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Preparing for CAT? It is the exam to get admission into any of the IIMs. Also, the CAT exam is considered the toughest of all exams. After the exams, it is equally important to prepare for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. In this article, you will know more about the IIM Indore Real PI experience shared by candidates.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 26

GEM, 4 years of workex 91/86/6.7
2 F panelist

1. Tell me about yourself
2. Why did you leave UPSC
3. What is IOT and application in production
4. Statistical model to derive productivity and longeitivity of equipment
5. What is the difference between mean, median, and mode and when to use what
6. Three places to visit in Pune
7. Significance of Shivaji and tactics used by Shivaji

Extempore: Understanding recent history is required to make decisions and ensure a better future

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 27

10- 92.5 IIM Indore doesn’t consider best of 5 
12- 84.46 
Graduation – 8.36 -> 76.1 %
NC OBC engineer Male 
2.5 years work ex in software dev 
2 Panelist’s 
1 M 1 F 

P1- You have been with Amazon for quit some time and you haven’t switched that’s very rare. Started asking questions on OS and Deadlock 
-Explained not upto the mark but was able to give convincing answers 
P1- application of heap and stack in OS
-Have a few examples and justified their use cases 
P1 – Went deep into a few more technical concepts 
-Was able to answer some but not all of them 
P2- so you do mentorship’s for students 
-Told about my intitatives book and YouTube channel 
P2- Tell us about the guests you called on your channel 
-Told them about a few guests and their background 
P2 – So do you think Entrepreneurs in India are doing enough Philanthropy 
-Asked a clarifying question 
-And gave a diplomatic answer 
-Some are doing some are not 
-But they are creating jobs and value for investors 
-Was countered with tell us specific names of these entrepreneurs 
-Mentioned Tata Premji and Nitin Kamath 
-Had a few counter questions 
-Answered them 

Extempore topic – Should business owners give preference to stakeholders or shareholders 
-Asked a clarifying questions what exactly are they referring by stakeholder’s 
-Took some time and started 
-Answer was diplomatic focus should be creating value and not keeping a particular segment of people happy 
-By generation of value both share holders and stake holders can be happy 
-Discussion came to Amazon even though interview was over 
-I asked, ‘Can I pitch in a few thoughts on Amazon?’
-Told them that Amazon does prioritise their customers a lot 

-Was countered with protests against Amazon and worker conditions 
-Tackled it by saying that there are reforms happening but it’s Amazon preference of Giving more importance to customers over their employees 

Overall good interview Interviewers were impressed with a few answers and eventually aligned with what I said! 
But IIM Indore does ask questions on academics significantly 
So prepare that nicely

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 28

P1: Good afternoon, how are you doing? 
Me: Good afternoon sir, I’m doing good. 
P1: Shall we start? (And saw me and I nodded). So give me your introduction. As quick as possible. 
Me: Gave a rehearsed answer
P1: Okay, so you are from Chennai. Can you tell me something unique about Chennai? 
Me: Sir, Chennai is a metropolitan city and the capital of the southern most state. 
P1: stopped me from continuing* I know this. Tell me something that’s unique. 
Me: Sir, it was one of the first establishment of British East India company… Spoke about Marina and George fort. 
P1: Can you talk about the literature and carnatic music
Me: Sir, since I haven’t studied Tamil I’m not sure. But I do know a about the poets like Elango adigal who wrote a story called Silapadigaram… 
P1: what about Carnatic music
Me: Sorry sir, I’m not aware of it. 
P1: Its okay. Who wrote thirukural?
Me: Thiruvalluvar sir. There is a memorial for him called Valluvar Kottam in Chennai. 
P1: Fine. Now tell me why you left your job? 
Me: Gave a revised answer. 
P1: was it absolutely necessary? Tell me is it necessary for everyone to leave their jobs to prepare for Cat? 
Me: No sir, it isn’t absolutely necessary to leave their job to prepare for Cat. But I did it to take a break. Fumbled a lot in this question
P1: what did you do in your free time? I hope you did something other than cat prep. 
Me: yes sir. I did. I used to be into Agatha Christie’s books. I really like her style of writing.
P1: interrupted me* talk about your fav character.
Me: sir, I really liked Elsa from the book…
P1: nono. Tell me the detectives in the stories.
Me: explains about Hercule Poirot and Benoit Blanc.
P2: okay, tell me about your college
 Me: spoke.
P2: who is the current CM
Me: M. k. Stalin
P2: what’s his full name?
Me: I’m not sure for Mu, but K stands for his father who was a former CM Karunanidhi
P2: Okay. Do you know who is the Chief justice of India?
Me: thinks for a while. And said I don’t know
 Can I take a guess?
P2: sure, tell me.
Me: Chief Justice DY chandrachud?
P2: You sure?
Me: I’m not sure. But I remember seeing his name in couple of Articles in Hindu.
P2: okay. Tell me what is CCS?
Me: Told.
P2: Last question. Since you are a girl. You should be familiar with dance.
I smiled. And I knew where it was going.
Can you tell few dance forms in India?
Me: * i thought he would ask me state wise. So i was quiet.
P2: are you googling or what?
Me: sir. No. I thought you would ask. But that’s okay. I’m not very familiar with the dance forms. But I’ll try my best
 Its Bharatnatyam, Kuchupudi, Mohiniaatam, Katakalli, Bhagra, Gharba and Manipuri.
P2: I expect more.
Me: thinks for a while. Sir I’m sorry. I can only think of this.
P2: what are the states adjacent to TN?
Me: Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
P2: that’s it?
Me: Sir Telangana. But I need to check if the border is being shared or not.
P2; that’s okay. Thanks for your time.
Me: thank you sir.
P1: Thank you. and all the best.

