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Why this is the right time to enroll for MBA
May 04 2024

Why this is the right time to enroll for MBA

Our lives are spinning around different uncertainties. We may not know about the inevitable difficulties and what situations we would be pushed to face. The global pandemic and its aftereffect have proved how dubious our lives are and that no amount precaution can protect us from live hurdles. Let's see what the market-leading companies say about the pandemic time to be the right time to enroll for MBA courses.

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The disastrous effects of the global virus have forced major nations to shut down numerous activities resulting in complete isolation until the pandemic was cured. Organizations like the World Health Organization, the national NITI Aayog, and prominent nations like China, the United States, and others underestimated the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dominant E-commerce companies have lost millions of dollars of revenue due to the drop in sales and other activities. The crude oil, which was considered to be of high worth in the stock markets, now has no buyers. Moreover, companies like BigBasket has been finding it difficult to meet the requirements of the customers. The pandemic has changed our conventional ways of living. The Internet has become a blessing to the people locked up in their homes.

Companies like Zoom has reported user increase from a total of 10 million users per day to 300 million a day during the pandemic. Therefore, it is uncertain to know what is the correct time of doing a certain activity. On prima facie, the situation doesn’t seem right, and if you are about to take admission this year then a natural question might pop up in your mind, is it the right time to enroll for MBA college? Experts believe that initially, it would be tough, but one must join an MBA school. The impacts of the current situation of the educational sector can be explained. Virtual classes, internships, etc. are impacting the current situation massively.
However, students are left with little to no choice in this decision, and therefore it is considered to be the real normal. The two-year residential programs would create a tremendous impact on the forthcoming students. The academic session would face changes and modifications keeping in mind the current situation.
There are chances that certain management schools would commence with online classes for the whole term. Important MBA activities can be analyzed to understand why it is the correct time to join a distinguished management institution. Moreover, the transformed curriculum, activities, etc. play a key role in determining the future of the students. 

Learning Opportunities

MBA is known to expose students to many things together in a time-bound manner. But this year it might be affected and due to the following reasons listed below.

Commencement of Academic Session

Usually, almost all MBA colleges start their academic session from June/ July. As per the UGC guidelines for academic session 2020-21, classes for new admissions are supposed to start from September 2020. Although this in itself is not a problem, from next year onward colleges will try to function as usual. Hence they might try to finish coming academic sessions in less than usual time.

Online Classes

MBA courses are designed for offline. MBA is definitely not for bookish knowledge so it can’t be taught in a workshop manner by doing classes online. Doing MBA online is akin to making a game of thrones in Indian sash-Bahu style. Online just doesn't make sense.


Networking is the soul of an MBA. Imagine social distancing and socializing, can both go hand in hand? I doubt. Most of the networking among batchmates happens in the first two terms. In the first term when students don’t know each other, and then next and longstanding, in the second term during and just after summer placements.

Student Exchange Program

For students who have studied only in India exchange play a major role in giving them change to immerse them in different academic as well as cultural atmosphere. But for upcoming students, the exchange is likely to go on as usual given the fact that it takes place in the 5th term.

Career Opportunities

Almost all students opt for an MBA because they want good career opportunities. Hence Placements becomes an important factor while opting for the program.

Summer Placements

Summer placements happen in the second term and many companies prefer summer internship to hire students as its difficult to judge a student for work culture fit in an interview. This year many companies might reduce the number of hiring thus impacting upcoming summer placement. Many start-ups also come for summer placements to get work done at less cost, this year many start-ups might try to give pro bono projects

Final Placements

The final placement of upcoming students would be better than usual. Since it is scheduled to be 2022 and that’s a very long time. The final placements of current students will be affected as there will be fewer recruiters. But for upcoming students, many companies who have stopped their recruitment process this year or are reluctant to recruit will resume recruitment.

Also, business expansions and new projects will be initiated after the business becomes normal. Hence there is likely a huge demand for recruitment for upcoming students. If one joins an MBA course this year, the initial learning experience will be impacted, you might get less stipend in the summer internship, but your final placement is going to be great.

Moreover, the next one and a half years are likely to be dull in the corporate world. There is a possibility of a layoff, salary cut, fewer chances of getting a promotion if you are employed currently, and if not employed currently then getting a job these days will be very difficult. So, in the time of recession, MBA colleges are safe heaven and a good place to do a rowdy comeback in the corporate world after two years.

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Anisha Mukhija

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