IIM Shillong Interview Experiences

IIM Shillong Interview

IIM Shillong Interview Experiences

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IIM Shillong Interview Experiences

IIM Shillong Interview, the Cutoff 2020 is the minimum marks required to qualify for getting a call from the institute to participate in the further rounds of admission. The candidates interested in pursuing management courses from IIM Shillong will be required to appear for CAT 2020 and clear the cutoff for getting shortlisted. Apart from the cutoff, IIM-S uses multiple parameters for shortlisting the candidates such as past academic performance in 10th, 12th & graduation, work experience, etc. The shortlisted candidates are then required to appear for the Writing Skills Assessment Test (WSAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

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Some IIM Shillong Interview Experiences

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IIM Shillong Interview Experience 1 (Excerpts)

(A candidate with 93.68 CAT percentile with 10th -89.2%, 12th -90.4% and B. Com. Economic honors – 82.28% and 1year finance experience at Earnest and Young).

What was your job profile? Why did you leave the job? How did you manage conflicts at work? What are your views on ethics in business? If you know company projections for the next 5 years, what will be the first thing you will do? What is the payback period? What are the methods of capital budgeting? Name three govt. schemes related to children, healthcare, and women? Explain the uses of mean, median, and mode?

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 2 (Excerpts)

(A candidate with 92.53 CAT percentile having 10th -96.2%, 12th– 91.4% and B.Tech Biotech -9.9 CGPA. Started an NGO for underprivileged children and is a national level basketball player).

Tell us about VVIP chopper scam? If you were the defense minister, what would you have done? Should we scrap the deal or not? How exactly your NGO works? What is your height? What is the difference between a slam dunk and a three-pointer? Do you know anything about the human genome project? How has the human genome project benefitted humans so far?

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IIM Shillong Interview Experience 3 (Excerpts)

(A candidate with 98.2 CAT percentile with 10th -94.5%, 12th-92.6% and B.Tech. in ECE – 9.42CGPA and interest in movie making).

What do you understand by repo rate? What happened in Egypt last year? Tell me about the controversy with Vishwaroopam. Quadri is leading a protest in Pakistan, what is happening there? Who gave hate speech at Andhra Pradesh? Recently after Afzal Guru was executed, a leader in Kashmir shared the stage with a Lashkar-e-Taiba leader; what was the controversy all about? What is the difference between the end-fire array and broad site array? Tell me about the skip distance? What are omnidirectional and unidirectional antennas, give examples? 2014 elections are coming, choose one leader as PM. If you are a company would you like to work under a democratic leader or an autocratic leader?

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IIM Shillong Interview Experience 4

2 panelist male(50yrs,30yrs)

Q. Which state you are from?

Q. Tell me about medieval history of bihar

Q. How Bihar helped in making of the nation

Q. Question related to kanhaiya kumar of bihr

Q. What steps you take and why if u were the external affairs minister of India regarding myanmar coup

Q. Wht is difference b/w leader and a manager

Q. Any one company you have to choose b/w Reliance and tata , and why?

Q. Different types of designs of business?

Q. Why there is a need of cache memory

Q. Diff b/w 386 processor and cache memory

Q. Which company u want to join after pgp

(No introduction, no questions on hobby, for few questions I answered well, few I talked less about, few I don’t have any idea abt #as per their expressions)

Overall my confidence was good though my performance was not that good bcz my general awareness & history is not at par, and mostly they covered that part only

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 5

Two panelists

1. You graduated in 2019, why don’t you have work experience?

2. What type of business does your father do?

3. Do you think government favours traders?

4. Is trading non value adding activity?

5. Why do young people these days don’t want to enter family business?

6. What has the government done to encourage entrepreneurship?

7. Achha to tumne US ka cma kiya hai? Kya hai ye? Tell me about it, the levels of exams, fees and why you did it?

8. Why not CA? (She said okay okay bich me)

9. What is IFRS? What are the difficulties faced by India in implementing IFRS?

10. Difference between pooling of interest method and purchase method?

11. Goodwill kisme arise hoga?

Last me he said ki you can exit jo sunaayi nhi diya.
When I asked ki kya bola so ma’am laughed and said that your interview is over and you can exit.

