IIM Amritsar Personal Interview Experiences

IIM Amritsar Personal Interview Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIM Amritsar Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 1

2 Panelists (P1–>m, P2 – – >f)
Interview started right on time at 4:20pm

P1: Tell me something about yourself

P1: What do you mean by data governance (I mentioned it as part of my work ex)

P1: Asked more questions related to it, like how policies would affect the overall framework, used case for it being effectively used, what is GDPR, where it is used etc.

P1: Why MBA in business Analytics(I mentioned it as my first preference in the application form)

P1: What are the key skills needed to succeed in this field.(forgot to mention about most integral skill – – >statistics)

P1: Programing languages known

P1: 12th Mathematics related questions
(what is maxima, minima, difference between local maxima and global maxima etc)
Me: Answered some basics which I could recollect.

Handed over to P2

More of HR questions:

P2: Have you ever faced failure in life and how did you overcame it:
Me: Mentioned 2 true stories.

P2: What have you done from your side to increase your business knowledge( I mentioned couple of times in my interview that I want to gain business acumen from the course)
Me: I try to keep up with business news via newspapers

P2: What is the latest you have read.
Me: I mentioned about Future group vs Reliance conflict.

P2: Explain the conflict.

P2: Can you please show us the certificates of extra-curricular mentioned in the resume.
Me: showed the physical copies (Took 3-4 mins to search those out but they were patient during that time)

P2: Thanks for your time. You can leave the meeting.

Time (25-30mins)

Overall: It was a good learning experience. The panelist also explained me few things which I missed during my answers. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 2

Accounts and Finance fresher
2 panelists both Male

1. Tell me about yourself

2. As I mentioned about team work… state one incident of team work

3. Tell me about your subjects

4. Tell your opinion about budget on the personal finance front

5. Economic conditions during the pandemic

6. How did government manage the pandemic

7. 2 portfolio ministers of Maharashtra except the CM

8. Why mba general as I can see your inclination towards finance so you could take a specialised finance course

9. Why not mba hr as second choice…why mba business analytics

10. As you’re good in academics do a pg and phd and become a professor…why mba
As I spoke the other panelist was like you want to make your future bright and not others…is it like that

11. Who is your favourite teacher

Overall a very chill interview… both the panelists were smiling and laughing throughout

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 3

P1 and P2 (both female in mid 30s)
Q:You have a job and you are doing well so why MBA?

Q:Discussion on quantum computing, privacy, facebook current news, whatsapp data policy, how is data secured.
What is your take on privacy now a days, more discussion on Australlian govt.’s new law for google and facebook.

Q:Difference between cloud and server. Please explain what is cloud.

Q:what other calls do you have?

Q:Tell me when did Jharkhand become a state( since I am from Jharkhand).

Q:Tell us about Jharkhand

Q:what do you know about Amritsar and Punjab.

Q:what do you like to do in your free time ?

Q:Do u have any questions for us?
Okay thankyou have a nice day.

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 4

19 months workex(Infosys+TCS)

1. Tell me about your self

2. What is special about Lucknow

3. 5 monuments

4. Plan a one day trip

5. What is factors effecting the planed trip

6. What is meant by tehjeeb and name some nawabs

7. What is your role in TCS

8. What you serve to your clients

9. What is meant by machine learning and type of machine learning

10. Give two examples for supervised and unsupervised learning

11. What is industrial 4.0 ,what is business 4.0

12. What are new products from TCS

13. What are you extra curricular skillls

14. What is Indian reform ?what is GDPR?

15. Full form of GDPR

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 5

GEM 98.45 ECE 20 months Workex as Product Manager.

Q1. Tell me something about Yourself?

Q2. Tell us more about your Job Role?

Q3. Tell us how IP Camera is different from Web Cameras?

Q4. Do you do front Ending with sales or at the Back End?

Q5. Any extracurricular Activites during College and School?

