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Top 50 Most Common Personal Interview Questions
May 20 2024

Exhaustive List of Top 50 Most Common Questions asked in Personal Interviews for MBA Admissions

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Prepare to answer all of the following questions:

1. Tell us something about yourself

2. Why MBA?

3. Why MBA after engineering (or whichever field you are from)?

4. Why MBA after experience in a non-related field, such as IT?

5. Why ABC Stream after XYZ stream (Ex: Why finance after Electrical Engineering?)

6. Questions based on your undergrad subjects or on your work.

7. If not MBA, then what?

8. What are your short-term goals?

9. What are your long-term goals?

10. Walk me through your resume.

11. Tell me about your job.

12. How will your boss describe you? (if work ex)

13. How will your friend describe you?

14. Describe your best friend/ girlfriend/ boyfriend to us

15. What is unique about you?

16. Describe your family background.

17. Are there any hardships/challenges you’ve faced in your life? How did you cope up with it?

18. Why do you have a gap year?

19. Why should we select you over any other candidate sitting out there?

20. Are you a good team player? Give some examples

21. What do you know about XYZ College?

22. Are there any ethical dilemmas you have faced? How did you deal with it?

23. Do you prefer to work in teams, or alone?

24. How would you describe yourself – A better team player or a leader?

25. Why do you want to join this college?

26. How would you describe your working style?

27. Describe yourself outside of work/college

28. What is your dream job? How do you think this college will help you achieve it?

29. Suppose you are an animal. Which one would you want to be any why?

30. How do you deal with stress/ pressure? (Hint: Give real-life instances)

31. Which other Calls do you have? What is your preference order?

32. Which stream will you opt for in MBA? Why?

33. Give us any instance from your life where you have exhibited leadership skills.

34. Are you a dominant or a submissive person?

35. Connect the dots between your academics, extra-curricular, work experience (if any) with your career goals.

36. If we were to offer you admission right here right now on the condition that you won’t take admission in/ sit for the interviews of XYZ College, what would you do?

37. (If you do not have a work ex and took a year’s break for CAT) What was your daily routine then? Don’t you think you should have continued your work along with preparation as many do?

38. Which specific skills are you looking to acquire from MBA?

39. Tell me 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses of yours.

40. Why did you quit your job?

41. Do you think for you to become a successful entrepreneur or a businessman, MBA is important? Why or Why not?

42. Tell me about the decision you regret the most.

43. You have 3 minutes, tell us anything!

44. If you want to become an entrepreneur in the future- MBA is not essential for someone who wants to start his own firm. Then why waste time and money?

45. (If you have volunteered at an NGO) If you are so interested in ‘giving back to society, why do an MBA? You can join an NGO full-time and achieve your goals.

46. What is the meaning of your name?

47. What if you don’t get placed in an elite college? Do you have any back-up plans?

48. Tell us something about yourself that wasn’t captured in your resume or form.

49. Tell me any one thing you value the most in life and why?

50. Logic-based questions, Ethics-based questions – Situations would be given.

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