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Plans After Graduation : Why go for MBA??
April 13 2024

Here's a scenario, just passed out of a Graduation School, with an excellent grade and you feel you have reached a paradise, and ready to pick and choose your DREAM JOB.

But the reality is, although you feel you are out of the box, there might be many others who feel the same way as you do.

With the advent of Digital Marketing, recruiters often post new job offers online and get 250-350 resumes, and you come across the worst of your fears! How should you stand out among all your other competitors?

You need to ensure your resume is in the top 10% of all resumes.


Economic Downturn :

Rising unemployment is the situation new Graduates are facing these days.The real challenge will be to continue to have persistence and confidence.


Lack of Real World Experience :

Gaining work experience can help you plan out your career ahead and gain vital knowledge about how companies work. When it comes to applying for a job after graduation, your work experience in form of internships, outhouse projects, etc. help you to outperform the rest of your fellow applicants.

Too high Expectations :

After completing graduation, students feel that they know everything required to be the boss rather than working under an employer and end up getting despondent.

Debate between Further Studies and taking up a Job :

Dilemma leads to inappropriate decision many a times. For those who decide to continue studying by taking up a PG course, end up getting great long term results both financially as well as job position.


Better Career Opportunities :

Graduates having an MBA degree have higher chances of securing high level management position. As per recent analysis, approx 65-70% of the MBA graduates around the world are on top executive positions like Senior managers or Board of Directors. Wishing to go with your current career in a leadership position, MBA will definitely be helpful to boost your chances of achieving these targets.

Higher Salary :

This advantage goes hand in hand with the first one, actually the result of the first one. Average salary of any MBA graduate is considerably higher than other graduate student. The earned package is almost twice than what you could have with any other graduate degree.

Enhanced Business Networks :

Through this type of study, you get to know how to interact in a relevant manner with professors, teaching staff and colleagues. You have good chance to explore potential employers through various projects, internships that are a part of MBA programme. Lastly, you even get connected to the extensive group of Alumni. This well-consolidated network will surely pay off throughout the career and gives you better opportunities.

Obtaining new Skills and Knowledge :

Studying an MBA course, forces you to get out of your comfort zone, apply recent management techniques, constantly challenge your approaches, and thereby, helps you to improve.

Comprehensive Panorama Of the Business World :

All the above reasons together give you a great overview about the business environment. This perspective and insight is very difficult to achieve without giving ample amount of time to it. This is a great asset not only to a manager but also to a potential employer.

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