About Us

About Us

CATKing is a Focused Ed – Tech Company established in 2008.  Located in Financial Capital of India Mumbai is a one-stop destination for each MBA/MS aspirant which focuses on strategic, engaging and high-quality education.

We at CATKing believe that Education with a blend of strategy can change the way Education is perceived globally. At CATKing, our purpose is to improve the quality of education, PAN India by devoting ourselves to one vision i.e. Empowering with knowledge.

Our Team comprises of IIMs, SP Jain, NMIMS, JBIMS and NIT alumni and students. We are committed to putting all our expertise and research resources to bring innovative products to the consumers in terms of quality, efficacy, and simplicity.

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Student Testimonials

Sushmika Salunke, former Design Engineer at NRB Bearings.

CATking online sprint Workshops are very helpful.

CATKing is just not a coaching center but a place to which the students stay connected even after getting into their dream B-School.

They serve relationships beyond teaching.

Talking about their teaching faculties, every faculty is just updated and skilled in their field.

Rahul Sir and Anisha ma’am ensure that every student coming up to them with any problem with regards to the studies of students who are still in touch with them after getting into B-School are always guided with the right advice.

Sushmika Salunke

Chirag Jakhodia, former Project Finance Manager at Versatile Corporate Advisors

Oh yes, the sprint workshop of CATking was very good and effective. It gave a total 360° view of the course and the amount of coaching done in the small time frame with clear concepts was the highlight.

Also, the help provided by Rahul sir on a personal level also works wonders for students of taken positively.

All in all, a great learning experience and a good prospect to learn fast in case you’ve decided late to go for the MBA entrance exams!

Chirag Jakhodia

Prachodaya Das, IIM Ahmedabad

Rahul Sir, I would like to share with you that I have finally made it to the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) and am now part of their prestigious PGP program.
Your unending support has propelled me to work hard and improve and hence all of this would not have been possible without you. Thanks for being a pillar and pushing me to do better!
Anisha Mam thanks for being so approachable that I could rely on you to ask the stupidest jokes

Prachodaya Das, IIM Ahmedabad

Jay Gosalia – IIM B

CATKing was really helpful in my GDPI Preparations for IIMs. Tips and Strategies by Rahul, helped me think through for the entire process, rather than just preparing from the WAT PI point of view.

Jay Gosalia – IIM Bangalore

Angshuman sonowal, IIM Kozhikode

It was a wonderful learning experience with CATKing. Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir were very supportive throughout the preparation journey and constantly kept motivating. They played a pivotal role on my journey to IIM-Kozhikode, especially during the GDPI rounds. Big thanks once again to the whole team.

Angshuman sonowal, IIM Kozhikode

Jay Satra – SPJain

Jay Satra

GDPI are always a big challenge, as the competition gets steeper; however, I was lucky to have the CATKing team to mentor me on this very crucial step. Thanks to Rahul sir for his end to end guidance on all the aspects of GDPI.

Jay Satra – IIM A | S | L | I | K & SPJain

Aditya Aher, IIM Bodhgaya

I, Aditya Aher, would like to thank Catking for the immense contribution towards my CAT Journey and helping me to get into one of the Top B-Schools in the country. This was all possible due to Rahul Sir, Anisha Ma’am and all the other faculties of Catking who made sure that we are well equipped with the concepts taught in the class. The Mock Group Discussions, Personal Interviews, WAT, and knowledge-based lectures added a layer to my preparation. I have learnt a lot of things during my Journey with CATKING. Thank You so much!

Aditya Aher, IIM Bodhgaya

Kirti Wagh – IIM C

Rahul Sir’s verbal Wednesday’s were the best and he has helped a lot in verbal as verbal was my weakest section being an engineer and thank you to Anisha Ma’am for all the help and guidance during GDPI.

Kirti Wagh – IIM C

Raj Doshi – IIM A

Thanks to the entire CATKing team, who have played an important role in my success to make it to IIM Ahmedabad. I would like to thanks Rahul Sir for his continuous support and motivation till the D-Day.