Over all it was okayish. Not grilling. And mostly revolver around static GK.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 29

23/02/23 ITC Sonar, Kolkata
Panel 2- 2M panelist (both around 50 y/o)
X/XII/Grad- 94/90.6/7.68
19 months work ex

M1- Enter the room with documents you feel important otherwise no need of any documents 
M1-First asked for my Govt. ID
M2- Tell me about yourself 
M1- Only relevant academics and nothing else please 
 -Okay sir
M1- So top 100 rank in your school? (as I mentioned my rank in boards exam)
 -No sir in board exams.
M2- What’s your rank in 12th boards (as I mentioned top 1%ile)
Sir top 1000
M2- Okay carry on
After my tmay ended 
M2- You don’t love your job?
 -No sir I love it.
M2- Then why didn’t you mention anything about your job?
 -Sir I mentioned I am a database administrator.
M1- Okay so you don’t love being a database administrator? 
 -Yes sir I love it.
M2- What do you do in your job?
M2- So what software are you using?
M2- is it for free or we have to pay?
 -Sir payable 
M2- where is its HQ?
M2- please don’t bluff 
 -No sir I am sure it is in US.
M2- What is Greenplum database? 
 -Sir R-DBMS
M2- What is R-DBMS?
 -Sir database management system that helps in (M2 stopped me)
M2- You are saying the full form not explaining me, okay so what is 1st normal and 2nd normal?
 -Sorry sir I haven’t heard the term.
M2- You don’t know it being a database admin? 
 -No sir 
M2- Okay so give me an example of your work?
 -Sir I extract data for interested parties. 
M2- give me an example-
 -Sir I run queries to extract data
M2- Give me an example of query. Write it down on paper.
Started writing. 
M2 (after 20 seconds) What are you writing? It’s not an example. You are wasting my time.
Me politely- Sir this is the example  you asked me
M2- You are not getting my point and just going by terms like data data data big data and all.everything is data around here. 
(Tensed I looked into M1’s eyes)
Okay M1 will ask you now.
M1- So draw me a graph of 1/lnx
Drew the wrong one
M1- Draw that of ln(x)
Drew the right one
Said: Sir, I made a mistake in the 1st graph
M1- then make it right 
 -I tried to but could do half right only 
M1- So who is the FM of WB?
M1- Who is the former FM of WB?
M1- FM of India
M1- Former FM of India
M1- Meaning of your company
Ans: It is a constellation of stars 
M1- why are you asking me. I asked you.
 -Gave the ans.
M1- where is its HQ? 
M1- What are your hobbies?
Ans: Sports and singing 
M1- Classical? 
M1- What is Rabindra Sangeet? 
M2- Difference between Carnatic and other regional music and Rabindra Sangeet? 
M2- I don’t have any knowledge so even if you bluff I won’t understand. 
M2- So that’s all from our side. Thank you and best of luck.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 1

Venue: Hotel Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi
X (CBSE 2012) 95.00 | XII (CBSE 2014) 95.40 | B.Tech. (Mechanical Engg.) NIT Raipur 86.20 (As per CAT application) | GEM Fresher
Extra-curricular: University rank 3rd in ‘Vid’-Diploma in Tabla, AIR 4 in ‘Quad Torc’- quad bike manufacturing team event, Intra-state and inter-college winner in quizzes, Inter-zone winner in group singing, International and National rank holder in Maths, Science and English Olympiads.

WAT Assessment:
Every year 10 million Indian youth add up into working population, but most of the youth is unskilled and is unable to cope up with technological advancement in the world. What skills, according to you, should be imparted to the youth under the skill development programs? (300 words, 30 minutes)

Personal Interview:
Three male panelists A (Alumni, age around 30), B and C (Professors).
A opened the door and welcomed me in.

PANELIST2: Tell us something about yourself.

Candidate: *Spoke about under graduation, academic and extra-curricular achievements, hobbies including surfing through maps*
PANELIST2: X, so you are a mechanical engineer. Differentiate between work and heat.
Candidate: Sir both are forms of energy…
PANELIST2: (Interrupting) No I want a proper definition.
Candidate: *Couldn’t answer very well*
PANELIST2: Suppose that you have a younger brother and he is entering the first year of mechanical engineering. How would you define work and heat to him?
Candidate: *Again tried, though not very successfully*
PANELIST2: The definition of work and heat forms the basis of which law of thermodynamics?
Candidate: First law.
PANELIST2: What does it state?
Candidate: *Answered*
C1: How will you differentiate between petrol and diesel in terms of their chemical properties?
Candidate: *Answered, though they wanted more distinguishing parameters*
PANELIST2: How will a pressure drop occur across pipe?
Candidate: Sir there are various parameters- change in area of cross-section, velocity change or a vertical height drop.
PANELIST2: OK assuming a constant cross-section, constant velocity and no height difference. Then will there not be any pressure drop?
Candidate: Sir there can be a pressure drop due to friction.
PANELIST2: Exactly. That is what I wanted to know. So why does friction result in pressure drop? How is that expressed mathematically?
Candidate: *Wrote the equation, though not very sure of the constant terms*
PANELIST2: Are you sure?
Candidate: (Changed the constant term and said…) Yes sir. (Though on verifying afterwards, I found out that I was correct the first time!)
PANELIST1: You said you are interested in automobile. What are the different types of chassis?

Candidate: Broadly speaking there are two types of chassis- Conventional and frameless. *Gave a brief detail* Sir I would like to add here that my final year project in college is based on the study of chassis of Indian vehicles and optimizing it.
PANELIST1: Tell us more about the project.
Candidate: *Told that we are trying to design a chassis with maximum possible energy absorption capacity on impact during accidents based on the current Indian SUV chassis. Also added certain details*
PANELIST3: Alright. X I will be giving you a topic to speak on. You will have 30 seconds to think and 90 seconds to speak. Alright?
Candidate: Yes sir.
PANELIST3: As the chief minister of Chhattisgarh, speak on the prospects of Make in India in Chhattisgarh. Candidate: (After thinking for about 20 seconds) *Spoke about Bhilai Steel plant and development of allied industries, vast natural reserves and its sustainable mining and refinement, booming infrastructure opportunities especially since Chhattisgarh is a new state, great connectivity in
the form of airport and railways which shouldn’t create logistical problems* (Was about to finish when A interrupted saying that 90 seconds were over)
PANELIST3: So you spoke about Bhilai Steel Plant and you have mentioned in the form about your internship there. So tell us when was it created?
Candidate: *Answered*
Then there were a few more questions on BSP about their products, specialty etc.
PANELIST3: Accha you said that there are reserves which can be mined and processed. And you talked about Aluminum and Bauxite. So how are they mined and processed?
Candidate: (Confounded as I had never read anything related to mining of Aluminum or Bauxite) Sir I am not very sure about the process.
PANELIST3: Then how did you mention about it?
Candidate: Sir I know for sure that BALCO (Bharat Aluminum Company Ltd.) carries it out in the state.
PANELIST3: Okay what is iron?
Candidate: *Answered*
PANELIST3: What is the difference between iron, iron ore and steel? Which among them is the purest?
Candidate: *Answered, though not very well*

