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Molestation and Indian Mentality.
October 06 2023
Women in India have been experiencing various forms of the dreadful acts i.e. molestation, rape, eve-teasing. These acts have turned out to increase in numbers in the coming days. Women have started questioning the government about their safety and the laws regarding the same. Indian mentality has still been the same in terms of topics related to men and women equality, molestation, and all things related to women empowerment and punishing the criminal. There are debates rising about the way women dress up and on the clothes, they wear. It always comes down to Why was she there? What was she doing at that hour of the night? Why was she was wearing those clothes? Blah blah…. Molestation has been happening at a higher rate at places like Delhi, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh. There have been cases where children have faced physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse.

The problem is that we believe it be related to the reason of being uneducated, but that is not the case. There have been highly educated and still question the moral of the girl/women who is the victim. We need to focus on the values and cultural that the boys inherit. Ever thought that what is so interesting if a girl is wearing short clothes? Not everything is related to clothes because there have been cases where the victim had worn a simple kurta and pajama. To reduce the cases and happenings of molestation there are many things that can help.
  1. To teach young boys to respect women.
  2. To instill culture and values in the minds of the young boys and men.
  3. To stop making a big fuss about a girl wearing short clothes.
  4. To understand once and for all that it was and is never about those damn clothes in the first place.
  5. The government needs to make the laws strict regarding the safety of the women in this country.
  6. It is time that we moved on from those narrow-minded thoughts and taboos related to how women should behave and what they should wear because let’s be honest if women changing their style of dressing would reduce this crime then it would have not risen in the first place.
CONCLUSION: In short, to conclude this topic. The public here in this country needs to stop keeping a mindset of how women should behave because at the end men are those who need some fixing to be done not women.
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