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IIMA Calls Out!!! Super Proud of Naman….
May 16 2024

IIMA Calls Out!!! Super Proud of Naman….

Conversation with an IIMA aspirant 

Sumit Singh Gandhi (Rahul), CEO & Director of CATKing Educare had a session for IIMA (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad) calls of the season with Naman Sharma, who scored 99.26%ile in CAT. As the session began, Rahul firstly congratulated him for his extraordinary performance.

Naman was overwhelmed to express how this was beyond his expectations. It was really extraordinary for him in the GEM (General-Engineer-Male) category. He then conveyed his gratitude to him for his great guidance and motivation behind his dedication, perseverance, determination and will-power. Rahul Sir then said that he was glad to try his level best and all his efforts had helped Naman.

He asked Naman about his parents, then he said that his parents were very happy though he was in Jaisalmer for having some fun. His parents told him to come back for his interview preparation. Rahul Sir appreciated him and told that this conversation was being recorded, and he had come a long way by preparing so hard. He then asked Naman about the CATKing Dashboard, the teachers and everything.

Naman replied that everything was good and the teachers were also helpful, especially Sudhanshu Sir and Moinack Sir. Even how Rahul Sir had guided him was really beneficial, it gave him great inputs. Rahul Sir then asked whether he used to sit and attend Verbal Mondays & Verbal Wednesdays everytime in the night.

Naman then said that he got 99%ile in verbal, he used to attend and had taken a drop right so he was already serious. He then praised Rahul Sir to keep him going. Rahul Sir then asked him how were the mocks. Naman replied that the mocks were too good and helpful. It had shown the actual idea/real picture of this popular exam. Rahul Sir then asked him whether he watched Moinack Sir’s videos.

Naman replied that he used to watch his videos, and he tried thinking that way and applied his strategies which was really beneficial for him. Rahul Sir then again appreciated him and asked about his overall %ile. Naman replied that the overall is 99.26%ile. Rahul Sir again appreciated him after getting confirmation from him about his 99%ile in Verbal Ability (VA), 98%ile in Quantitative Aptitude (QA) and 95%ile in DILR (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning).

He further praised him that he had studied for an entire year. He then asked Naman at the end whether he wanted to give any message to the ones who are studying and it would be recorded. Naman said just two important things that everybody must listen to Rahul Sir as he is too motivational, and be persistent. This way their conversation came to an end and Rahul Sir wanted to have another session with him tonight once again. He would be connecting him with his seniors for some more talks. Naman was glad to join. Rahul Sir blessed him and conveyed his regard to his parents. Naman thanked him.

Inspiring Students to be a part of IIMA Calls list, like Naman

Rahul Sir then got back to the rest of the students, saying that the big call of the season got out from IIM Ahmedabad. The guy was very lovely and it was really a big thing for the GEM students to gets calls from IIMA.

Rahul Sir requested the ones who are studying for the next year to keep nailing, then he had shown a message received from an aspirant, thanking him. He wanted them even to be part of this list.

He found the list for the students who have got IIM Ahmedabad call and it kept on increasing among the other lists including IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta calls. All of the them would be met by that day.

Last Minute Suggestion

He again reminded the students who have been already a part of CATKing or are planning to join the CATKing family for the only thing they must do is to just work and follow the process, like how Naman was a part of it. At last, he said that they may give their 100% for being in the list of IIM Ahmedabad calls and blessed them.

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Anisha Mukhija

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