PANELIST1: Okay you had said that you know about maps.
Candidate: (Hesitatingly, as I had merely mentioned surfing through maps as my hobby) Yes sir. I like to go through maps in my leisure time.
PANELIST1: So when was the first map made?
Candidate: I don’t know sir.
PANELIST1: Accha what are the types of maps?
Candidate: Sir physical and political.
PANELIST1: Are ye to baccho wala answer ho gya.
Candidate: (Smiled. Didn’t know what else to do!)
PANELIST1: OK, which major parameters define a map?
Candidate: Sir, latitude and longitude.
PANELIST1: OK. Does the equator pass through India?
Candidate: No sir.
PANELIST1: Then which major latitude passes through India?
Candidate: Sir, Tropic of Cancer.
PANELIST1: What is its specification?
Candidate: Sir 23.3 degrees north.
PANELIST1: Now suppose that you are standing on the equator right below India. You start moving towards the west direction. Which countries will fall on your right?
Candidate: (Sir now you have played the ball right into my court!) Sir all the European and North American countries. Starting from Sri Lanka, we have Maldives, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East. In Africa, we have Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan, Western Sahara, Libya and a few more. Then we have the Caribbean islands and Venezuela in the American continent. A part of Brazil falls above the
equator. Then we have Hawaii and Marshall Islands in the Pacific. Then back in Asia, we have China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar among others.
PANELIST1: (Nods) Alright.
PANELIST2: Thank you. Do you have any questions?
Candidate: Sir I had applied for the IPM program of IIM Indore after class 12th and got selected. But as it wasn’t very certain whether degrees would be given or diploma and with no batch passing out by then, 2014, I focused on getting an engineering base first. How is the IPM course going to be affected after the passing of IIM bill? PANELIST1: I think now it would not be of any meaning talking about IPM as you have applied for PGP.
Candidate: Sure sir. Thank you so much!

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 2

Date: 18th March 2021
Time slot: 10:00 AM, Actual: 10:25 AM – 10:45 AM, About 20 minutes
Panel 5: 2 Males
Background: CA with 2+ years of GenMan experience in a startup
(Amicable panel, but they were taking a lot of pauses between questions, almost as if they weren’t sure what to ask. Do keep your ID proofs ready for verification at the beginning.)

M1: (after I showed them my PAN) Tell me Aakruti, what do the letters in your PAN denote?
AF: Sir, I am unsure of the first four letters but the fifth one denotes the name of the assessed. That is why in my case, it is F.
M1: Very well. Introduce yourself.
AF: (did the spiel, he seemed very interested and was reacting to stuff – ‘ooh nice’, ‘impressive’)
M1: That is a very versatile profile you have Aakruti.
AF: (unsure what to say, because compliments in an interview do sometimes lead into difficult questions) Thanks sir.
M1: So, you are a CA, when did you qualify? (Answered, 2019) And you’re from Poddar college in Mumbai, that is a very good institution. What year was that? (Answered, 2017)
Who are you working with right now? (Answered, Xtreme Media. Had already spoken about my profile and a couple projects I had handled there.)
M1: That is quite a leap, from being a CA to doing work that is not traditionally that of a CA.
AF: Yes sir, it was a conscious decision on my part. My parents are entrepreneurs and they have always been a big influence on me. After article ship, I decided I needed to have a more holistic experience and do a deeper dive into business ops.
M1: Wow, impressive that you see entrepreneurship as a goal. Why do this course at all? You should start up and then come to IIM Indore to recruit people, not the other way around. (Everyone laughed)
AF: But sir, while these two years have been invaluable in shaping my goals, they have also made me realize that there exist quite a few work points, both for me as an individual and as a potential leader. Looking at the journeys of the businesses I have been exposed to, my parents’ and my current employer, I do see areas where a management education would enhance my abilities to tackle those situations
better. Hence the decision for this course.
M1: Alright. You seem quite focused. Can I ask you some commerce related questions?
AF: Sure sir.
M1: Rapid fire: (could answer all of these, someone up there likes me.)
(1) Tell me what PE Ratio is (MPS/EPS – uses, what it denotes)
(2) What is the Modigliani-Miller Theory (capital gearing has no effect on earnings)
(3) The other day, I overheard a CA and a person who worked in PE talking to each other. PE guy said, “You CAs only look at ROI, ROE, ROCE and all. But we look at multiples – 5x,10x.” Any idea what he was talking about? (Answered that since this is a PE professional, he’s most likely referring to the EBITDA multiple of a startup. Explained why this is a better metric for startup valuations, and that we would
have to look at the exact industry he was referring to, to infer more about it.)

(4) What is a Long Form Audit Report (LFAR)? Spoke about the context of bank audits, detailed asset analysis and vulnerabilities. Did not know much about format etc., did not tell him this.) (M1 passes the baton to M2, whose internet is glitchy.)
M2: Hello Aakruti. So can you tell me a bit about ‘pumping profit’.
AF: Sir I haven’t heard about this term but, what I can infer is that it refers to the overstating of profits to show better than actual performance, a sort of window-dressing.
M2: Have you heard about Toshiba?
AF: Yes.
M2: Toshiba had been involved in pumping of their profits a while ago.
AF: I’ll read up on this sir.
M2: Okay, do you know about what happened at Enron (answered that I was unaware of details, but it was a case of whistleblowing on the top management over window-dressing the company’s results).
M2: What about the chit fund scam in India? (Said I knew what it was but would need to refresh the details.)

M2: Thank you, You may Leave Now…

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 3

Venue: IHM, Dadar
Profile: GEM Fresher
10/12/Graduation 95/89.7/78.7
WAT Assessment:
A number of governments in the past have proposed various schemes and measures to improve the condition of farmers. However, 70 years after Independence the plight of farmers is the same. Suggest a few measures to alleviate the suffering of farmers in India.
Personal Interview: The panel had 3 male members (PANELIST1, PANELIST2 and PANELIST3)

PANELIST1: Tell me something about yourself.
CANDIDATE: Answered. Was interrupted within 15 seconds.
PANELIST1: So you’re a chemical engineer. Tell me about your favourite subject.
CANDIDATE: Talked about the subject of Plant Design and Economics. Described how the design is done, how the costing is done, profitability analysis as well as about the techniques like HAZOP, SIS etc. Talked about how we got an opportunity to explore industrial disasters such as Chernobyl, Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Three Mile Island etc from a chemical engineering perspective.
PANELIST1: Okay. Tell me about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy from the economic point of view.
CANDIDATE: Tried to explain the financial scenario which was a reason for cost-cutting and indirectly the reason for the tragedy.
PANELIST2: No no this is the finance of it. Tell us about economics.
CANDIDATE: Sir, isn’t finance a subset of economics?
PANELIST1: Not exactly, but okay let’s move on.
PANELIST3: So are you good at mathematics.

