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MAH-CET Preparation plan
October 11 2023

MAH-CET Preparation plan 2021 and complete strategy to crack CET

It’s been just a month since MBA CET 2020, and while results are still not out, a lot of you would be looking for the right prep plan for the next year. Some might be first-timers, while others might be back to give it another shot. No matter what, rest assured, this is the right article for you. Like any competitive exam, it's never too early to start preparing for CET. Do remember that consistency is the key, don’t give up and you are sure to succeed. Keep on reading for the complete preparation plan for MAH CET 2021. MBA-CET online course  

MAH CET 2021:

For those who are completely new to CET, let’s get a brief idea of what the exam is all about. MBA  CET  exam is a state-level entrance test for MBA / MMS, that is organized every year by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra. It’s an online exam that gives you the pass to some of the best AICTE approved management colleges. CET is conducted only once a year, usually in the month of March (or end of February). The admission process then starts in the month of June. Hence, it becomes very important that candidates prepare very well for this exam, in terms of their knowledge, speed, and accuracy. Also Read: List of top colleges through CET

MAH CET 2021 Exam pattern:

Now let’s look at the basic paper pattern that CET follows (and have followed over the years) :
  • Examination mode: Online
  • Language: English only
  • Total number of questions: 200 questions
  • Question type: Multiple choice questions, with 5 options to choose from
  • Exam duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (150 minutes)
  • Marking scheme: 1 mark for each question, so a total of 200 marks; No negative marking for wrong answers.
This might be subject to some minor changes this year, which will be communicated through MAH CET's official website. Click here: To know more about Exam pattern

What are the sections covered in CET:

The sections covered in CET are similar to that of most MBA exams. The three main sections are: 1) Logical and Abstract Reasoning: This section has a total of 75 questions, out of which 50 are for logical reasoning and 25 are allocated for abstract reasoning. The topics included under logical reasoning are series, directions, linear and circular arrangements, coding-decoding, Venn diagram, blood relations, symbol operations, syllogism, data sufficiency.  Abstract reasoning is something new. However, practicing multiple questions and understanding a common pattern will help you to score in this section. 2) Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: This section has 50 questions in total. Topics covered are the usual; grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and verbal reasoning. 3) Quantitative Aptitude: There are 50 questions allocated to this section. The main topics include number systems, geometry, algebra, ratio & proportion, profit & loss, allegation & mixtures, averages, percentage, time distance speed, time & work, probability.  This is easy to handle if your concepts are clear. Have a look at this video to understand what the CET 2020 paper was all about.

So what should be your MAH CET 2021 Preparation Plan:

Without further ado, let’s look at the detailed preparation plan for MAH CET 2021 that you need to follow to ensure a smooth sailing towards your final exam: Also read: Tips to crack MAH-CET

1) Start with the Basics:

For a tree to hold shape and stand strong, its root needs to be robust. This applies to your exams too. With almost 10 months in your hand, make the most of this time by going back to all your basics. Look at the core concepts of all topics under each section and make notes of shortcuts and tricks that can be applied to solving sums. There are 200 questions in your paper that are a mix of easy, moderate, and difficult level questions. So, imagine if you get all those easy ones right, half of your work is done!

2) Sectional analysis:

With three main sections for you to work on, understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie. As you go through the basics, you will identify which topics you find difficult to comprehend than others. Focus on these subjects, you can allocate one extra hour each day to learn their concepts and practice. But don’t forget that you must allocate your hours equally amongst the other subjects as well. We don’t want to invest all our energy on the weakness while neglecting our strengths. Also read: CET Exam Syllabus

3) Start taking mocks:

It's never too early to take mocks. At this stage, you can take one mock every week. As you progress, increase the number of mocks you take. In the last 4- 5 months, you can take 2 to3 mocks every week; and after that one mock every two days. Mocks are important to get an overall picture of how you have performed and to assess the areas of improvement. But make sure you always do an in-depth analysis of your mocks once you are done, which would include revisiting all the questions you got wrong. If you don’t do this, consider that your entire 150 minutes have gone to waste. Take note of this!

4) Prepare a timetable and monthly target:

For any plan to work, you need to have a timeline of all the tasks that you are going to cover over a period of time. After getting a fair estimate of your problem areas and areas that need attention, make a comprehensive timetable that distributes time optimally to all areas. These timetables are different for all, hence make one that best suits your capability. Don’t overdo yourself, bite off only as much as you can chew. Here, you can also set a monthly target with respect to your score. If you scored 100 in your first mock test, aim for 115 in the next, 125 in the one after that. Only when u target a particular score, you would be able to put your energy in the right direction. Also read: MBA-CET: A Mini encyclopedia

5) Increase your speed:

MAH CET 2021 Accuracy SpeedCET is all about the speed with which you attempt these 200 questions in those 150 minutes. This becomes a differentiating factor from CAT, where your focus is primarily on choosing the right question to solve, and not on the speed with which you solve each question. Hence, you need to build up your speed at all costs, and this can only be done through PRACTISE. Only then would you be able to identify the concepts required to solve a question within seconds. No negative marking is definitely a blessing in CET, but it doesn’t help unless you maintain your speed and solve as many questions (correctly) as possible. CMAT vs CET

6) Learn time management:

One thing to keep in mind is that since there is no sectional time limit in CET, you have to learn to distribute and manage time efficiently. Use this to your advantage and know where to allocate time reasonably. Again, this can only be mastered through practice. You would then understand which ones to target and how to invest your time in the right place, and thus effortlessly move across sections. XAT preparation

7) Stay Motivated:

This is the most important part of your preparation plan. A  lot of students have it in them to crack CET or any competitive exam, yet they lose their motivation and hope very soon. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t score 130 in your first attempt. It’s a gradual process and if you are persistent, you are bound to achieve it. CET is definitely an easier exam compared to CAT, XAT, etc. All you need is speed along with accuracy.  So keep that in mind from the start, and follow your preparation plan diligently. Believe me, you will definitely land your dream college soon. I hope you found this article useful. All the Best! Related articles: CET vs NMAT                                                    CET Exam Details Top Colleges through CET                             How to crack verbal ability CET Preparation                                              MAH-CET MBA colleges How to prepare for CET in one month    How to Crack CET MBA CET Syllabus                                           MBA CET Question Paper How to crack LR in MBA CET                      CAT & CET   CMAT vs CET                                                      MAH-CET Results 2020
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