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Must do Vocabulary words
April 26 2024


  1. Aberration- a departure from what is normal usual or expected
  2. Abreast- up to date with the latest news, ideas, information
  3. Adept- very skilled or proficient at something
  4. Agog- very eager or curious to see and hear something
  5. Altruism- belief in or practice of selfless concern
  6. Annul- declare invalid
  7. Audacious- showing willingness to take a surprisingly bold step
  8. Austere- having an extremely plain and simple style of loving life
  9. Artless- without guile or deception
  10. Abyss- a bottomless gulf or pit
  11. Accretion- an increase in natural growth or addition
  12. Acidulous- being sour to the taste
  13. Acme- the highest point of something
  14. Adulterate- make impure by adding an inferior or foreign substance
  15. Ameliorate- make better
  16. Amortize- liquidate gradually
  17. Amulet- a trinket thought to be a magical protection against evil, danger
  18. Anachronism- something located at a time when it could no longer be belong
  19. Antagonize- provoke the hostility of
  20. Antipathy- the feeling of intense dislike
  21. Apathy- an absence of emotion or enthusiasm
  22. Apocryphal- being of questionable authenticity
  23. Apostate- not faithful to religion, party or cause
  24. Approbation- official agreement or acceptance
  25. Arbitrary- based on or subject to individual discretion
  26. Arbitrate- act between parties with a view to reconciling differences
  27. Archaic- so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier century
  28. Ardor- feelings of great warmth and intensity
  29. Arrogate- seize and take control without authority
  30. Articulate- express or state clearly
  31. Banal- repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
  32. Belfry- a bell tower
  33. Bevy- a flock of birds
  34. Bifurcate- split or divide into two
  35. Bilk- cheat somebody out of what is due, especially money
  36. Blight- any plant disease resulting in withering without rotting
  37. Blithe- carefree, happy & light-hearted
  38. Bolster- support or strengthen
  39. Blowhard- a person who blusters and boasts in an unpleasant manner
  40. Bucolic- pastoral, rustic, countrified
  41. Burgeon- grow forth, expand or increase quickly
  42. Brazen- bold or open to the point of shocking
  43. Bedlam- uproar, confusion
  44. Belligerent- seeking war, hostile
  45. Besiege- to surround
  46. Besmirch- strain, soil, dim the reputation
  47. Bizarre- weird
  48. Blatant- disagreeably loud
  49. Badger- to pester, nag; annoy persistently
  50. Cacophony- a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds
  51. Confound- prove something wrong
  52. Coda- a concluding event, remark or section
  53. Calumny- slander, defame
  54. Cache- secret hiding place
  55. Cajole- coax, wheedle
  56. Callow- inexperienced, youthful
  57. Complacent- self-satisfied
  58. Carnage- slaughter
  59. Chagrin- disappointment
  60. Cliché- stereotype
  61. Conflagration- great fire
  62. Conjecture- guess
  63. Corpulent- excessively, fat, fleshy, obese
  64. Corroborate- confirm, support
  65. Countenance- approve, tolerate
  66. Coup- revolution, overthrow
  67. Capricious- unpredictable
  68. Caustic- bitterly sarcastic
  69. Chicanery- trickery or deception
  70. Commensurate- proportional
  71. Condone- to forgive, allow or approve
  72. Consequential- as a result of
  73. Contentious- controversial
  74. Contrite- remorseful, apologetic, penitent
  75. Covet- to crave for, to desire
  76. Cringe- cower, shrink back as if in fear
  77. Culpable- blameworthy, deserving blame
  78. Culprit- one guilty of a crime
  79. Culvert- artificial channel for water
  80. Cumbersome- heavy & awkward to carry or wear
  81. Cumulative- growing by addition
  82. Cunning- clever in deceiving, sly
  83. Curmudgeon- churlish, miserly individual
  84. Cursive- (of writing) flowing
  85. Cursory- casual, hastily done with little attention
  86. Curtail- shorten, reduce
  87. Cynical- skeptical or distrustful of human motives
  88. Daub- smear, cover with something sticky
  89. Daunt- intimidate, frighten
  90. Dauntless- bold, fearless
  91. Dawdle- loiter, hang around, waste of time doing nothing
  92. Daze- bemuse, benumb, stun with a blow or shock
  93. Deprecate- express disapproval
  94. Destitution- extreme poverty
  95. Diatribe- bitter criticism
  96. Dilettante- one with little knowledge and great interest in the arts
  97. Disdain- scorn

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