CANDIDATE: Sir I would say I am decent.
PANELIST3: Okay do you remember 12th standard calculus.
CANDIDATE: Sir it is a bit rusty but I can try.
PANELIST3: *wrote two questions on a piece of paper* ∫3−2∣x−1∣⋅dx∫−23∣x−1∣⋅dx and limx→3x−3×2−9limx→3x−3×2−9
CANDIDATE: Solved both.
PANELIST2: Okay since you are a chemical engineer, you must be familiar with Reynold’s Number.
CANDIDATE: Yes sir, I know it
PANELIST2: Okay, explain it to me as if I am a layperson.
CANDIDATE: Tried to give the definition. Explained its relation with turbulence and laminar flow. Tried to explain the laminar flow and turbulent flow. Explained viscosity and density. However, they were not convinced.
PANELIST1: This is still not something a layperson will understand. Tell me the main reason for using it.
PANELIST2: Okay leave that. Let’s move on to the non-technical questions. Where are you from?
CANDIDATE: Sir I was born and brought up in Nagpur, the geographical centre of India.
PANELIST2: Okay. Who is the MP from Nagpur?
CANDIDATE: Nitin Gadkari
PANELIST2: What is his portfolio?
CANDIDATE: Answered.
PANELIST2: Suppose you are walking down the street. You see Nitin Gadkari. You talk to him for 1 minute. You can tell/ask him anything you want. We don’t care if you ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage **smiles at PANELIST3* You have 30 seconds to think and 1 minute to talk. Your time starts now.

CANDIDATE: *jotted down all the points in the given 30 seconds and started*
Before beginning, I must say that asking Mr Gadkari for his daughter’s hand would be rude as she is already married… Afterwards, I talked about the Metro in Nagpur and his views on it as Transport Minister. I asked about the situation of the Vidarbha issue which has now lost steam. Talked about the farmers’ suicides in Vidarbha and a few questions about the General Elections 2019.
*All three panelists looked satisfied. *
PANELIST2: If you say all this to Gadkari Ji he will say you’re the youth. You should give me answers, not questions.

PANELIST1: Okay tell me about the heritage of the Mughal dynasty.
CANDIDATE: It begins with Babur who came to India from Fergana in 1450. He was succeeded by his son Humayun who briefly lost his throne to Sher Shah Suri but regained it and then the throne went to Akbar. After that it went to Jehangir, followed by Shah Jahan in whose reign the Taj Mahal was built. Shah Jahan was followed by Aurangzeb who was the main adversary of Shivaji Maharaj. I do not
remember the emperors in between but the dynasty ended with Bahadur Shah Jafar who was a revolutionary in the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny.

*I could see that all three panelists were really impressed as even I did not expect that I would remember all of this in detail. I was kind a sure that I was in the moment I answered this question*
PANELIST3: What is the population of Nagpur.
CANDIDATE: Told the figure according to the 2011 census.
PANELIST3: So less? What is the population of Maharashtra then?
CANDIDATE: Sir I don’t know that.
PANELIST3: Okay try to guess. What is the population of Mumbai?
CANDIDATE: I don’t know sir.
PANELIST3: Guess toh karo
CANDIDATE: Guessed (way less)
PANELIST3: Okay so how many districts are there in Maharashtra?
CANDIDATE: Sir I think it is somewhere around 40.
PANELIST3: So many? Do you think one state can have so many districts? How many districts do you think are in India?
CANDIDATE: Guessed 300
PANELIST3: So what fraction of India’s districts is in Maharashtra?
CANDIDATE: around 1/7th
PANELIST3: Okay then assuming uniform population in all districts, what is the population of Maharashtra?
CANDIDATE: *calculated*
PANELIST3: Now assuming 40 districts in India, what is the population of a district in Nagpur?
CANDIDATE: *calculated and it was way more than the population of Nagpur that I had mentioned*

PANELIST3: So… your estimate is way off the actual scene. Where do you think did you go wrong?
CANDIDATE: Sir I am confident about my calculations and the number of districts in Maharashtra so I guess it must be the total districts in India.
PANELIST2: Yes. The total number of districts in India is somewhere around 800 and the number of districts in Maharashtra is 43.
CANDIDATE: Okay sir.
PANELIST2: Okay. Thank you have a good day.
CANDIDATE: Good day to you too sir. Thank you!

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 4

Profile: BTech CSE fresher.
Panel number 5.
P1, P2 both male. P1 and P2 both in 40’s.

P1: By any chance do you happen to have watched the movie UP.
No sir.
P1: Okay then, Introduce yourself.
P1: You should not try to give us this coached introduction. We don’t like these coached answers. Be more natural.
Me: I haven’t even gone for a single mock interview and they call this coached.
P1: What specific type of novels do you read.
P2: Name some work of George Orwell apart from animal farm.
P1: Name some novels that come in to this category of allegorical fictions.
P2: What do you know about Russian revolution (I said I don’t know much about it.)
P1: Then how did you understand Animal Farm. It is not possible to understand it without it? I was speechless. Lost my smile and got nervous.
P2: Please Just don’t mention it if you have watched the movie and haven’t read it. Justified it by saying that i have done both. Talked about pigs and all of us laughed.
P1: Forget about the George Orwell thing it’s okay. Let’s go the academics part.
P2: what are your favorite subjects. (I said DBMS, OOPS, Blockchain.) Basic questions on them.
P2: okay name three sorts and their worst-case time complexity.
(I mentioned four) got grilled.
Luckily was able to tackle most of it.
P1: You must have learnt something about electronic chips and IC’s. Name a few and brief us about them.

