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Tips on Writing a Structured Statement of Purpose
April 24 2024

‘Success demands singleness of purpose.’ Quoted by Vince Lombardi while discovering his own purpose of life through football coaching. He faced many challenges in the duration of his job but he had a determined goal in his mind, which he later converted to his sole purpose of life and that made all the difference for him. In the same way, nothing in the universe is purposeless. Everyone and everything has a reason behind their existence. And so, do you.

  • Embrace Your Unique Journey: Recognize that everyone's life experiences are distinct, and no one can articulate your story better than you can.
  • Importance of Personal Story: Understand that associations considering your application value insight into your personal narrative to gauge compatibility and potential contributions.
  • Faithful Representation: Ensure that you convey your experiences and journey truthfully, as authenticity enhances your credibility and chances of achieving your objectives.
  • Self-Reflection Required: While guidance is available, it's essential to tap into your own memories and experiences to craft a statement that feels genuine and serves its intended purpose effectively.

writing a statement of purpose

You can focus on the following points:

Reflect Your Attitude

It’s said, ‘If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude’. You are in the same situation right now. You have no control over which college you have in your fate, but showcasing an affirmative, enthusiastic, and cultivated attitude while expressing your journey can change the ultimate game for you.

Narrate Your Story

This is your USP. No one can replicate you in this. Now, the question is how to narrate your story? This part is a bit tricky and needs your full attention. You have to do a simple exercise before you start writing about your story. Recall and jot the experiences, incidences you had the opportunity to have through people, tangible or intangible things, etc. Anything and everything can be a part. For instance, the people you met so far would have a strong influence on your personality or the problems you face, and your attitude towards dealing with it would have changed something in you. Try to relate to it and include it in your story.

Express Your Goal for The College

This is one more important part to focus on. Do thorough research about the college through online resources or through connecting with the students studying there already. Pick up some best pointers about the college and try to add in your summary about why you want to opt for that college particularly.

Present Your Academic Experience and Work Experience Well

Make sure while writing a statement of purpose you brief about your academic experience in a way that showcases your intellectual and learnings. On the other hand, while talking about your work experience, include some examples of incidences that made you work on it and made you better or you could have a better outcome.


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Express Your Hobbies Well

Express your hobbies with maturity. You may love surfing the internet for hours or play cricket with your neighbors, but they are not your real hobbies or at least not the hobbies that can be included in the document applying for higher education. For instance, you can mention reading but make sure it’s not novels. With this, we end with our suggestions. We hope you follow this and score your dream college. In case, you need further guidance, you can connect with us through our GRE exam preparation platform. Articles which you must be interested in: 


All the best! Thank You!

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