Raj Doshi – IIM Ahmedabad 

Sakshi Gandhi – IIM A

I truly thank CATKing for helping me make it to IIM Ahemdabad, I am thankful to Rahul sir for all the last moment tips & tricks.

Sakshi Gandhi – IIM Ahemdabad

Vivek IIM B

I would like to thank Rahul sir for firing spark in me to prepare for CAT and go for MBA. I was not sure whether to go or not for MBA but introductory session by Rahul sir motivated me and I decided to prepare for CAT. His quote ‘Success is the best revenge’ kept me motivated throughout my preparation as I wanted to prove a point to someone.

Once again thank you CATKING and Rahul sir for helping me securing much coveted IIM Bangalore seat, the best in India as per HRD rankings. I wish all the best to CATKING and its CAT aspirants.

Vivek – IIM Bangalore

Debanjana – IIM Calcutta

The mentors at CATKing with their teaching methods especially “strategies” were very helpful.
Their support and motivation helped me convert IIM C.  I would like to thank Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback.
Debanjana – IIM Calcutta

Sagar Sant- SP Jain

Thanks to CATKing, I was able to make it to a top B-School like SPJain. It is always special to make it to the college of your teacher. Now I can proudly say, I share the same college as that of Rahul Sir. I would also like to thank all the faculty at CATKing esp Ekagra Sir and Anisha ma’am.

Sagar Sant- SP Jain

Prathamesh – SPJIMR

I am very happy with my decision to join CATKing for my MBA entrance preparation. CATKing has excellent faculty who are experts in their respective domains. Rahul Sir’s workshops were really helpful for Verbal preparation. Through his workshops, Rahul Sir motivated me every time to work hard and keep pushing myself. Along with hard work, keeping your moral high is equally important when it comes to cracking CAT. Rahul Sir helped me to keep my moral high especially as the CAT exam day was approaching. Ekagra Sir contributed instrumentally in improving my Quant and DI/LR solving skills. CAT exam is just the first step towards getting into your dream school. GD/WAT-PI process plays an important role in the final selection process and the faculty at CATking made sure that I was well prepared for this. I would like to thank Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback. A big thank you to the entire CATKing team!
Prathamesh – SPJIMR & New IIMs

Samay- SPJain

Being a CA student I had no clue about the MBA system and how to prepare for MBA entrances, but the guidance provided by CATKing & Rahul Sir helped me sail through the entire process. Their study material and mocks helped me to prepare for CAT in a structured manner, also the training given for group discussions and personal interviews was phenomenal.

I would like to give a huge shout out to all the faculties at CATKing. Rahul sir is truly the king at motivating students and he has even helped me improve my communication skills which will help me even in my MBA. Ekagra sir always been there to clear my doubts and queries. Would like to also mention Anisha Ma’am who was a constant at the Interview preparations and always ready for any help. A heartfelt thank to the entire CATKing team!

Samay – SPJain

Shashwat – IIM Lucknow

Rahul sir is a rockster; he is excellent with verbal teaching and I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved his webinars since they are always of engaging nature. Overall CATKing was a good experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Shashwat – IIM Lucknow

Khushboo IIM Lucknow

Rahul Sir and CATKing rocks! They truly know what they are into and are doing a great job by providing the right guidelines to the students aspiring for CAT. Thanks for all the help, I was able to convert IIM L. Keep up the good work.

Khushboo – IIM Lucknow

Piyush Bindu – IIM Lucknow

Piyush Bindu

CAT is one of the most crucial exams of one’s life and having the right preparation partner goes a long way in this decisive battle. I was fortunate to have CATKing alongside my preparation.

Piyush Bindu IIM L – McKinsey

Taniya Kurve – IIM Indore

My cat preparation would not be as comprehensive as it has been without CATKing. Their study material, mocks, faculty and support staff all have been excellent. Special thanks to Rahul sir for all the guidance and inputs till the very last day of both exams and GDPI. If you are looking for sturdy support and excellent study material; CATKing is for you.

Taniya Kurve – IIM Indore

Jay Walendra- IIM Indore

I was a bit nervous before signing up for CAT however the CATKing team was quite helpful in clearing all the doubts. All the faculty played an important role in my preparations. Their last moment tips and tricks were very helpful to boost my prep.