I mentioned a few.
P2: That’s it (like he wanted me to name more). Okay what is microprocessor.
P1: You mentioned about food. Extempore on difference in food habits of different parts of the country.
30 seconds to think.
P2: Suppose i want to buy Singh(groundnuts) where should i buy it from. Bhavanagar,jamnagar,rajkot.
Don’t know.
P2: If i want to eat Lilo chevdo where should i go.
You’ll get it here in Surat as well.
He said NO. Suddenly i realise that p2 is a Gujarati.
I suddenly say.
Vadodra jagdish farsan.
P2: This is common about us Gujaratis we laugh when we talk about food.
P2: There is a common saying in Gujarati about food of Surat.
I recalled and said it.
Thank you, you may leave.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 5

Panel 4
Engineering Male Fresher
10 CGPA/93.33/8.55
Two Panelist (Male P1, Male P2)
Poor me (Me)

P1 – Tell me about yourself
Me – memorized answer
P1 – Another mechanical engineer
P1 – Explain fractional distillation
me – Explained
P1 – State 3rd law of thermodynamics
Me – Explained
P1 – What is disorder Ness?
Me – Told
P1 – What is randomness?
Me – Unorganized form of energy associated with the system
P1 – who is the chairman of Adani Enterprises Limited
Me – told
P1 – Pick a pen and paper draw a graph of xy = 5
Me – Drawn and told them it a rectangular hyperbola
P1 – How can we cover the other two quadrants…?
Me – xy = -5 will cover the 2nd and 4th quadrants.
P1- How about all the quadrants together??

Me – using mod sir… we can cover all the quadrants.
P1 – looked satisfied.
P2 – Why do you want to do an MBA?? You are in a good company that is related to you field?? Why not keep working?
Me – Explained well prepared answer
P2 – Who is the CEO of FB?
Me – Told
P2 – CEO of Google?
Me – Told. he is also the CEO of Alphabet.
P2 – What is Alphabet?
Me – Explained Briefly
P2 – Okay. Do you know about Peace Price??
Me – yes Sir
P2 – The prize is given after whose name??
Me – Told
P2 – Do you know anything about him??
Me – Not much.
P2 – What all peace prizes are there??
Me – Peace, Literature, Physics
P2 – and???
Me – there are many more, but I don’t remember all of them
P2 – Name any one Nobel Prize winner
Me – Kailash Satyarthi. Nobel Peace Prize
P1 – Who is the CJ of India?
Me – I don’t remember his full name. but I know it Mr. S A Bobde. his term is about to end.

Extempore –
Death penalty or capital punishment?

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 6

X: 81.4
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age 78.8% Electronics and Communication Engg

Work-Ex: 33 months IT sector
NIL/Sector – Number of Years

CAT Score: 243(98.92%)

Time: 9:00 AM 6th April 2010

Attend the Profile Plus program and give a kick start to making a strong profile

Essay Topic: 

The diverse demography of India is unused unless the manufacturing sector booms. (Take a stance and develop the argument in about 200 words)

Wrote about the services & manufacturing sector composition and how we need a boom in many for double-digit growth. wrote ok types will give 6 out of 10.
Psychometric test: 44 ques and 5 min. Basic questions like are you talkative? Are u shy? Are u a leader? With options like strongly disagree, partly agree, neither agree neither disagree, partly agree, and strongly agree.
Then the panel said we will call you for the interview. They called people in the random order and I was the 3rd last to go.

P1: A Bearded Prof

P2: A Serious looking Prof
M: Me

P1 was not in the room when I entered.

P2: So Sumit Khanna From where are you?
M: Sir I am basically from Ludhiana but currently working with Infosys in Chandigarh

P2: So what have you written in the essay?
M: Explained the things that I wrote

P2: You say the services sector will saturate. How can you say so?
M: Sir I work in the IT sector and I have seen that the margins which were there some years back are not there and profits are decreasing.

P2: What is the contribution of the IT sector to the GDP
M: around 7% sir

P2: that is too less

P2: What else comes in services
M: Banking sector

P2: How do Banks earn money
M: explained the concept of interest on loans.

P2: ok what else in services
M: Insurance, hospitality

P2: So are the margins in the hospital sector lessening?
M: No idea sir

P2: You say people in different locations are suited better for a particular job
M: Yes sir as a person who lives near a coal mine will be better suited as he is a climatized with the environment there.
M: Also some people have inherent talent and that should be used for manufacturing like the handicraft industry in Kashmir is there.

P2: Define talent?
M: Talent is the characteristic of a person by which he can do a task better than normal.

P2: you have written that India moved from agricultural to services based industry missing manufacturing. Is it a natural transition agriàmanuàservices.
M: Yes sir as it is the case with China. I have read it somewhere

P2: What is the percentage of agriculture in the USA economy?
M: Sorry Sir

P2: In USA agriculture has more contribution than services, so there is no rule like this ok?
M: Yes Sir J
(Meanwhile P1 joins in)

P1: So Sumit you have worked in career launcher (was looking at my file)

M: yes Sir but it was only because I passed out in June and my Infosys joining was in November, that’s why.

P1: ok so tell me about your final year project
M: Told him about how we had developed a railway monitoring and tracking system, explained to him that.

P1: What was the component you used
M: 89c51 microcontroller sir

P1: Ok explain that
M: told what it is and the functions and the parts

P1: What kind of memory does uC have?
M: ROM, as well as RAM sir and there, is space for attaching external memory as well

P1: How many counters are there in uC/
M: 2 sir

P1: how many ways they can run
M: 8 bit, 13 bit, and dual-mode sir ( I think missed one here).

P1: What is ring counter
M: It is a counter in which after the last state it goes back to the first state, gave an example of the vehicle’s odometer here. JJ

P1: what is uP and different from uC
M: explained

P1: how does control happen in uC.
M: told control signals are there and there are address and data buses

P1: does uP has them?
M: Sir uP has an address and data bus but not sure about control signals

P1 looks at P2, he nods

P1: ok thanks
M: thanks sir

P2: So are these the posts from your blog ( I put the story at the end of the file)
M: yes Sir, I am writing a story and these are the few chapters and writing a college/school-based love story.

P2: you are proactive, normally people write after their MBA, Chetan Bhagat, and all.
M: Yes sir I had the idea after engineering and started writing now as was finalizing the plot.

P2: looking at my affidavit, So you didn’t get it on the stamp paper(was not on a stamp paper but on a plain paper with stamps)
M: Sir I went to the notary and he was not having the stamp paper one and said these govt stamps one will suffice. I argued with him but he said we make it daily and this will do, so that’s it, sir.

P1: ok, Thanks. You can leave now
M: thank you, Sir.

I hope this article helps you know more about the GD-PI process and enhances your preparations

Lastly, All the very best!

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 7

Date – 15th Feb
Time – 3:15 p.m.
Duration of interview- 12 minutes

Two panelist(were actually friendly)

P1- So you are a fresher in?
Me – told final year Engineering grad in Computer Science

P1- any placement offers?
Me- told about my placement offer.