Q6. Any news that you are following recently?
Told about Australia vs Google news.

Q7. What’s your opinion on it?
Told Australian Government is right and if many more countries come with such steps. Google cannot come up with threats like they would leave their countries.

Q8. Why MBA

Q9. Do you think it is a best time to do an MBA and quit your Job?
Said in Today’s hindu there was a headline that 45 years with comorbid conditions will be vaccinated from 1st March. Apart from it Johnson and Johnson Vaccine has been declared 86 percent effective and there is a V shape recovery so by the time I graduate i.e in 2023 things would be under control.

Q10. Name different schemes that are taken by govt
1. ATMA Nirbhar Swastha Bharat abhyan
2. Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Made in India
3. Ujwalla yojna.
4. Western Economic and eastern Economic Freight corridor. Stopped me and said that is okay.

Q11. Do you have any questions for us?
End lasted about 15 minutes.

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 6

Two panelist: M and F

1. F: So Tell me about yourself
– Told the practiced one

2. M: So What is Data Science? You have filled for Data Science na.
– No Sir regular PGP only

3. M: Ok then also what do know about Data Science
– Sir 150 years back oil was called black gold, same is true for Data today. Any firm which has more data today can make influence. Data science is something to analyse and interpret available data in my opinion.

4. M: Do you know what is Industry 4.0?
– Sir Industrial revolution started in 17 th century in Britain and we have come along way today to Industrial Revolution 4.0. Here most of the facility in industries are digitised to make things more eco and user frindly.

5. M: So Industry 4.0 is all about enhancing GUI( Graphical User Interface)
– Sir GUI might form a chunk of it but its not all abt it. Industry 4.0 also aims to reduce digital divide and make services available to both who are at cities and who are extreme locations.

6. M: So why do you want to do an MBA?
– Sir I want to work for diversified areas and grow up to some eminent positions

7. M: You already have 3years work ex and within a year you will rise to significant leadership roles, why need to go for MBA
– Sir its true, but currently I am working at the grassroot level of oil field and its a very niche field. I want to work for more diverse industries and experience them.

8. M: But you will again hop on to different company after two years and keep on doing that
– No sir, I come today to this decision after analysing my work area thoroughly within these years.

9. M: I will return later, Mam want to ask something

10. F: Ok Do you know what standard deviation is
– Mam I dont know much but its the measure of how much a set of data deviates from its mean

11. F: Ok Now tell me What will be the probability of getting atleast two heads when we toss four coins together. Basic twelth class Mathematics
– Mam, I can get that it will be 2/8 or 1/4 probability of getting two heads .

12. F: But I told atleast what about other cases
– Oh Sorry mam, I cannot formulate the cases at present but it would definitely be more than 1/4.

13. M: Okk where are you posted at present ?
– I am at Rajahmundry in AP at present

14. M: Okk then can you guess the no of cricket balls would be required by Rajahmundry in a month. Take your time and come at a number and tell me how you reached that no.
– (Took some time) Sir I am not at the city but at some remote location, if I guess there would atleast five to six sports complex in the city and if we take the survey of those complexes about their usage and extrapolate those numbers to other local people who play cricket then we can guess a number

15. M: Tell me a number
– Sir I guess around 1500 to 2000 per month

16. M: How you came to that number like what assumptions you supposed
– Sir I supposed that a sports complex might require 50 balls per day

17. M: 50 balls per day!
– Oh sorry sir 5 balls per day

18. M: So you are talking abt leather ball or tennis ball
– Sir leather ball for sports complexes and tennis one for local cricket.

19. M: What is the full form of CAA
– Sir its Citizen Amendment Act

20. M: What does it say?
– Sir its an Amendment Act which says that people belonging to six religions who in minorities in neighbouring countries can settle in India more conveniently after following certain procedures.