Jay Walendra  – IIM Indore, New IIMs

Vaibhav Shah – IIM Shillong

I have been associated with CATKing since I began my journey; since then it has been nothing short of wonders. Coming from a Commerce background I was not particularly strong in Quants/DI or verbal either but the faculty at CATKing helped me gain excellence in these topics at ease especially Ekagra sir’s quants shortcuts. My journey in cracking top MBA entrance exams is incomplete without mentioning Rahul Sir who has been constant support and pushing me and believing in me that i can achieve great scores.He has been a true mentor and motivation in this Journey.Last but not the list I would like to thank all the CATKing faculties for their esteemed support.

Vaibhav Shah –  IIM Shillong, NMIMS & MICA

Pyarelal – IIM Ranchi

The preparation experience with CATKing was amazing; they know their stuff. They gave me a very clear idea about what needs to be prepared when. I was skeptical about quants however the faculty made sure they would start from the basics & then gradually move to the advance level. I took all the mocks and did a deep-dive analysis for each of them, which helped me score good in actual CAT.

Pyarelal – IIM Ranchi

Rashiv Tripathi, 99 percentile in VARC-CAT

Right from their online mock tests, speedy grievance redressal, the valuable expertise of Rahul Sir and guidance of Anisha Ma’am, the mock GD, theoretical framework for CD and basics of MBA, and grooming one for PI ; CAT King excels in all the aforementioned aspects.

Rashiv Tripathi, 99 percentile in VARC -CAT

Jagesh Golwala,CAT 2018 100%iler IIM A, B, C Convert

I had joined CATking in June 2018 to get help in the VARC section. Initially, I attended a few classes and one-on-one sessions with Anisha ma’am. This helped me gain familiarity with the kind of questions appearing in CAT and how to go about solving them.

Jagesh Golwala,CAT 2018 100%iler IIM A, B, C Convert 

Prerak Thakkar – IIM Rohtak

I would like to thank CATKing team and Rahul sir for my IIM convert. I was very fortunate to join CATKing which was not only a good place to study but also helped visualise the life during and post MBA. This was a motivating factor and kept us going. If you are serious about CAT, CATKing is the place to be.

Prerak Thakkar – IIM Rohtak

Keval Satra – IIM Rohtak

Thanks to CATKing I was able to make it to IIMs; all the lectures are excellent esp the workshop that they conducted just few days before the exams. These workshops are not only filled with tips and tricks but also are full of motivation which is very much required for any student serious about these exams.

Keval Satra – IIM Rohtak – 98.74%ile

Rukhsar Khan – IIM Raipur

Rukhsar Khan

CATKing team and Rahul sir has played an instrumental role in my success in the most competitive exam. The team was just a call away for any doubts or questions which we had. The professors and staff members both helped whenever and wherever needed. Thanks CATKing for a great and much needed mentor-ship & motivation.

Rukhsar Khan – IIM Raipur, Rohtak, Ranchi & MICA

Tushar Sawant- IIM Kashipur

My journey for CAT preparation has been very exciting and the credit of my success goes to all the CATKing Faculty, esp Ekagra sir who resolved all the Quants & DI related doubts. I must also thank Rahul sir who cleared all the fundamental doubts about verbal ability and also kept the students motivated.

Tushar Sawant – IIM Kashipur

Gaurav Deshmukh- IIM Kashipur 

Excellent faculty with every individual being an expert in their subject. Rahul sir is undoubtedly the best teacher for English. Ekagra and Rohit Sir got my quants concept clear & their tips and tricks for solving advanced quants problems was awesome. The best part is that everyone is a MBA grad from one of the best colleges in the country. Workshops conducted for every exam helped understand the the paper the better and crack it smartly. Reaching out students through social media was a big benefit to keep us updated with every event happening. GK sessions held on Facebook was a great way to study the subject. Also, every teacher is a true motivator!

Gaurav Deshmukh – IIM Kashipur 

Anjali Verma – SIMSR

I have been fortunate to join CATKing for my MBA entrance exam preparation. All the faculty were very good and helpful. Rahul sir played an important role not only as a verbal faculty but also to maintain the high moral of the students. He was very motivating.