(All questions were easy and they seemed satisfied. Only issue was voice. I don’t know how they perceived it.)

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 6

Background – Undergrad – Zoology , pg – diploma – Event Management

1. All Documents Verification

2. Tell us something about yourself

3. What is your family business and how are you contributing to it

4. Difference between home decor (my family business) and FMCG Companies

5. Differentiate according to marketing basis

6. What is Environmental Science and how is india doing in it

7. Do you think Developed nations are forcing developing nations for environment protection and hampering their growth

8. Why Event Management after zoology

9. What is corona virus and how does it work

10. Difference between bacteria and virus

11. What are the key skill required in event manager
– Talked about bigg boss organizing team experience

13. Gave me a case for Organizing a event in iim shillong

14. What are your hobbies

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 7

15-20 mins
P1 : 30s
P2 : 40s

P1 : Who is Kavish Kaushal Jhaveri

P1 : Types of Blockchain

P1 : Ethereum which type of blockchain

P1 : Kind of hashing in Blockchain

P1 : Fastest way to checkmate, no. of moves, name it

P1 : Any competition of chess certificate show it

P2 : Why Architecture to business Analytics

P2 : Using Analytics how would you design sustainable Housing

P2 : Reason current salary reduction

P1 : Why low CGPA

P1 : Covid and digital divide effects on education.

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 8

Profile 2 years workex – CA
1. Asked me to show my PAN (I didn’t have it ready had to make the panel wait for few mins)

2. We see that you are a CA and a BCOM – why do you want to do an MBA after this?

3. Is KPMG into financial advisory also? What does BSR do?

4. What are you doing now? What does that Company do?

5. Asked me to show BCOM marksheet – picked up on the subject on entrepreneurship and asked what I learnt in that

6. What is the major problem that’s preventing the rise of startup ecosystem? What move did the budget have on this?

7. Indian startup ecosystem vs US

8. Startup mentorship – how is it in India

9. You seem to talk about these private fund providers – what do you think the government is doing on this?

10. The Indian accounting standards in comparison with global standards – why are these different? where do you think we are headed into

11. What value do you think you can bring to the table in an MBA? You can self learn – why even do this course?

12. Rich got richer during the pandemic and poor got poorer – do you agree?

13. We see thar you write finance blogs for women, being a feminist (we can see that) – what do you think is the current problem that women face to get to the top? Anything specific to this in the budget? Would you recommend something on this ?

14. One downfall in the income tax related move put up in the budget

15. Did the budget have any specific allocation for women? Could you tell us more about it?

16. What is demographic dividend?

17. What form of music do you sing? How long have you been learning? Can you show us some certificates?

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 9

1. Why did you leave your job?

2. Tell us about capital and money markets

3. Fintech

4. Job profile

5. Artificial intelligence in finance and investing

6. China’s one road policy

7. If we give you 1 billion dollar, which food would you want to produce globally

8. How to promote north east for start up India program

9. Why did GOI do in collaboration with RBI during the pandemic

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 10

1. What is the meaning of your name?

2. Have you travelled to any place outside Gujarat? What difference did you find in those places and Gujarat?

3. How can India survive in peace with so many different states and cultures?

4. “Secular India is a liability”. Comment.

5. Company Narendra Modi as the CM of Gujarat and as the PM of India.

6. What do you know about Doklam stand off?

7. What issue is Rann of Kutch facing right now?

8. What is agency theory?

9. What is financial trade off?10. What are preliminary expenses?

11. Journal entry for preliminary expenses

12. How would they appear in Balance Sheet

13. What are fictitious assets?

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 11

The interview was pretty good
No HR questions

1. So u r a debater.. great.. talk about the vaccine in India

2. Biden for Indian govt

3. Kejriwal’s initiative for Delhi

4. Delhi being a state what power it will have

5. my internship questions

1. What is NLP

2. How can I calculate the height of Everest

3. Eigen values

4. formulate one NLP

5. what is the transportation problem

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 12

2 panelists P1, P2 both male

P1- Asked me to show my aadhar (I showed my V I Card, still insisted on aadhar and told me to get it or they will cancel the interview)

P1- did you sit in your college placement and what was the outcome ( I am final year)

P1- how do you keep in touch with the current affairs and any recent news?(talked about how India is moving away from Saudi for oil imports)

P1- what will it’s implications on rupees health?

