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NMAT Exam: Preparation Strategy
April 11 2024

As a candidate interested in pursuing an MBA or other graduate management degree in India you are faced with an important choice – which test or tests should you take to pursue the career of your dreams. NMAT by GMAC is a national-level MBA entrance exam for admission to renowned management colleges such as Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Alliance University, SRM University, BML Munjal University, VIT University, ICFAI Business School (IBS) and Ansal University.

A computer-based test, NMAT by GMAC is conducted by Pearson VUE at 46 locations across India, and the aspirants have the right to choose their own exam venue/date/time as per convenience. It is accepted as an admissions criterion by the leading management institutions in India.


NMAT Exam Pattern:

There are new changes that are introduced in the exam pattern this year. Though, NMAT by GMAC will continue to be a 120 minute (two hours) exam with three sections: three sections – Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning.
Candidates can take NMAT by GMAC up to a total of three times. Although, the best of all three scores will be used for admission.

The test comprises of the following sections:
Language Skills: 36 questions and 28 minutes
Quantitative Skills: 36 questions and 52 minutes
Logical Reasoning: 36 questions and 40 minutes

Total of 108 questions and 120 minutes

What should be our Preparation strategy for NMAT Exams:

Looking at the pattern and syllabus, you must’ve realized that NMAT is all about speed and accuracy. The faster you attempt questions, the better. Since there is no negative marking in NMAT, you can attempt as many questions as you can. However, you have to strike a balance between speed & accuracy. Just because there is no negative marking, don’t go marking random answers! Also, take note that to get a CDPI call from NMIMS, sectional cut-offs also apply, so you need to pay equal focus to all your sections. Some must-do things for your NMAT preparation and Tips are as follows:

1. Create a strategy for practice: Practicing without any strategy is not worthwhile. Ask questions to yourself like what subject to prepare at what time, how much time to devote to it, when to start revision and so on.

2. Convert your weaknesses to strengths and make strong areas stronger: To do this, here’s a four-step strategy:
a) Practice and understand solved examples 
b) Practice unsolved exercises 
c) Next, move on to NMAT mock tests
d) Finally, solve previous years’ NMAT question papers 
Try to practice around 20 questions in each step for each topic.

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3. Revision should be on the top of your mind in the last few days: The more you are clear about basic concepts, the more confident you are solving all the questions successfully in the exam. Try to revise the chapters' basics to score high in the exam.

4. Work out on shortcuts: If you are confident about any topic or subject, do not practice odd questions. Find out shortcuts to solving a time-consuming question and practice NMAT by GMAC mock tests.

5. Time Management. Each section has specific durations assigned for completion, i.e. NMAT will have a sectional time limit. While practising, keep a timer, onscreen or physical, to keep track of the time and ensure that you not only complete the section on time but also there is enough time for revision. The section-wise durations are given in the below table. 

NMAT 2023 Sections

Sectional Time Limit

Language Skills

28 minutes

Logical Reasoning

40 minutes

Quantitative Skills

52 minutes

Total Duration

120 minutes


6. Practice subjects in an alternate manner: During preparation, ensure that you pick up sections in an alternate manner so that you get equal practice and preparation in all three sections. For example, practice the Quant section on one day (or a few days) and the Language Skills sections on the second. This will help in maintaining the mood for practice. For example, devote Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to the Quant and Logical Reasoning section and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to the Language Skills section.

7. Practice individual topics in an alternate manner: Just like you alter between sections, try to alter your topics as well. Do not get stuck on one particular topic for days. Try to switch to a new topic every time you change your section. This is important while revising. If you stick to one topic for too long, you won’t have the time to focus on other topics.

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8. Devote last month for revision and mock tests: Try to devote the last month of preparation to the basics and focus on practising the NMAT mock tests. Solving previous years' NMAT question papers in the final few days is essential. There are chances of repetition of questions from past years.

These are a few suggestions to help you in NMAT exam preparation. The better you prepare, the more the chances of securing a seat in a top B-School will be. NMAT by GMAC scores are accepted by numerous institutes in India and abroad. Remember, hard work is the key to success. If you really work hard, you will definitely crack the test.


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