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Life at NMIMS- Rajat Sukhija CATKing
April 13 2024

As one looks at the building of NMIMS, the first thing that comes to the mind is whether it’s a mall or a college!! Yes, the extravagant infrastructure is the first attraction. So let us also know how life at NMIMS is. The MBA life at NMIMS started with an orientation week full of various activities and getting to know people. The hustle and bustle of a B-School started right from the first week after all cells and committees’ seniors introduced about their cells and then started the race for entering into various cells.



How is the Culture of the NMIMS?

The grilling schedule of lectures, pre-reads for each lecture, the need to do class participation keeps the day quite busy. Various events being organized adds to the learning and fun part as well. Then, there are guest sessions being organized of corporate stalwarts which guide us the way forward.How’s the faculty at NMIMS? The faculties here are amazing and imbibed the professionalism in me with their great pedagogy.

One unexpected gain from NMIMS

Apart from the busy schedule of grilling lectures, competitions, and events.  At NMIMS as a fresher I found myself growing very fast with a lot of learning on leadership and management skills. The perks of being in Mumbai make this journey quite interesting. How can I forget meeting P.V.Sindhu at Mumbai airport! The delicious food of Mumbai is the icing on the cake. The peace at beaches, Marine Drive de-stresses everything. Long conversations with friends, hanging out together, making plans for each weekend completes the experience. MBA life is fun with a lot of learning. Work hard to earn it!

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Anisha Mukhija

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