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MICAT Courses: Residential
October 27 2023

What is MICAT? The various residential MICAT courses offered?

The pattern of MICAT along with the syllabus is different from other MBA Entrance exams. Also, most of the MBA entrance exams are entirely of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). However, MICAT has a paper pattern that asks objective, as well as subjective questions.

The marking scheme for each section isn’t usually disclosed. Although negative marking applies only to the objective questions (except Psychometric). And will not apply to any of the subjective questions. The entrance exam also allows candidates to various MICAT Courses.

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MICAT Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidates who appeared/appearing in CAT/XAT/GMAT
  • The candidates have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).
  • Candidates appearing for final year Bachelor's degree examinations are also eligible to apply

Despite the pattern changing regularly. The preparation strategy for all the common sections is given below.

MICAT Syllabus and pattern

What are the sections in MICAT?

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There are 3 main sections in MICAT namely:

  • SECTION-A: Psychometric test
  • SECTION-B: This includes 4 parts namely Verbal ability, Quantitative ability & Data Interpretation, General Awareness, and Convergent thinking.
  • SECTION-C: Descriptive Test.

Residential Courses at MICAT

1. Fellow Program in Management [COMMUNICATION]-[FPM-C]

  • This course at MICA Ahmedabad also known as FPM-C is the first Programme of its kind in the country. It is an AICTE doctoral-level interdisciplinary Programme.
  • Through this Programme, MICA aims to encourage fundamental. As well as applied research in the communication and marketing domain.

The Fellow Programme at MICA aims to achieve the following inter-related goals:

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  • To produce scholars who can impart and advance knowledge. Which is in the areas of communication and marketing. So that they can contribute to the larger community.
  • To increase the talent pool of researchers. Also, academicians in the areas of communication and marketing.

Importance of FPM-C

Who should choose the Fellow Programme of Management and Communication Course? How can this course at Mica Ahmedabad help you?

  •  Understanding of different theoretical perspectives. That is in the disciplines of communication and marketing. So you develop a holistic understanding of this area
  • Make significant intellectual contributions to the body of knowledge. Moreover, in the field of communication and marketing.

  • Connect classroom learning with contemporary issues.  After that Identify knowledge to address these issues
  • Demonstrate superior oral and written communications skills
  • Bring in awareness of existing and emerging issues in research ethics.
If you want to turn your creative passion into a career. And get paid for the work you love doing. Then the next course offered at Mica Ahmedabad is the right thing for you.

2. Crafting Creative Communication Programme-: One-year Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communication (CCC)

A program MICA is specially designed for people who want to pursue a career as an ideator. Today, the need is for conceptual thinkers who are also 'executors'. In other words, Ideators are more than just Copywriters, Art Directors, Designers, TV Commercial makers, or even web designers. They think big.

Program Summary

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  • This course evaluates and chooses applicants based on their innate creative attitude and talent.
  • It aims to instil in your qualities. Such as a sense of commitment, discipline, and teamwork. As all of these are essential for solving problems, brand-related, or social.

And of course, there is the coursework itself – intensive, interactive sessions. Where one learns and practices essential advertising creativity skills.

Why this course at MICA?

  •  There is an important difference between being creative as a person and as a fine artist. And being creative in a commercial sense.
  • Advertising and its related fields call for creativity as a highly disciplined, commercialized practice.
  • In an ad agency, as a copywriter or an art director, you cannot “Just be creative and express yourself” – here you are a ‘creative professional’, and have to be able to use the power of your creativity for a commercial/business reason – someone is paying you to get a problem solved, using your creativity

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Communications (PGDM-C)

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  • MICA's flagship Post-Graduate Diploma in Management - Communications (PGDM-C) grooms business leaders with a focus on creative thinking, consumer-centricity, communication, and community outreach.
  • The PGDM-C, equivalent to an MBA, has evolved into one of the premier programs in the country, endorsed by 100 per cent campus placements with the best corporate houses in India and in recent times, abroad as well.
  • MICA's stringent selection norms coupled with the rigour of the curriculum ensure a highly committed, creatively, and innovatively anchored, professionally-oriented manager, skilled in the practice of Strategic Marketing and Communication for the industry and society.
  • This program is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), which equates it to an MBA degree. MICA compares favourably with the top MBA colleges in India and is, of course, the premier institute in Strategic Marketing and Communication.

 Why Diploma in Management and Communication?

  • Managing reputation and internal and external relationships are critical to any company's success.
  • Communication specialists play vital roles within organizations, influencing internal corporate communication strategy, and advising on maintaining external relationships and image.
  • With a Graduate Diploma in Communication Management and the practical experience and training you get at MICA, there will be a wide range of interesting careers open to you.

MICAT Creative Writing: 7 useful tips

1. First and foremost, Essay Writing

  • It has been common across the years and has seen various topics based on current and social awareness.
  • MICA wants to test your communication style and skill so rather than focus on something that will just make you enlist the facts
  • it selects something that is part of your daily life so that you get a chance to express your perspective and ideas.

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3. Storytelling.

  • Where you are given a set of pictures. You are required to connect the pictures. And curate a story that is creative yet exclusive. It’s simple but requires a creative bend than can give you an edge over the others.

3. The third part of this section is the arguments.

  • Here, a topic will be given and you will be asked to write a certain fixed number of arguments for (as well as) against the given topic.
  • Then you’ll be asked to conclude while taking one assertive side. Where being neutral doesn’t fetch you any marks. This part helps them figure out your ability to look at things from different perspectives.

4. The purpose of the latter two exercises is to see how you think or analyze.

  • There’s no better way to strengthen it than to know yourself and your surrounding. Therefore, be well aware of what is happening around you and you stand a chance to ace it.
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5.  Complete it.

  • The way you can ace this section is by completing it. And as mentioned before, it’s a time-stressed section so you will need to practice writing to get a hang of it. It’s easier said than done, always so get to it, right now.

6. Vocabulary

  • It’s always better to be fluent, both in verbal and written expression so brush up on your vocabulary
  • This will make sure you don’t fall short of words when required the most; and two, the formation of phrases/sentences is apt and rather beautiful to read.

7. The creative writing section reveals your attitude and your talent.

  • It is VERY important for cracking MICAT. So ensure that you put the right amount of effort at the right time, also in the right place.


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