P1- What are threads? What is multi threading
Me- Told but lagged in details.

P2- Difference between multi core systems and multi thread systems.
Me- Told

P1 finishes and P2 steps in

P2- Deep you must have heard about an issue regarding whatsapp in this year. What was that about?
Me – told about the privacy policies issue

P2- Okay we will give you a topic and you have to speak for 1.5-2 minutes. Topic is Unemployment
Me- Spoke

P2 and P1 together – Thanks! You can leave the meeting.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 8

2 panelists, both male, they were very friendly
Interview went around 15 to 20 minutes
10th – 87.17 RBSE
12th – 90.20 RBSE
Grad – 84.70 NIT Hamirpur, ECE Engineering
Work Ex – 18 months
Hometown – Kota, Rajasthan

Panelist -1
1. Tell something about yourself.

2. Who all are there in your family?

3. What are your hobbies?

4. Which newspaper do you read?

5. Editor of the newspaper of your hometown which you read?

6. Which pages do you study in the newspaper?

7. Can you tell 2 news that happened recently in foreign countries?
(Talked about US election and myanmar coup incident)

8. Who is the president of Myanmar?

9. Have you read about whatsapp policy ? What is going on with this ?

10. Google has been using our data since starting but when whatsapp is doing the same that too even after letting us know then why people are boycotting this? Why double standards ?

11. Who founded whatsapp?

Panelist – 2
1. What is the meaning of your name?

2. What is kota famous for?

3. Since you mentioned you like singing can you tell me how does your voice reach upto us? What is the procedure behind that ?

4. What is modulation and types of modulation?

5. What is zener diode , draw it’s characteristics curve?

6. What was your fav subject in graduation?(I said digital electronics)

7. Draw the nand gate and truth table for the same.

8. Any social issue which you follow?(I said women empowerment)

9. He gave me extempore topic for this one –
“Strong Women, Strong India”
I started speaking but he wasn’t quite satisfied then he changed the topic to “We need more women leaders”
I spoke few points, I think my extempore didn’t go that good.

10. Which coaching did you go for JEE preparation? (I think panelist 2 was from Kota only, he knew quite a lot about it.)

Okay that’s all. Thanks
Nothing from Work experience.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 9

11 months of work ex Civil engineer
2 male professors

P1: Tell me about yourself (mention 10th,12th, grad and hobbies)
A: Told

P2: what’s civil engineering called in hindi.
A: just said abhiyantriki, wasn’t able to recall the term for Civil

P1: when and why hindi diwas is celebrated
A: Answered

P1: how many languages are there as Rajbhasa
A: answered

P1: Stress vs strain graph
A: Answered

P1: units of x axis and y axis in the graph
A: fumbled but answered

P1: What’s Young’s modulus?
A: Answered

P1: what do you mean by grade of cement and what’s the unit
A: answered

P1: As a civil engineer, which is favourite monument?
A: i told taj mahal, idk why.

P1: Tajmahal is made up of marbles and they are temperature resistant. Tell me why
A: couldn’t answer

P2: so, you have mentioned that you like to travel, which places you have been?
A: answered

P2: Okay, so you mentioned kota, your extempore topic is ” social fabric of kota”
A: i was completely shocked and just mentioned why it’s famous , about kota stones, chambal and mentioned our current lok sabha speaker is from there (idk why I mentioned that)
I couldn’t speak for 90 secs

P2: so, give me an example of non linear function and it’s application.
A: Answered but fumbled in application part.

P2: how many roots are there for x^5.
A: answered

P2: why
A: didn’t answer
Okay, so we’re done here.
Do you have any questions for us.
Asked about utasah event focused on marketing as i do have a background in that.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 10

ECE (fresher)
Panel- 2 males(one in 30s other in 60s)

1. Have you completed your graduation, what did you do after your graduation

2. You would have studied about computer networks so in which layers are routers used

3. How do we route packets

4. Why do we use multi core processors

5. How is the main memory and virtual memory used in a operating system

6. If higher priority programs are very big where will they be stored

7. If a program is waiting for user input what will happen to remaining programs

8. Use of multicore processors again

9. Why do we use special processors like graphic processors or numeric processors

10. Extempore- Women empowerment
Why it is necessary and what are the socio economic benefits

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 11

Bcom h, fresher

2 male panelists

Q.Tell me about yourself.

Q. Since you are kind person who help others , can you sacrifice your seat?

Q. How laws are made in India?

Q. Where does the bill introduced?

Q. Can bill be introduced in Rajyasabha?

Q. Can money bill be introduced in rajya sabha?

Q. Tell me about budget.

Q. What is suspense account and how it is treated?

Q. What is cycle account?

Q. Justify 3 +4=11

Q. Train takes 1 hr from indore to ujjain and after every 15 mins train departs from both ends.. then how many trains will I encounter from opposite end if I sit in train to Ujhain at 11:15 AM

Extempore topic-
MBA is ruining the growth of the future by neglecting the importance of other field.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 12

2 panelist , both male

Started with good morning and all
P1 – So you are pursuing Economic hons , so you are right person to ask what is Consumer Surplus ?
Answered with example

P1 – what is Monopoly and monopolistic market ? Examples

P1 – inelastic demand , perfectly inelastic demand ? Example of perfectly inelastic demand ? And why we need it

P1 – example of oligopoly market.

P2 – some more economics questions and market examples

P2 – Talked about hobbies
Some badminton related questions and name of male badminton players

P2 – common thing between Gopichand and Prakash Padukone ?

P2 – Most prestigious badminton series ?

P2 – in which formula vaccine is based

P2 – talked about US election , why trump was against the results

No extempore , No intro , No HR (apart from Hobbies)
Chill type interview , they helped me in getting to some answers.

Time was around 13-14mins

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 13

Two Panelists (M1 – 45 years, M2 – 35 years)

M1: Good Morning X. So Tell Us about Yourself
X: Gave an well prepared answer

M1: Okay. You have done Graduation in Civil Engineering, Right?
X: (Not again, please) Yes, Sir

M1: So, you are from Sambalpur. Both here in Indore and Sambalpur, Hilly terrains are there. There are some provisions given in order to prevent hill slidings. What’s that?
X: Various methods luke barricades upto a great height are given

M1: How do you guys decide that?
X: by taking the hill condition, monsoon rainfall into consideration

M1: Fair enough. How do you guys decide about the depth of foundation in a building
X: Same by taking soil stability into consideration.

