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MICA Ahmedabad GE-PI Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive MICA Ahmedabad GE-PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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GEPI Experiences:

Pallavi Dwivedi: 

I was extremely nervous going into the interview, but the panel of three was quite reassuring and put me at ease. We had an intense discussion about the following

  1. The Future of Print
    2. My love for podcasts
    3. Which influencers I followed
    4. Why I left my agency job for an MBA
  2. Why MICA?

They wanted to know my opinions on everything, and challenged me on certain positions I had on some topics. When I felt myself get a little shaky midway through, they paused and told me that I was doing well, I shouldn’t lose my steam. All in all, it was a great experience, if a little gruelling in terms of the cross-questioning.

My advice would be to know deeply about the things you’re passionate about, and have solid opinions and justifications for your opinions. They want to know YOUR perspective on things – why you think the way you do, and how you back it up. Also, know your CV and SOP thoroughly! That is very important. Best of luck! 

Dimple Nagila:

It was the second day of the interview process and I had to travel from Vadodara to Ahmedabad to give the interview.

We had to leave at 5 AM so that we could be there by 8 AM.

Since it was a COVID year, my parents weren’t allowed to enter the campus with me. From the time I entered the gates of MICA till the time I left, it had been an experience.

My interview went on for about 45 minutes, the panelist made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. My interview revolved around why MBA, why MICA, why marketing. I was also asked a few marketing related questions but nothing too technical.

The interview was very conversational, and a lot of the questions asked were from my SOP. So make sure that you’re through with whatever you have written in your SOP including your likes and dislikes because I had an elaborate discussion on one of my dislikes which was ‘toxic masculinity’. This also led to discussion on ethics at the workplace.

They did not ask for any static GK as such but were looking at how aware you are of the general political and business world. Overall, the interview went great and at no point did I feel that they were trying to grill me. They will try to make you feel as comfortable as they can because here at MICA, they’re really looking forward to getting to know the candidate and hence the interviews last so long.

One tip would be to just be yourself because they really see through you and if you’re lying about something they will most probably know. So just be confident and be yourself. 

Veda Dhruv:

My interview experience was very interesting and quite unlike any other interview that I’d appeared for (even the IIMs). A lot of it was driven by the form that we were asked to fill. The panelist picked up on a dislike that I had listed which was “daily soaps”. The panelist, being a senior executive in a leading media company, grilled me upon how I would approach internships, live projects, assignments, etc. The “grill-fire” mainly tested my work ethics and my ability to keep personal opinions isolated from work which is quintessential to working in marketing. 

This was followed by asking for my personal opinion on Edtech Companies like Byju’s, Vedantu, WhiteHat Jr., etc. and their marketing campaigns. The discussion was intense and full of cross-questioning. As I went on comparing and critiquing the recent marketing campaigns, I was asked to create a campaign on the spot. This was by far the scariest and yet my favorite part of the interview.

Lastly, I was asked questions on the current political scenario to gauge whether I had basic understanding of the same. A little was also covered about my personal political opinions. To conclude, the panelists asked me a couple of questions about what I knew about MICA and why I wanted to be here. 

My advice: be yourself, think on your feet and go with the flow! MICA tests you holistically so though there might be dips in the interview session, there might be highlights that don’t know of too.

Viraj Shetty:

My interview was at the Ahmedabad campus. It was quite an interesting and engaging experience. At the onset, the interviewer made me comfortable by asking a few informal questions. It automatically led into them asking me questions on my take on risks and asked me further behavioural questions. As I had approx 3.5 years of experience a lot of questions were asked on my understanding of the business and my contributions at the company. They asked me about my opinions on what went right, what went wrong and what would I do differently if I had the chance. All these questions were inclined towards understanding my thought process and how I would react in different situations. It further asked me about 

The conversation then led into current affairs and my views on those.

MICA GE-PI Experience

GE topic – Create a board game for kids to spread awareness about social distancing and sanitisation.

PI – 2M 1F (Everyone seemed pretty tired)

1. 3 words to describe yourself

2. Instances where you made decisions based on data

3. What are the social causes that you stand for.

4. How would you have talked to the farmers about the farm bill.

5. How would you have talked to the state about the farm bills.

6. OTT platforms ka case. And name the regulations.

7. Questions from operation (a random subject that I had in graduation)

8. You are interested in data lite role. But data is important.

9. An apple costs 40, banana 40, grapefruit 60 how would you price a pear.

10. If you get a chance to join an NGO that stands for the social causes that you feel strongly about as a full time employee, and another digital marketing agency that pays you more , both after mica, and you had to choose ONLY ONE. What would you do?

11. Is it okay to manipulate emotions of people like we do via marketing. Is it ethical.

No questions about likes dislikes, ventures, extra curricular, sop. Only graduation and random questions

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MICA GE-PI Experience 2:

30 mins GE. Group of seven People.
Topic- Design an outdoor game using social media platforms, lay down the rules of the game, perform it .
Had great fun creating a relay race with social media platforms in between.

PI Experience. It was a good experience.
Basically they asked questions related to work experience, and I mentioned in the sop that I want to become a socially responsible marketing manager.

So they picked up the word “socially ” and asked me questions related to it.

Like can profits and social responsibility go hand in hand.

Or like in the fashion world is there a brand that is using sustainable means and created a product.

So I told them Levi’s made jeans with recyclable plastics.

Then they asked about Unilever and whether Unilever as a brand is more commercial or socially responsible.

I told them they focus a lot on sustainability and told them about an ad campaign by Unilever, and also said that because they are socially responsible they are commercially very profitable.

These were 3 important questions, I was asked. Other were related to my work exp. And some chill topics like they asked me fastest cars and bikes name .as I mentioned them I love cars.

So yeah it was fun.

Tip- They will ask at the end whether you have any questions for us.
Then you should definitely ask them a good question related to mica.

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