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IIM Nagpur Personal Interview Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIM Nagpur Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM Nagpur Personal Interview Experience 1:

Two male M1: can you please show an Id of yours M1: okay please tell us your motivation behind doing an MBA (Surprised that no intro !) M1: okay so you want to become an entrepreneur so what you want to start with? M1: have you thought of a tagline may be a billboard what will it have to attract people? M1: good. Tell me one thing you know a big bank is leaving India? Me: yes sir. M1: so what is the impact why do you think they are moving out Me: told . A few cross question on it. M1: okay which other country it's moving out from? Me: told M1: do you have a pen and paper I'll give you a puzzle Me: yes sir It was a square with 4 square inside it, he asked me to form 3 square by moving 3sticks Took side time but did it, he asked to explain properly. Done M1: Good one, I'm done over to you sir. M2: So what your name means? Me: told M2: hope you have collected a lot of knowledge and will continue to do so! M2: so you work from Kolkata? Me: no , Chennai M2: okay how long? M2: any difference between Kolkata and Chennai any issues you faced? Me: told about the language barrier M2: okay any others cultural food difference? Me: told M2: okay elections are going on in WB , how many phases are there? And how many are pending? Me: told M2: which other states are having election? M2: okay so you are interviewing for IIM Nagpur any idea how far is Nagpur from Kolkata ? Me: around 1200-1300 Kms (pure guess but I was close its 1190?) M2: have you been here? Me: no sir but I have been to Mumbai so I guessed! M2: haha it's not that close to Mumbai but your guess is right! M2: so what do you do in your free time? What did you do in lockdown? Me: told. Told swimming as a hobby M2: okay so swimming has a sport has been badly effected by covid. And people fear it. What do you think can be done to overcome it? Me: told M2: it was great talking to you, thank you so much for coming. It was around for 20mins. Very smooth interview. They were friendly.

IIM Nagpur Personal Interview Experience 2:

19/04/2021 34month exp 1- Tell me something about yourself and why MBA 2- questions of hotel business and profit statergy (based on previous ans) 3- Who was savitri bai phule 4- responsibility handled at work 5- problem faced at work and what did u do to fix it 6- why are ordanance factory setup for(father works here) 7- follow up quesn on it. 8- what are the project you did with the NGO u work with 9- follow up quesn on it 10- any questions for us. 11- what all calls you have.

IIM Nagpur Personal Interview Experience 3:

Panel - 1 Female (early 30s), 1 Male (late 50s) Panellist - 1 Q- Tell me something about yourself A- Bla bla bla wala rehearsed answer Q- You mentioned something about an ATX certification at NASA in your form. Tell me about it. A- Explained the selection process, the competition we participated in at KSC Orlando, and the ATX drill we were a part of. Q- Any recent news in the tech space? A- Told her about the Tesla Space X exploration missions and the recent test launch that landed itself again. She asked for something else and I mentioned the helicopter probe taking flight on Mars. She didn't seem too convinced about this response tho. Q- You mentioned wanting to build something in the tech space in 10 years. You have something in mind? A- Pitched my business idea to her which led to some cross-questioning about the idea itself and how I would overcome the challenges. Q- You worked at a startup alongside the CEO. What were your 2 biggest learnings from this experience? A- 1. Don't diversify too early. Focus on a few key features first. 2. Don't focus on the solution. Focus on the problem. Once the problem is validated, alternate solutions may come out and even turn out to be better. Q- How would you apply these to your idea. A- Mentioned how I want to focus first on hypothesis testing and building a proof of concept. Mentioned the biggest problem I will face and then gave 2 ways of solving it. Prompted a lot of cross-questioning, but I think I defended my stance well. Panellist - 2 Q- What will you do after your MBA? A- Mentioned how I am still in my learning phase and thus would want to learn as much as I can about building products by working as a Product Manager in a reputable IT company. Q- What domain though? A- IT and E-commerce would be my best bet, but consulting and FinTech is of course a domain that really excites me. Q- So, why IIM Nagpur? A- Mentioned how I actually had a senior from this very college, who always said good things about this institute. And of course, the Case Study based approach and the talented peer group would make sure I learn from more than just books. Not to mention the prestige of the college is unparalleled. Q- Your SOP had a quote from Walt Disney on it about how all dreams can be accomplished if you have the courage to go for them. What is your dream? A- Reiterated my dream to build something in the tech space once I have learnt enough about the pitfalls of the industry and upped my skills enough. He wanted another one though, so I mentioned my passion for football coaching and how I am a youth coach ever since my playing career ended due to an injury. Told him my dream is to see India in the FIFA World Cup someday. This prompted a full 15-minute talk about Football coaching. Q- Is coaching important? A- Mentioned how coaching is about 3 things: Improving technique, conditioning and making players tactically aware so as to play together. I then harped on about how the first 2 can still be learnt on a basic level without a coach nowadays thanks to online resources like youtube, but teams really need a coach to help the multiple players play together. I also mentioned Leicester city as an example to prove the point that tactical organised teams can defeat teams with even more talented players and even bigger bank balances. Q- So what does a coach do that a captain can not? A- Told them how captains have an undivided focus on what they are doing in the game as football is a sport requiring immense concentration. Hence, you need the 12th man during games who can see the game and understand it thanks to their experience as a player. Hence you need a coach. Q- Asked me whether having multiple coaches would be better. A- I said yes, all teams nowadays have a head coach and multiple assistant coaches. Q- He said no. I am saying, multiple head coaches. A- I said no then. They would differ on their philosophies and playing styles, which can really be a problem and confuse players. Q- No, let's say the coaches all agree on one playstyle. A- I said for the 6 days of training, it will work I think. Players get more 1v1 attention, and as long as the drills are suited to the playing style it would work fine. However, on a matchday, you cant have multiple coaches making in-game decisions. One of them needs to step up and make the call. And thus, a head coach is needed. Q- But they agree on play style right? Why would they differ on in-game management? A- Well sir, a problem can be solved in multiple ways. Let's say you want to attack in the last few minutes. One school of thought says bring on an extra attacker and then lob the ball into the box so they can score via a header or rebound. Another school of thought says to bring on a creative midfielder so the team can get better possession and control and create high-quality chances for the already present attackers. Clearly, we cant have multiple head coaches debating on which one to go for in the final moments of the game. The decision needs to be quick because time is money here. Q- Do you know who brought out Total Football. A- Now I knew this answer. I knew the player but I was blanking on the name somehow. I starting going on about how he is an Ajax Legend and was also at Barcelona for a stint, hoping that my mind would remember in these 5 seconds, but no. I was blanked out. I then told him "I am really embarrassed about this sir, but I can't recall the name. I know the player, I know his career but the name is escaping me right now." He then started saying name starts with C - R - Y Finally, my brain responds "Johan Cryuff, of course, sir". Maa sahi kahti thi, Chawanprash khana chahiye tha. He said it's fine and that that would be it for the interview. Both panellists wished me all the best and I logged out. CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

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