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CAT 2023 Free Score Bootcamp Workshops

Meet the Speakers

Sumit Singh Gandhi

Harvard Business School | SP Jain Mumbai

Anisha Ma'am

Harvard Business School| NMIMS Mumbai

CAT 2023 Free Score Bootcamp Workshops

Saturday 9th Dec-Time 6-7:30pm

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Workshops Timing
CAT Below 80 Score 6- 6:30pm
CAT 80 to 90 Score 6:30-7pm
CAT 90+ Score 7-7:30pm
Steps to Attend the Score-Based Bootcamp
Step 1 - Start by logging into your CATKing Profile or, if you're new, create a new account.
Step 2 - Personalize your experience by providing the necessary details.
Step 3 - Navigate to the Score Calculator and choose your exam (CAT 2023).
Step 4 - Enter the link to your answer key in the designated field.
Step 5 - Hit "Get Your Score" to instantly see your calculated score
Step 6 - Access the registration link for the bootcamp by clicking on the View button at the top of the screen.