P1- in 2019 india increased tax on non essential commodities imports, how did it affected rupees health.

P2- What components will I need to convert my conventional guitar to a electric Guitar?

P2- What are microwaves?

P2- What is the difference in between the RC helicopter VS the Drones used by the armed forces?

P2- Difference between Simplex and hald duplex?

P2- how do I convert my phone into half duplex?

P2- thank you may disconnect

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 13

B.COM Hons
Audit experience

Show pancard, marksheet, offer letter

P1: Diff between Internal and external audit?

P1: So u studied Taxation Law

P1: Heads under Tax

P1: Deductions?

P1: Under which head donations will come?

P1: Gst Diff rates?


P1: Two ratios to look for, while investing in a company?
Asked if i could give three

P1: Current Ratio me kya check karoge?

P1: Hobbies? (No follow up)

P2: If u have diverse ppl in ur grp, how u as leader would proceed?

P2: if individual goals r not aligned with organizational goals?

P2: Heard about Scandinavia?

P2: What is scientific management

P2: techniques and principles?

P2: Should auditors role and a consultant roles be combined?

U can leave

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 14

2 Panelists, 1 Male and 1 Female ( in their late 40s)
Panelist 1 – Male, Panelist 2- Female

(No Intro, No Why MBA, nothing)

P1 – So, You are from Civil Engineering (Ah! )
Ans – Yes, Sir

P1 – What is your University Name and Where is it located?
Ans – Answered (very near to IIM Sambalpur)

P1 – What have you studied in Civil Engineering
Ans – told

P1 – What are PCC and RCC?
Ans – told

P1 – Where are they used?
Ans – told

P1 – What are the sesmic Zones in India?
Ans – told

P1 – How will structures differ in higher seismic zone?
Ans – told

P1 – Will there any difference in the Steel used at both areas
Ans – don’t know

P1 – What are some of the construction works going on in India post covid era?
Ans – told

P1 – How are the Bridges made? What are used?
Ans – told

P1 – What are different types of Bridges?
Ans – told

P1 – How flyovers are made? What is taken into consideration while construction of a flyover?
Ans – told

P1 – What so you do in Free time?
Ans – told

P1 – Share your screen and show some of the certificates
Ans – Shown

P2 – One certificate is missing, I guess
Ans – Ah! Yes

P2 – What have you done at the Entrepreneurship Cell?
Ans – told

P2 – What are the problems for Entrepreneurs in tier-3 cities?
Ans – told

P2 – What are some Government Initiatives?
Ans – told

P2 – How does one raises fund if he has an idea?
Ans – told

P2 – Why Chattisgarh was on news recently?
Ans – 2 reasons not one. (Naxal Attack and Covid Surge) , they were expecting only nuxal attack

P2 – How can be that reduced?
Ans – Told

P2 – What is your take on NAC? Will that help your University?
Ans – told

Okay, X. Thank You for your time.

IIM Shillong Interview Experience 15

19th April 2021
Two female

F1: show your pan card , college marksheet and workex

F1: so what do you do exactly in office

F1: what type of clients do you have

F1: what is data modernization

F1: who do you report too?

F1: is there anyone who reports to you?

F1: which one is easy?

F1: tell me phases of SDLC

F1: which is better modularized way or all at once?

F1: what is Delphi algorithm? (I didn’t know this)

F1: give examples of some sorting algorithm

F1: what are their time complexity

F1: okay I’m good

F2: so tell me something about yourself

F2: what is ETL?

F2: Which state has bay of Bengal border

F2: if you are the chief minister what and all you will
A bit of cross question on this

F2: okay I’m done, thank you and All the best.

It was a short interview around 12-13mins .

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