M1: Please Elaborate
X: Talked about various types of soil and respective required foundations

M1: okay. Do you know about recent developments in Surveying method
X: instead of traditional instruments modern theodolite are used

M1: Okay, that’s it from my side. Now my colleague will ask you some questions

M2: What was your college’s earlier name.
X: UCE, Burla Sir.

M2: Yeah Yeah, UCE burla. Its very near to IIM Sambalpur, right?
X: Yes Sir.

M2: So, you have done so much in Entrepreneurship Cell. Tell me something about Govt schemes
X: Startup India, Make in India, Digital India

M2: How can a student get benifits from those schemes.
X: Like in our institution one time grant for startups of amount X from Teqip Cell. Also there are some grants which are allocated to Entrepreneurship Cell, we provide minimal amounts to student startups also.

M2: okay. So you are aware of recent happenings in Myanmar.
X: Told everything about Myanmar Coup

M2: Okay. Do you aware of Arab … issue (was not aware at all)
X: Sorry Sir, Don’t know.

M2: No worries, its an incident of 3-4 years ago.

M2: Okay, So your extempore topic is “Democracy or Dictatorship, which one should be preferred?”
X: said in for of Democracy and why dictatorship is not preferable

M2: Okay, X. One last question off-air, You have calls from IIML and IIM I , which one will you choose?
X: Sir, I haven’t thought about this thing for now. But I have one odd friends in both the instructions, I will consult them after the results.

M2: Okay. So, Any questions for us.
X: Yes, sir. I am very curious about the incubator at IIM I. I heard a lot about that during my undergrads about its collaboration with IIMB and all. Whats that is all about.

M1: (came suddenly) You have friends here na, ask them. They are the suitable persons to inform you about the insiders. We will give the same info whats on website.
X: okay sir.

M2: Okay, X. Thank You for your time. You can log off.
X: Thank You Sir.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 14

March 22, 2021
P1 male 45+, P2 male 45+

1. Tell us about fantasy sports?

2. Is it legal in India? it seems illegal.

3. What is the business model?

4. It is creating addiction amongst users. Your views on the same.

5. Question on decimal to binary conversion.

1. Extempore topics: “AI is taking human jobs”.

2. Which states are due for election this year?

3. Which states have a communist party government?

4. Who is the current Minister of Railways and Commerce of India?

5. Who is the current Education Minister of India?

6. Who is the current Finance Minister of India?

All the best, you may leave.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 15

24th March 2021
panelist 1(M – 45+) , panelist 2(F -40+)

Work ex – 3 years

-Where do you work and what specifically is your job?

-What was you engineering branch?

-What are universal gates?

-Draw the XNOR gate with equation and truth table.

– What is an SR flipflop and JK flipflop? What is the difference between them?

– Convert 10.27 to octal equivalent.

– What are different types of antennas?

– What are passive elements?

-Why are the dish antennas in IIM INDORE facing the same direction?

-Tell me something about dhanbad.

– What is the coal capital of India?

-Which State has the highest Coal production?

– How many mines are there in Dhanbad, which is the biggest one?

– Do you follow news? Tell me two recent news.

– Extempore: Electric Vehicles in India

All the best, you may leave!

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 16

Dt: Feb 17 2022, 5:30 pm, 10 min

My profile – B.Tech chemical engineering, fresher, Male

P1 – Male panel

1. What did you study in mathematics during engineering? – said linear algebra and calculus
2. What is meant by dimension of matrix?
3. Define rank
4. Find the rank of the given matrix
5. Eigen vector physical significance

P2 – female panel

1. Any global issues currently that you know of
2. Mentioned Russia-Ukraine crisis…. She laughed as most the students might have said the same answer
3. Any more issues
4. What is the impact and role of Germany in Russia Ukrainian conflict?
5. Where was the temple located which narendra Modi visited yesterday? – I said Delhi but she said Punjab, I insisted it was Delhi.
6. What was the occasion of the visit? – didn’t answer
7. Extempore – Price of world peace
I mentioned china taiwan issue
8. Cross questioning on china Taiwan issue
9. Do you know about Israel- palenstine issue? – I said I don’t know much but it was primarily based on religious issues. She laughed and finished the interview.

Overall a short one. No questions on profile or why MBA as such. Only Mathematics and current affairs were tested.

Practice from actual CAT Mocks and score 99.99%ile

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 17

Panel 2 – Dt : 21/02/2022
ECE , 2.5 years work ex

2M panelists

1M :
Tell me about yourself
How did Bangalore get it’s name? (Currently residing in Bangalore )
Tell me about your work and what you do on a day to day basis
Asked a few questions on Matlab (related to work ex)
Tell me the frequency range of 4g and 5g
Is this your first CAT attempt ?

2M :
How will you find out whether a given 8 digit number is a prime number
What is Euler method ? Take any number and explain
Can square root of a number be larger than the number itself ?

Extempore: Air pollution in India and how it can be controlled

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 18

ECE fresher

1.Which all King’s ruled over Maharashtra,
2.What rivers go into the Arabian Sea.
3.Tell me the significance of Tipu sultan’s regime
4.What is Cdma
5.What is pdf, check whether e^-x2 is a pdf
6. Integration of 3sinx*Cos3x
7. How will you check continuity of a function.

20 mins, No Hr No current affairs

Exptempore : Challenges Faced by India

Overall experience : Apart from the Exptempore everything was gloom for me. Extempore I spoke for 3-4 mins and they had to stop me.. Not sure if it’s good or bad. 

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 19

22 Feb 2022
Work ex – 29 months
2M panelists

1) what is mainframe ? Why still being used .( I work on mainframes)
2) explain you job role and responsibilities
3) what is binary tree , why do we use binary try ?
4) why not use array or linked list? Tell differences of all three
5) what are different types of linked lists explain them
6) what are logical gates explain each , can we create not gate from nor gate , show how to create?
7) what is Fourier series,Laplace series.
1) full form of CRPF , BSF,CISF ,SPG ( i have paramilitry background)
2) northernmost and southernmost district in Kerala.( I am from kerala)
3) who is KK shailaja , who replaced her , why was KK shailaja famous
4) Difference you feel between Delhi and Kerala
Extempore :
Do we have freedom of expression or it has moved to criticism over expression.

