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Best Study Material for CAT Preparation

Free Study Resources for CAT and OMET Exams

Starting your MBA prep in 2024? Wondering where you can get some free study resources?

Don't worry we got you covered! You can access several free study resources here

The free resources available are:

  1. Formulae Book: Get all the important CAT and OMET formulas at one place

  2. Mock Analysis Template - Get access to the mock analysis template created by IIM, FMS and SPJIMR alumni

  3. CAT Past Papers (2009-2022) - All the past 14-year CAT papers were compiled in a single PDF.

  4. Vocabulary for CAT and OMET - Get access to a video series of 5 lectures on important words to remember for CAT and OMET.

This article will help you access Study Material for CAT exam and other competitive exams. Everyone cannot make it to the coaching centers, nor does all coaching provide free study material for CAT.

CATKing’s must know Basic Math Formulae

CATKing’s CAT, NMAT, SNAP Must Do WordList

CATKing’s 555 Most Repeated GRE Words

CATking’s Catalyst CAT 5 months CAT Planner

CAT Slot I, II & III Questions

You can get access to the above documents PDF by subscribing to free material for CAT.

CATKing’s Maths Formula Book & Shortcuts

Prepare for CAT with a maths formula book and score 99.99%ile in CAT. CATking’s Formula book has been a hit in this section for a long time and has advanced into an ‘absolute necessity read’ book for this subject. Quantitative Aptitude is a standout amongst the most difficult segments of MBA entrance examinations and requires a scientific yet student-friendly approach to discussing the topic.

Practice Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension with the best study material for CAT and other exams

CATking’s 555 Wordlist and SNAP, NMAT Wordlist

It is a comprehensive text on tackling the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension portion of the CAT and covers the entire range and all levels of questions asked in these examinations. These two Books are a must while preparing for other MBA Entrance Examinations such as XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT, and other aptitude tests.

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

This a brilliant book for building your Vocabulary. How to Read Better and Faster by Norman Lewis –A brilliant book with multiple exercises that help you improve your reading speed. High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin -To have a good command of English grammar. Most CAT aspirants find difficulty with Verbal Ability / Reading Comprehension because they don’t read books regularly. They should start reading books, novels, and magazines as many as possible. Reading newspapers and editorials will also help.

Also read: How to crack Verbal ability

CATking’s Catalyst CAT 6 months Planner

This planner is designed in such a way for daily preparation required for the CAT exam starting from May with the help of CATking E-books that are designed for each topic of verbal, LRDI and Quants that help students understand the basic concepts of each and every topic and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses which ultimately helps them strategize their mocks to ace their CAT preparation.

To get access to CATking E-books Click here to Join Our CAT 2022 Online Course

CAT Online Course

CATking E-books for CAT gives an adjusted scope of both verbal capacity and logical thinking areas. Insights and critical thinking procedures given in the book enable students to calibrate their interpretative aptitudes. Plenty of training tests familiarize students with the actual question pattern of this examination.

CATking’s IIM WAT PI Experiences Dockets

These are the IIM WAT and Personal Interview experiences of all the IIMs from the CATking’s IIM WAT PI students. These dockets include experiences of the below-mentioned colleges

IIM Ahmedabad Personal Interview Experiences
IIM Bangalore Personal Interview Experiences
IIM Calcutta – Personal Interview Experiences
IIM Lucknow Personal Interview Experiences
IIM Indore Personal Interview Experiences
IIM Kozhikode WAT-PI Experiences
IIM-CAP Personal Interview Experiences
IIM Rohtak WAT-PI Experiences
IIM Amritsar Personal Interview Experiences
SPJIMR WAT-PI Experiences
XLRI Personal Interview Experiences
KJ Somaiya CA-PI Experiences
NMIMS CDPI Experiences
SIBM Pune GE-PI Experiences
SCMHRD GE-PI Experiences
Management Development Institute (MDI) PI Experiences
SIBM Bangalore GE-PI Experiences
MICA Ahmedabad GE-PI Experiences
IIM Ranchi Personal Interview Experiences
NITIE Mumbai Personal Interview Experiences
IIFT Personal Interview Experiences
IIM Nagpur Personal Interview Experiences
FMS Delhi WAT-PI Experiences
Welingkar GDPI Experiences

To download a PDF of all the IIM WAT PI Experiences Subscribe to the CATking Free Material

Top 50 Most Common Personal Interview Questions

These books contain all the interview answers to the top 50 common questions asked in IIM Personal Interview

  • Tell us about yourself

  • What is the meaning of your name? (Typically used as an ice breaker and if you have an uncommon name)

  • Why do you wish to do an MBA?

  • What are your plans after an MBA?

  • How will your MBA support your goal?

  • How does your academic background relate to your goal?

  • What are your strengths, give examples.

  • What are your weaknesses, give examples.

  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?

  • Elaborate on your work experience.

  • How relevant is your experience?

  • Why do you want to join a particular institute?

  • Which specialization do you want to opt for?

  • What are your hobbies/interests? (Technical questions on the same)

WAT Bibles

These are the books with the latest information on all the WAT Topics. It contains the list of all the latest topics that are asked in the IIM WAT Process such as:

  • Abstract Based WAT
  • Business WAT Bible
  • Current Affairs related WAT
  • Lifestyle-related WAT
  • Philosophy related WAT
  • Politics related WAT
  • Science-related WAT

To download PDFs of WAT Bible and Common Interview Questions asked Subscribe to the CATking Free Material

Other books for CAT Exam Preparation

How to Prepare for the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT (Tata McGraw-Hill)- Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for the CAT Common Admission Test (Tata McGraw-Hill)- Arun Sharma

The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning- Nishit Sinha

The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude And Data Interpretation For The CAT – Nishit Sinha

These all help students strengthen basic concepts, and build speed and accuracy for the CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. Books by Arihant Publications Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Ajay Singh – A good book for Reading Comprehension. Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Verma – It covers a large variety of questions and the difficulty level is also maintained.

Increase your reading speed and score well in Reading Comprehension in CAT Books and Novels for MBA aspirants

The Alchemist
Harry Potter (Series)
Sherlock Holmes (Series)
Train to Pakistan
Midnight’s Children
The Black Swan
Recommended Business Magazines
Business Line by The Hindu Group
Business Today by India Today Group
Business & Management Chronicle by Chronicle Publications
Competition Success Review
Recommended Newspapers
The Hindu
Economics Times

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