21. M: Okk Why it is that the oil production from Cauvery Basin is intermittent but it is good and stable from KG Basin
– Sir first thing is that the formation in southern Indian is very difficult to drill. Second is that land acquisition is comparatively difficult in Tamil Nadu for drilling as compared to AP. Also Kakinada which is near to KG Basin can prove to be Next Mumbai High and the development is going on.

22. M: What is the future of Shale Gas in India?
– Sir Shale Gas is great but it requires huge money and infrastructure. Right now it is difficult to drill Shale Formation in India because of lack of infrastructure.

23. M: What would be the break even cost of Shale Gas in market?
– Sir thats a very difficult question for me to answer. At present it costs us around $30 per barrel to drill and we sell at around 49$. But if I want to guess break even point for Shale Gas then I would go for around 60$.

24. M: Ok thats from our side. Please show us your CAT admit card.
– Sorry sir it was not mentioned in any mail to keep admit card. I have only Adhar Card and other documents with me at present

25. F: Ok no problem its just a formality. It was nice talking to you. You may now leave the call
– It was pleasure Mam. Thank You

Overall I felt the interview was stressfull. The faculty didn’t smile throughout the process except at the end of the interview. The probability question went bad and my approach was totaly wrong. The guesstimate also I think did not go well. Other than that I tried to answer well. It was a long interview (more than half an hour) and in the middle I felt that I am the only candidate today for them( they had total 10 people in second half).

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 7


1. Introduce yourself

2. Tour academic as well as non academic achievements.

3. No technical questions on graduation.

4. Why MBA ?

5. Why MBA right after your graduation why don’t you go for work ex first?

6. What are the different forms of art. (I told themselves in introduction that i draw sketches and paintings. They even asked that show your paintings)

7. Questions on graphs. Draw graph of y= x^2 and y= x^3 – x

8. Tricky Questions on Statistics ( take your time to solve these questions)

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 8

10th March 2021
Panelists – 1 M and 1 F (both in mid 30s)

2 years of work ex in Doordarshan and a Digital marketing agency

1. Introduce yourself

2. You worked as a Production Manager in Doordarshan, what is the difference between a Production Manager of a broadcasting industry and a manufacturing industry.

3. What are the OTT platforms?

4. How would you market the OTT shows?

5. What is SEO?

6. Give me an example where you want to do paid promotion and non paid promotion?

7. Who heads Lok Sabha? Who is currently heading Lok Sabha? (Tried to confuse me with Rajya Sabha)

8. Who are Cabinet Ministers? How many female Cabinet Ministers are there in India? Name 5 of them.

9. Name 5 indian companies that come under Forbes 500 list.

10. What is happening in the retail sector? (Asked me about the tussle between Reliance and Amazon)

11. Do you have any National level achievement in sports?

12. Do you have any questions for us?

Thank you so much, you may log off now.

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 9

22/03/21 Two panelists 1M, 1F

M: hi show your cat score card please
Me: done

M: okay so tell me about yourself
Me: told

M: so what do you do at office do you code lead team exactly what
Me: told

M: so what exactly is an accelerator
Me: told

M: you have an interesting job
Me: yes sir.

M: ma’am would you like to take over?
F : so what does your name mean?
Me: told

F : interesting, so tell me something about Bengal election
Me: told

F : what’s special in it
Me : told about part manifesto and all

F: why is nandigram important for this election
Me: told

F: why is it famous
Me: told

F: what is big O
Me: told

F: what is the difference between insertion and bubble sort
Me: told

F: what do you read in paper
Me: told some latest stuff

F: tell something about your extra curricular activities
Me: told

F: why government wants to ban cryptocurrency
Me : told

F: I’m good , sir anything else
M: yes, which other IIM calls you have
Me : told

M: whom are you planning to vote?
Me: I’ve decided but can’t say! Will do it on 10th.

M: oh yours is on 10th?
Me: yes sir.

M: okay thanks it was great talking to you thanks.
Me: thank you both.

Very chilled out interview, no cross question. Around 12mins

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