Top 10 Companies Recruiting MBA In Finance


Top 10 Companies Recruiting MBA In Finance

  1. Goldman Sachs:

Known for being one of the top companies in the finance sector, Goldman Sachs is the company one should go for. They deal in investments, banking, securities and engineering.

  1. Morgan Stanley:

Secondly, Morgan Stanley is a company that deals with finance, investment management, sustainable investing, sales and trading. The company offers opportunities to students, graduates, & experienced professionals.

  1. Boston Consulting Group:

A management consulting firm that advises clients in both public and private sector, non-profits sector as well. They also have clients from BIG FORTUNE 500.

  1. Lehman Brothers:

The 4th largest investment bank which deals in the financial and banking sector. They conduct investment banking, equity and fixed-income sales and trading, research, private equity and private banking.

  1. JP Morgan:

They give opportunities to students/graduates through internship programs and experienced professionals get the opportunity of having a career in the company as they deal with the financial sector.

  1. Barclays:

A firm that deals in the finance and banking sector, the first to start the credit card system, they have relationship management, service, research, finance, tax and treasury.

  1. Deutsche Bank:

A German company that gives global banking facilities and financial services, has more than 100,000 employees. Some services provided by them are sales, trading, research and organization of debt and equity, retail banking and transaction banking.

  1. McKinsey:

A management consultancy firm that is known for conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis. First ones to hire fresh graduates, the company gives more reference to graduates over experienced managers.

  1. State Bank of India:

An Indian multinational, public sector banking and financial services firm. It has the largest employee strength.

  1. HDFC:

HDFC a financial services company, provides finance for housing in also deals in banking, life and general insurance, asset management, venture capital and education loans.

Career Opportunities after MBA in Finance


To conclude we can say that these are the top companies that recruit not only experienced managers but also hire fresh graduates. There are also internship programs offered by these companies which is a great starting point for any finance graduate.


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