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Preparation Strategy for MICAT
April 10 2024

A topper's preparation Strategy for MICAT

What is the MICAT exam?

MICAT exam is the entrance exam conducted by Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad. MICA is considered to be very popular for its post-graduate courses such as Strategic Marketing and Communications), Crafting Creative Communication, etc.

MICA has emerged famous for its professors who are highly qualified individuals and have significant experience in the media industry. This exam is easy to crack if one has a good preparation strategy for MICAT. This is why this college is targeted by many MBA aspirants. If you are preparing for other MBA entrance exams you are by default prepared to ace the MICAT exam.

As you read further ahead you will gain more insights about preparation strategy for MICAT, its syllabus, sections, exam dates, fees, and details about the admission procedure

Eligibility for MICA

In order to be eligible for the post-graduate programs in MICA (all - Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Communications, (PGDM-C), Fellow Programme In Management - Communications (FPM-C), Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communication (CCC), you should have completed bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification in any discipline from a university recognized by Authorities of Indian Universities.

 You can write the MICAT exam even if you are in the final year or you are a passed-out student. You need to have a proper preparation strategy in place if you want to ace all the sections in the MICAT exam, including the psychometric test, descriptive test, convergent and divergent test.

 These are the sections that need attention and a different preparation strategy altogether if you want to ace the MICAT exam on your first attempt as these sections are normally not present in the rest of the competitive exams. You will have to get well acquainted with these sections. 

MICAT exam pattern

The MICAT exam is a computer-based exam. It is an exam for 165 minutes. It is conducted 2 times and the best score of the two is taken into consideration for calling the students for further admission rounds.

MICAT 1 is conducted  You can appear for MICAT 1 or MICAT 2 or both. There are a total of 144 questions. MICAT exam includes both objective and subjective type questions. MICAT 1 is tentatively held in December mid and MICAT 2 is held in the first or second week of January. There are a total of 3 parts to the MICAT exam. 35 minutes are given to section 1 while 130  minutes are given to section 2.

There is no negative marking for Part 1 and part 3. Part 2 has a negative marking. The negative marking is 0.25. The language of the exam is English. Following are the sections in the MICAT exam: 1. Psychometric Test 2. Descriptive Test 3.1 Verbal Ability, 3.2 Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, 3.3 General Awareness, 3.4 Divergent and Convergent Thinking 

No of Sections Subjects Questions Time Allotted
Section I Psychometric 150 30 mins
Section II Descriptive Test 4 25 mins
Section III Verbal Ability (VA) 20 1 hour 20 mins
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QA & DA) 20
General Awareness (GA) 20
Divergent-Convergent Reasoning (DCR) 20
Total 234 2 hours 15 Mins

MICAT exam syllabus:

MICAT exam comprises three sections with four sub-sections of the last section. MICA does not release an extensive syllabus for the MICAT exam. However, MICAT sample papers and names of the sections are notified along with the exam details. Three sections of MICAT 2023-24 include:

Section A: Psychometric Test

Section B: Descriptive Test

Section C: with four sub-sections

  • Divergent-Convergent Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Quantitative Ability
  • General Awareness

Why is MICA your dream college?

This is my dream college because I have always been inclined toward marketing. I have a lot of experience in the field of marketing. The job profile that I am looking for, from the Future point of view I think this college is the best place to be in.

Also, placements and campus life were something that always attracted me. The faculty at MICA are well-known industry experts. Who would not want to be a part of such a wonderful learning experience?

How did you prepare for the MICAT exam?

MICAT preparation happened along with my CAT prep. Except for the writing part which I practiced every day. I wanted to crack this exam so I made sure that my preparation strategy was in place. My mentors at Catking were always there for me whenever I had any queries or doubts. 

Also, I was preparing for other competitive exams as well as quantitative ability on the verbal ability part automatically covered.  For the creative writing section, I made sure that I practiced writing on a daily basis. It was just to get used to writing pretty neatly in just 30 mins. The English LR was tricky so needed practice. My basics for quantitative ability and verbal ability were clear when I attended lectures in the classes.

What was your preparation strategy?

First I got thorough with my basics. I attended the lectures and practiced questions from the study materials. After I finished the study material I moved on to solving the topic-wise tests. The topic-wise tests and sectional helped me get used to solving the questions within the time limit.

Initially, my mock scores were low. But after thorough analysis and after knowing my weak and strong areas my scores in the mocks started to improve. I was consistent throughout.

 What was your daily schedule like?

Umm, I could say I made it a point to do at least one topic from all the sections every day. Well, For my MICAT Preparation I used to start with English in the morning and by evening end up doing quant and LR. I imbibed a habit of giving mocks on a regular basis.

I gave around 20 mocks and I made sure that after every mock I analyze my mistakes in a detailed manner.  For the Writing section, I practiced once every day for a month before the exam day.

What was your D-day strategy?

I had a strategy in mind as to how I am going to approach the paper. I played on my strengths and weaknesses.  It is important that you know your strengths and weaknesses so that you don't mess up on exam day. Verbal was my strongest section as reading is my hobby.

 I made sure that I solved the easier questions first and leave the tough ones for later. This strategy helped me optimize my time in a perfect manner and I was able to solve the maximum number of questions on the exam day.

What advice would you give to this year's aspirants?

One should make a proper preparation strategy. I would say MICAT is getting tougher every day. But again it is a walk-in test. In addition to it, The most important advice that I would give is that be consistent in your preparation. The more you practice the better. Get your basics crystal clear and you should be ready to solve any question, no matter the difficulty.

 Do not let your mock scores affect you in any way. Attempt sectional and topic-wise tests on a daily basis. Solving topic-wise tests is an excellent way to revise your topics. Psychometrics is something you cannot learn. So just enjoy MICAT and you'll sail.

Why Would you recommend this college to current MBA Aspirants?

The curriculum is very powerful and develops you as an individual and makes you a very powerful communicator which is the only important thing today to set you apart. MICA is the only college that focuses more on the creative aspects of a human being. If you get into MICA, you ought to sharpen your creative aspects to the next level.

The secret to your success?

To be very honest it was just hard work and the right guidance and moral support and I got both from Rahul sir and CATking. The mocks offered by Catking for MICAT were up to the mark and helped me a lot acing the actual exam on D day. I find myself lucky to have had his support throughout my endeavor. Rahul sir is a known expert for MICA in the country and I'm glad I could be mentored by him.

Me, Meera, Sonam, Manmeet, Tushar, and Rajeev were all from the same stable. His tips on group exercise are priceless and the " Bum technique " of body language - is super cool! Moreover, the focus on psychometric tests / creative tests is equally crucial. One big Tip - which I got from the workshop - "Don't leave any section in between like skipping an essay, not completing the story is disastrous "
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I hope that this article proves helpful to you. Create your own preparation strategy well in advance and follow it 0consistently and you are good to go! All the best!


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