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Nikhil Nerkar's approach to prepare for NMIMS CDPI
April 11 2024
The approach to prepare for NMIMS CDPI for me was divided into two parts. First was about myself, knowing everything about myself from birth to date, we generally think we know it, but the story is more important than knowing your facts. Read ahead to know my approach to prepare for NMIMS CDPI. You have to assemble a well constructed and composed approach for CDPI Preparation. 

What are CD and PI? How to approach it?

Case discussion and personal interviews are the further rounds conducted by NMIMS Mumbai for the admission process. Though in 2020 owing to the pandemic the CD round was replaced by WAT i.e Written ability test. It is the most crucial aspect that will do justice to all of your hard work is given equal importance.
One can easily nail the NMIMS CDPI round with a proper approach. After the NMAT exam is over and if your scores meet the desired cut-offs you will qualify the further admission rounds. Unlike the other B schools that conduct group discussions, NMIMS conducts case discussions that are based on business case studies.
 This process is entirely different and is considered a little difficult since it is a highly competitive environment to be in, with 2000+ people who have got calls for case discussion and personal interviews. If you want to cut through such a huge crowd, your preparation should be up to the mark.

My Group Discussion/Case Discussion strategy was to not only choose your words wisely but also express myself properly in that limited amount of time.

  • It is important to make 4-5 entries in the span of 15 min with valuable points and never enter a fish market
  • I supported my answers with strong examples from current affairs or real-life experiences
  • It is very important to have an approach to crack a Case Discussion/Group Discussion with the right framework to have a holistic view of the case
  • In case of difficult or abstract topics, its always advised to use PESTLE analysis
  • Used my page to note all good points by others, added on similar lines, being a good listener always helps when I summarize
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Divide your preparation for CDPI into the following parts:
  • Personal information: yourself, family, city, etc
  • Education: scores, favorite subjects, selection of specialization
  • Extracurricular, Academic Achievements, Co-Curricular Activities
  • Work experience and internships: learnings, job role, challenges faced,
  • Hobbies, Interest
  • Future plans (Why MBA, Specialization)
  • Current affairs and my opinion about them

Following are some factors that will be useful to apprehend the issue-level of the round:

  • It is a barely longer case snippet with awareness in your thinking procedure
  • Be clever, speak your points well, and exhibit management
  • Be an amazing listener
  • There could also be around 12-15 people in line with the organization and everybody will want to put across their factors. this could create a fish marketplace however attempt to avoid the equal.
  • There could be 2-3 panelists. they will only have a look at you. One needs to look at their institution members whilst speaking and not at those panelists.
  • Be assertive no longer aggressive
  • Topics might be associated with management issues, choice-making, management, and so on. HR Case discussion is a common situation based sort of operation and lots of others

 For Personal Interview prep, it is important to have a book with every small detail about the above-mentioned points. Practicing Personal Interviews with different people increases confidence and quality of delivery of that answer. Refer to this free study material by CATKing Read All About Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies  
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