Journey From IT to MBA from NMIMS !

Journey From IT to MBA from NMIMS !

My journey like every other MBA aspirant began with the dream to make it to one of the coveted institutes, premier B-Schools which went through its own turmoil but the right mentoring at CATKing molded me to make it to the best of the best always!

Most of you might resonate with my story … An IT engineer working @Infosys bored of the daily rut routine finally decided to take things in hand to make it big! Like Rahul Sir always says – ” Dream BIG” he imbibed this into me that made me stay motivated and focused always.

Being an engineer quants was never the concerned area but yes the shortcuts and tricks at CATking made it easy to beat the clock in NMAT a Time Management Driven Exam .. 45 seconds per question was an average time which was made super easy with techniques like the “DSum / Vedic Maths … visual DI”
The most important topics were Geometry / Time Speed Distance / Time Speed Distance

Verbal was the key to success! One of the most neglected areas and Rahul sir made it the most amazing learning experience with all his new strategies to master vocabulary with the help of roots, pictures, mnemonics making it easier to retain.
Still remember the words like misogynist, ascetic, laconic that were taught in first few sessions almost 2 years back :p but that’s what sorted almost 8-10 questions in my actual NMAT. And the 22 minutes 32 questions become plausible with the ” Half time Strategy for RCs”

The strategies that Rahul Sir and CATKing Team devices truly were a game changer … One of the rarest student to have NMAT one day before CAT … Sir ensured to have my strategic approach for both exams well defined and no introspection on same day saved my a** totally 🙂

Working in Pune and studying in Mumbai was difficult … But as it rightly said, ” it all depends on how badly you want it !”
Commuting 8 hours every week from PUNE to Mumbai … Rahul sir truly made the travel time spent worth it with shortcuts and strategy video.
The three-step approach to complete entire syllabus by Oct and having exclusive one in one session with toppers made things more inspiring each day.
The right strategy can make even the impossible possible 🙂

The MBA Journey began in 2013 June but that never ended the mentorship with Rahul Sir, right from sorting your profile for GDPI To Summer Internship everything was sorted by him, being the cofounder of Sounds of Silence his NGO made every interview a WOW !

MBA from NMIMS  as it says ” the place where Talent is Nurtured ” opened up a myriad of opportunities and standing by through all Rahul Sir gave me the opportunity to do an Executive Education Course from Harvard Business School and the story thereafter has moved into an Auto Mode as he always mentioned.

NMIMS [2012 -222 (99.3%iler)]
2013-15 batch
CMAT 99.69%ile , SNAP 99.5%ile , NMAT

99.7%ile .. So what if didn’t Nail CAT doesn’t mean we crush our dreams …
Presently : Strategy & Marketing, Henkel Adhesive Technologies

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  • Anisha Mukhija

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