Anjali Verma – IIM Jammu

Kaushal Bavishi – IIM Raipur 

When the exams approached near, while the other coaching institutes stopped conducting lectures; CATKing started to teach the strategies to do in the exam. This was something which helped me a lot during the last days of the studies. They were very responsive to the students doubts/queries or problems.

Kaushal Bavishi – IIM Raipur 

Piyush Agarwal – IIM Rohtak

I have been fortunate to have joined CATKing. I had no doubts that this will be the right choice after meeting Rahul Sir. Not only they are good with Verbal but also have great faculty for DI, LR & Quants. The best part is their study material which is very systematic and very close to the actual exams.

Piyush Agarwal – IIM Rohtak IIM K Call

Apoorva Choudhary – IIM A

Thanks to CATKing to help me in my preparations. The strategies & tactics provided by them were very effective. Special thanks to Rahul Sir & Anisha ma’am for all the guidance and help in my preparation.

Apoorva Choudhary – IIM A Call

Naynesh -IIM Lucknow

Thanks to CATKing for all the guidance and help for my CAT Preparations. I was very fortunate to get in touch with Rahul sir, who was an excellent mentor; he not only helped me with Verbal ability but also help boost my confidence for the crucial CAT exam.

Naynesh Rajyak – IIM L Call


Aftab Mulani – IIM Rohtak (Call)

It was a great journey at CATKing. The faculty here are highly knowledgeable, dedicated and never hesitate to explain a concept any number of times, till we are clear with it. Also, the guidance during the GD/PI process was awesome and very informative to crack to grueling PI round. The mock interviews were very helpful. I can vouch for the quality of teaching by the faculty. My success mantra is practice till you cannot get it wrong!

Aftab Mulani – IIM Rohtak (Call)

Deepak Harjani – IIM Rohtak

CATKing played a major role in my path to success. Special thanks to Rahul Sir for guiding me throughout in this journey. My success mantra: if you think and believe that you can do it, you will! This helped me boost my confidence.

Deepak Harjani – IIM Rohtak, SP Jain, IIFT, NMIMS Mumbai (Calls)


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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The best part about CATKing is its pedagogy and faculties. All the teaching faculties are the toppers and rank holders:

Prof. Rahul Singh (Sumit)

One of the best Faculties for Verbal Ability mentoring students for various competitive exams like CAT / CET / NMAT / MICAT / GRE and GMAT. With a myriad of experience in teaching for over 8 years his students at top league institutes today is the best reflection of his ability. His awards and achievements make him a leader by example that inspires students to build their profile and achieve their dreams.

Prof. Ekagra Sharma is one of the best to build your core concepts in Quantitative Ability (QA) and has done MBA from IIM Indore

The fees structure has been formulated considering all the major and key factors for all the respective courses.

CAT course is for Rs. 40,000
GRE course is for Rs. 20,000
GMAT course is for Rs. 25,000
CET basic course is for Rs. 5,000
CET Turbo course is Rs. 9000
Bank PO course is of Rs. 8500 for 4 months.

For full details and exceptions on fees you can contact on 8999-11-8999

CATKing offers courses required for getting into the management profession and studies. It delivers the quality education and throws spotlight on all the prominent and leading management entrance exams such as CAT, SNAP, NMAT, MICAT, XAT, MHCET, TISSNET, CMAT, MAT.

We help students to crack GRE & GMAT by providing enhanced training and enriched education quality. Advance & Intensive level of preparations are imparted in students for the betterment of their career.

CATKing also specializes in providing coaching and study materials for bank exams such as SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk.

Any person can join the CATKing classes in any month of the year. However for the best time to start and your customized preparation plan call us to book an appointment with CAT/SNAP/NMAT/GRE/GMAT Toppers

We conduct different batches throughout the year. CATKing Classes helps every aspiring student to attain excellent scores and meet the expectations of the students.

CATKing understands and acknowledges the ease and comfort of students. And keeping this in mind, we accommodate approximately 30-35 students in each batch.

CATKing believes in delivering the best quality in terms of education, after all – Your Satisfaction is our Priority!

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