may select any one which to find easy to learn. One book may be very popular but may not be very useful to you similarly another book may not be very popular but is helping you by notches in that case you must always of the second book.

7) Welcome to the wants action remember there is no substant to practice. Practising correctly will help you get closer to your goals.

8) remember in case you have only two months of study left devote the second month to do practice test so that you can know where you are exactly standing. Initially, you may use the free tests are available online.

9) Remember you must not skip the AWA section while doing the practice tests. The more you practice the better you will become time management. Try to complete this action within 20 to 25 minutes.

10) remember practising is not sufficient in itself you must also use it in your daily life as you may start talking to your friends in English. you may also plan a game where are you each one of you will exchange the words with each other that they have learnt.

11) Since there is no negative marking do not leave any questions unanswered.

12) And lastly dress comfortably so that you may not face any discomfort while giving the test.

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Preparing For TOEFL

Once you have prepared for GRE remember TOEFL is just a piece of cake for you. Now you may simply parts tests online.

It is advised by experts that you take the TOEFL within a few days of taking the GRE so that you stay in the flow.

TOEFL test is no big deal. This test is specifically designed to measure your English skills. Since you do not belong to an English speaking country or a country. Wherein English is the first language. You will be required to prove your credibility in English before moving to an English speaking country.

1) Get To Know The Format Of The Test
Before applying for the test need to be aware of the format. In order to do that you may go to the official site and check out the test format or simply give a few free online tests.

2) Aim for a minimum score in your mind.
Always remember different goals require different scores. First, identify your goal and then accordingly set your target score. Practice and practise till you start achieving at or achieve more than it.

3) Practice reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. You may watch movies, speak in English with your friends and family. You may also start reading articles and writing your own blogs too.

I hope you found the article useful. All the best!

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