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Is Your Profile Suitable for MBA In Finance?
April 19 2024

We always think about how one gets selected or rejected during the GDPI rounds that are conducted in B-schools. The main points that are seen during these rounds are your academics, work experience and the way you answer their questions.

Develop your profile with the best course now!

Before appearing the MBA entrance exams one must make sure that their profile is strong enough to get selected in the top B-schools. In this article, we will read about how an individual appearing for MBA in finance can have a suitable profile.

Following are some tips and points one can keep in mind while creating their profile:
  1. Firstly, anyone having an interest in numbers and quants can appear for MBA in finance. Secondly, one should have knowledge about the current news which can be done with the help of Economic Times, knowledge about the share market and the software used for finance are some small points which you can gain during these rounds.
  2. Students can go for different short courses related to finance stream, such as:
  • Personal finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial management courses
  • Banking courses
  • Analytical courses
  • Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA)
  • Financial and banking analysis certification – IIMRA
  1. Individuals can also earn their work experience by working for 2 or more than 2 years and gain practical experience about the happenings of the present market.

The above-mentioned points can help you achieve and make a great mark in building your profile, especially for those in who are going for an MBA in finance. https://catking.in/things-need-know-mba-finance/


We can conclude by saying that the article covers some of the parts where there are mentions about how one improve their profile by going for short-term courses and gain some work experience to build up their profile which will help them achieve admission in top B-schools and help them get their dream job.

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