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Tips to Ace NMAT Quantitative section
April 28 2024
NMAT Quantitative section is of moderate difficulty level. As you all are aware of the NMAT exam pattern. NMAT exams contain three sections Quantitative, Logical, and language skills section.  Aspirants have to attempt at most 36 questions from each section. Within the specified time limit. As in the previous year's analysis. 
Here, the NMAT syllabus is mentioned below. Have a look at the syllabus before starting preparation. Topic mainly part of quantitative sections are arithmetic questions and data sufficiency-related problems. DI Graphs and Charts, number properties, and algebra. Some probability questions, and tables related questions.
If you want to get admission to NMIMS then you should score 73+ in the quantitative section. Questions are designed in a way. So that administrators could test the aspirant's ability to solve questions. In this article, we would discuss the strategies to ace NMAT Quantitative skills. Some effective timetables, books, preparation tips, and many more.

NMAT Quantitative exam pattern

Particulars Details
The total question quants section contains 36 questions
Question type MCQ( having 4 choices)
Sectional weightage in NMAT Question Paper 33%
Specified time limit 52 minutes
Marking Scheme

1 mark for every right answer and there is no negative

marking for the wrong question

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NMAT Quantitative Syllabus Analysis

Arithmetic questions are related to the topics. Like Number System, Ratio and Proportion, and Simplification. Further questions related to Percentage, Average, Age Calculation, Time and Work questions. Number System questions are related to topics HCF, LCM, Product of Numbers and BODMAS. Further questions from Simplification, Number of Zeroes and Unit’s Digit Theorem. 


Algebra questions are related. namely topics of Quadratic Equations, Permutations, Combinations, Inequalities, Sequences and Series. Trigonometry questions are related to the topics. For instance Trigonometric Ratios, Heights, and Distances and Applications of Trigonometry. Further questions from Data Sufficiency questions related topic. Like 2-3 statements will be provided based on arithmetic applications. And based on which questions regarding the sufficiency of data will be asked. Geometry questions are related to topics mentioned below:

  • In Circles, questions are of  Concentric Circles, Circumscribed. Further Circle, Inscribed Circle, Semicircle, Sector, and Theorems.
  • In Lines, questions are about Parallel Lines, Transversal, and Perpendicular Lines. Further Types of Angles and their properties.
  • In Triangles questions are about Theorems, Right angle triangles, and Equilateral triangles. Further questions from Median Centroid, Congruent Triangles, Similar Triangles, and Perpendicular Bisector.
  • In Polygons, questions are of Quadrilaterals, Parallelogram, and Square. Further on Rectangle, Rhombus, Trapezium, Angles, and Diagonals of Polygons.

NMAT Quantitative Important topics you should focus on.

Particulars/Topics  Details
In Algebra (Linear/Quadratic Equation) Number Systems questions
In Trigonometry Question-related Ratio/Proportion
Line graphs, Bar graphs, Pie Charts, and Tables Profit and Loss questions always appear.
Arithmetic Average and percentage
2D and 3 D Geometry, and Statistics Time, Speed, and Distance
Modern Math Work or Time-related
Mixture & Solution Simple or Compound interest
Mensuration Permutations and Combinations
Probability Coordinate Geometry


Some Tips to Ace NMAT Quantitative skills

Here are tips for preparation aspirants can follow to ace. The quantitative skills section for the NMAT exam.

1. Mock Test

Aspirants should take as many mock tests as they can. This will helps to evaluate your performance so far. It will also help you to examine how much time you should devote. Even this you could also analyse your strong and weak topics and work on them accordingly. Try not to repeat the same mistake, again and again, this would also help you to improve your score. Set timer before solving mock test paper. Examine your mock test thoroughly.

2. Examine your Weak topics.

Make sure you attempt as many questions as you can. Clear your fundamentals and concepts. Your weak topic is equally important to improve that section. It would help you in the improvement of that particular topic. It will increase your chances to score well.

3. Revisions

According to toppers revisions is equally important to score well in exams. Revisions are a good way to brush up on your fundamentals and concepts. In this way, you can make your concepts and fundamentals strong. Revising them will help to solve questions with accuracy. Make notes of all the formulas and concepts. Revise at least 2 times a week.

4. Shortcut Tricks

Shortcut tricks could help you to solve questions with more accuracy and speed. For the quants skills section speed is most important. Those tricks will help you to solve questions in less time. It would help you to save time. It would help you to save extra time that you can invest in other questions.

Apply those tricks on questions on daily basis then you will be able to use them correctly on exam day.

5. Time Management

Time management is a key to securing a good score in NMAT quantitative skills section. There is no negative making in NMAT exams this become one of the advantages for aspirants. NMAT exams not only check your ability to solve hard questions. But it tests your ability to solve maximum questions in the given time limit. Even try to Avoid the use of a calculator as it may decrease your problem-solving speed. Devote your most of the time to the clarity of basic concepts. First, clear tough topics. It will build up your confidence.


Topic-wise Preparation tips of NMAT Quantitative

1. Arithmetic

Aspirants find this arithmetic topic a little tough and crucial. A major part of arithmetic includes data interpretation.  Once you strong your arithmetic topic. Then another topic with easy to cover as arithmetic is base. First, Clear your fundamentals and concepts then everything will become easy to understand.

2. Number system

Every time NMAT exams contain at least one to three questions. The number system is a vast topic. Moreover, questions are related to HCF, LCM, Factors and Multiples. For solving number system questions. You need a basic understanding of factors and multiplication. No special technique or shortcut is required to solve number system questions.

3. Modern Math

Modern math covers Binomial theorem, Permutation and Combination. Further Probability, Set Theory, Sequence and Series. Modern math is the favourite topic of aspirants. A lot of questions are asked about this topic one should master modern math to score good marks. Indeed this topic should not be ignored.

4. Algebra

However algebra is one of the most interesting topics as its formula-based questions. Preparation of algebra is interesting for aspirants. Moreover aspirants should write formula's on the sheet and pastes it where you study and revise them on daily basics.


In a word practice, time management, shortcut tricks, and revisions. Thus these tips will truly help you ace NMAT Quantitative section. To summarize I would say join the crack course and join the mock test series. In fact CATKing NMAT courses and strategies have helped many aspirants to crack the exam. And also to get admissions to the top MBA colleges of India and outside India. Thus, our team will make sure to give you the best service and resources that you need for NMAT 22 exams. In sum CATking mentors will help you to find your path for admission to your dream college.



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