Overall experience: It was a good interview , and panelists were friendly.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 20

22 Feb 2022
GEM l 9/8/8/96.85 , CAT – 1 year of work ex

2 panelists l Both male
The interview started almost immediately. Two panelists popped on the screen and we exchanged pleasantries.

P1: You did your UG in Civil Engineering right?
Me: Yes sir.
P1: Tell me any 3 subjects and I’ll ask questions on that.
Me: Geotech, RCC, Surveying.
P1: Asked 10-12 questions on Geotech (all in depth, application type, terms; their definitions and stuff)
Me: Could answer 4-5 because it was a little too specific and I hadn’t prepared that well.
P1: Well that’s surprising! Okay let me ask you this (proceeds to ask another 5-8 questions on remaining topics)
Me: This was better, could answer almost all of them.
P1: I wasn’t expecting this (said with the worst face possible). Now sir will ask rest of the questions.

P2: Are you following up on current affairs?
Me: Yes sir.
P2: But I feel very spiritual today, let’s talk about that. Gave 30 sec to think and 2 min to speak on the topic: “Religion as a motivation in Indian politics”
Me: Told
P2: That will be all, you can log off.

Overall, my experience was really bad because it was ONLY based on UG and undermined the reason for doing MBA altogether (Civil nahi karna tha isiliye chose management). Nothing else was asked. The panel was friendly though. Maybe mine didn’t go as well thats why I’m feeling this way..

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 21

BSc Physics fresher – 22/02/2022

2 panelists (Male, Male)
Basic chill interview no grilling but I wanted grilling and was prepared but no grilling so I screwed up simple questions.

1.what is 5 business scope in sikkim(I live here) I told pharma, content marketing, Soft development, ….organic farming ….

2.content marketing ?

3. Questions on graduation ..basic of scientists you utilized time in covid
5. Your best 2 extra curricular (m state lol sports person in sikkim)
6. Indian companies to manufacture covid vaccine
7. Top 5 Indian pharma companies.
8. You studies math in grad so tell how to know of two vectors are parallel and orthogonality related( ps. I mugged up all graphs but wasnt expecting this)

No questions related to CM or any states and elections or Ukraine I prepped so much…not even why mba etc I studied for marketing ….

Conclusion: expected 10 marks questions but was asked 2 marks questions so interview was aveeeeerage(bad acc to the lvl of preparation..over prepped and missed small things)

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 22

95/96/88 CSE Fresher

P1 (M):
1. Asked about my college and how it’s different from IITs
2. Asked to convert a binary number to decimal
3. What is an algorithm? (Gave example of searching algos)
4. If I have to find shortest path, what kind of algorithm is that? (Told name)
5. Different types of loop methods and their use cases?
6. Can I skip some iterations of a ‘for loop’ using a condition inside the loop?
7. Give one use case where a ‘do while’ loop would work instead of a ‘while’ loop?
8. What is IP address? What does its digits denote?

P2 (F):
1. How can digital technologies be used for voting, if at all? – Extempore
2. What are the risks in case such a system is implemented?
3. Asked about what I was interested in apart from CS (finance, politics, business, etc.) – answered that geopolitics interests me
4. Why are UK and Germany involved in the Russia Ukraine conflict
5. Why is Russia advancing towards Ukraine at this moment?
6. Why do you think US is withdrawing from the world stage
7. Why China is becoming aggressive these days?
8. Since I’m from Delhi, asked how Delhi has improved from 10 years back under the AAP regime

Practice from actual CAT Mocks and score 99.99%ile

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 23

90/90/73/13months work ex – OBC Engineering Male
Panel-4 – 1M, 1F

Panelist-1, M
1. What is centrifugal and centripetel force and give examples.
2. What is torque, give examples.
3. If I have filled diesel in petrol car, what will be the consequences?
4. What will be the solution?
5. What is Periodic Function, examples with periods?
6. What are the symmetric functions? (Earlier I gave trigonometric functions as periodic functions)
7. Range of tan, sine, cosine.
8. In which quadrants will these function be positive?

Panelist-2, F
1. Extempore- How creative arts help in person’s development and growth?
2. When did you play kabaddi and achievements?
3. Is Kabaddi part of an Olympic? Why not?
4. What changes in Immigration law Biden did last year?
5. Gujarat is famous for lot of things, which one you will pick and speak about?
6. Gujarat’s rank in GDP contribution.
7. Other states and their rank ahead of Gujarat in GDP contribution.

Overall pretty supportive panel with smiling faces. There was no grilling and questions seem easy to me. I dont know!

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 24

Panel 9- 2 male profs P1, P2
26 Feb 2022 9:30 am
Gen, BTech Biotech, 29 months wex

1. What work do you do in company
2. What is Mulesoft- contd from prev
3. What is API
4. Security provisions in API
5. What is an amino acid
6. What are the grps present in amino acid
7. Why DNA has double helical structure
8. Explain mono di poly saccharides and give examples
9. How are u in maths….. Explain straight line equation
10. Have you heard of integration? What is its purpose
11. Any themes normally for poems that you write ( interests )
12. You belong to WB— Name neighbouring states
13. Name their CMs
14. Bengal reminds of Swami Vivekananda— What is his early name
15. Why is he so powerful that he is still talked abt
16. Tell abt two of his ideals
17. Does he have any connection with Kanyakumari
18. Extempore: Think for 0.5 min and speak for 1.5 min: Monarchy is better than Democracy— Can speak for/against/middle path
Thank you.. you can leave
Approx 25 mins

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 25

90/90/73/13months work ex – OBC Engineering Male
Panel-4 – 1M, 1F

Panelist-1, M
1. What is centrifugal and centripetel force and give examples.
2. What is torque, give examples.
3. If I have filled diesel in petrol car, what will be the consequences?
4. What will be the solution?
5. What is Periodic Function, examples with periods?
6. What are the symmetric functions? (Earlier I gave trigonometric functions as periodic functions)
7. Range of tan, sine, cosine.
8. In which quadrants will these function be positive?

Panelist-2, F
1. Extempore- How creative arts help in person’s development and growth?
2. When did you play kabaddi and achievements?
3. Is Kabaddi part of an Olympic? Why not?
4. What changes in Immigration law Biden did last year?
5. Gujarat is famous for lot of things, which one you will pick and speak about?
6. Gujarat’s rank in GDP contribution.
7. Other states and their rank ahead of Gujarat in GDP contribution.

Overall pretty supportive panel with smiling faces. There was no grilling and questions seem easy to me. I dont know!

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