IMT Personal Interview Experiences

IMT Personal Interview Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IMT Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

PI Experience 1. 

IMT Ghaziabad 10.02.2021 – Panel 12

1M (late 40s) 1F (early 40s)
Background : 40 months in IBM

90% interview was about IBM, its history, work culture, Rankings.

Other questions
– Your 1 Strength and how it is relevant in corporate, Two latest news, which sector you want to join and why? , What is tesla doing in India and where.

Nothing from video or SOP

Entire interview was in a very friendly manner.

PI Experience 2.

1 M around mid 30s and 1 F around 40s

First female interviewer –
Q1 – Tell me about your family

Q2 – Why you left job

Q3- Why chose HR job after engineering

Q4 – Why are you inclined towards marketing and HR both. (explained by saying how recruitment is nothing but selling a pitch to the candidates)

Q5 Why didn’t you go for a job offer from Tcs and joined a startup

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Male interviewer
Q1- Explain about the British council course you did during graduation

Q2- about my food blog

Q3 – last food item you posted

Q4 – origin of that food item. (didn’t know this)

Q5- where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

Overall a light interview. In between a lil bit of grilling because of my shift from engineering to hr to marketing.

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PI Experience 3.

P1 (F 30+), P2 (F 40+)

Q1 : tell me about yourself
Answered ( seems interested)

Q2 : you are doing so well in job. What characteristics you showed ?

Q3: any childhood incident that’s influenced you?
Narrated true story.

I am not getting my refund from Amazon why is that ( I work in Amazon)
A: I don’t work in that sector but I can try some reasons and gave

P2: very unique email id why it’s like that?
A: answered (P2 :nice way of selection)

P2: what specialization you want to pursue and why
A: answered (seems satisfied)

Done… Max 5-7 mins

PI Experience 4.

Two panelists, one male 40+ and one female 30 +.

he asked me
Extempore was : do our bank accounts need insurance.
1. Who is head of planning commission.

2. Second law of thermodynamics

3. One math question.

4. Why MBA.

5. Any extracurricular activity other than mentioned in form.

6. What is FICCI.

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PI Experience 5.

P : You haven’t worked from Nov 2019…what you have done in that period ?( As I have gap year after 30 month of work ex)
Me: I answer that I was doing data analytics

P : why data analysis is used what have you learned
Me : answered ( told about a project I had done )

P : can you tell me diff between regression and co relation.
Me : answered

P : what are independent and dependent variables
Me : answered in terms of regression

Moved to next panel

P : why do you think data analytics has become so popular nowadays
Me : answered ( computational power of computer has increased and accessibility of resources is more )

P : can you tell me fintech
Me : answered

P : can you tell me about peer to peer lending.
Me : answered ( told about a start up where it is done)

P : can you tell me about investments in startup.
Me : told about seed funding and series funding.

P : can you tell me about any book prize for authors.( As I had background in publishing industry)
Me : told about man booker and arvind adiga

Asked to leave the meeting
Note :. I was explaining everything, they asked me to keep it precise !

PI Experience 6.

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why this weakness?

3. why mba

4. Native city political and historical significance

5. Current city political and historical significance

6. Why don’t u like politics?

7. do u read news?
Then explain NEP
taunt – typical it guy😂

8. Your company uniqueness?

9. What ur company is best at?

10. What u learnt in 2 years of workex?

11. Compare native and current city

time 10 mins

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PI Experience 7.

P1 and P2 both males

Profile – CAT 98.45, 20 months Workex

Q1 You are working in Matrix. Tell me something about It.
Answered everything from foundation to domain to products to Revenue

Q2. How is your Company doing in the past one year
We had a huge increase in revenue due to the Anti Chinese Sentiments.

Q3. How are present scenes between China and India.
Answered with Trade Deficits

Q4. Why do you want to do an MBA.
Answered on past experience of Product Management Role
That’s all from my side

Q5. What do you mean by trade deficit.
Answered diff between imports and export.

Q6. What is beneficial for India.
Answered satisfactorily.

Q7. Favourite Subjects
A7.Computer Networks. I was like bring it on.
You must have read Tannenbaum then.
I said man this guy is an electronics engineer. I am fucked

Q8. What is Distributed File System?
A8. Holy shit I said no sir sorry I am not aware

Q9. Give me a second subject.
A9. Digital circuits.

Q10. Draw XNOR using universal gates.
A10. I am doomed. Sorry sir I don’t know.
Aisa kaise you said your favourite Subjects were this and you cannot answer these questions.

Q11. What is the difference between astable bistable and monostable circuit
A11. Not Aware.

Q12. Give me a third subject.
A12. Wired Commumications.

Q13. What is UDP.
A13. Thankfully was aware and answered with example where it is used.
Thank you you can log off

PI Experience 8.

1. Hi Pawan, so which production house did you work with?

2. What was the most unique and interesting thing that you learnt from your work experience?

3. Who is Savitribai Phule? (because I’m from Savitribai Phule Pune University)

4. What do you genuinely think of the farm laws?
(And then immediately gets handed over to a Sikh panelist…..that was smooth from them)

5. What do you think of the recent budget?

6. You are giving me a diplomatic answer. I want to hear your opinion.

7. You stream is Mechanical, what boost is the mechanical sector going to get from the current budget?

8. What is the gold price today?

9. What is the dollar price today?

10. What is the name of the Spacex commercial flight that is using biofuel?

PI Experience 9. 

Panel- 2 members (both males)

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. After doing engineering from NIT, why would you not take some experience in technical field and then MBA

3. What is your idea of business

4. Asked few questions about 3Ps related to green products

5. Whose coalition govt is functioning in maharashtra (I’m from Maharashtra)

6. Name of the coalition

7. Deputy chief minister

8. Highlights of the recent budget

9. Why a mobile is called cellular phone (I’m an ECE fresher)

10. What is the shape of cell and why is it so

11. What do you expect after a 2 year degree from IMT

12. What are the top 4 tyre manufacturers in India (based on my father’s business)

13. How do you recommend a good tyre to a customer

Thank you

PI Experience 10.

P1 (F 30+), P2 (F 40+)

Q1 : tell me about yourself
Answered ( seems interested)

Q2 : you are doing so well in job. What characteristics you showed ?

Q3: any childhood incident that’s influenced you?
Narrated true story.


Q4: I am not getting my refund from Amazon why is that ( I work in Amazon)
A: I don’t work in that sector but I can try some reasons and gave

Q5: very unique email id why it’s like that?
A: answered (P2 :nice way of selection)

Q6: what specialization you want to pursu e and why
A: answered (seems satisfied)

Done… Max 5-7 mins

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PI Experience 11.

12th Feb, 2021 Panel 16, Slot 12
B. Tech, ECE, Male
EWS, 18 Months work Ex

Extempore on : Mental Health vs Physical Health

1. Difference between LED & LCD?

2. Probability sums

3. Hobbies

4. Name 5 south indian states with their capital

5. Through which states does the Himalayas pass?

6. Achievement in sports

7. What is I-league?

8. Defending champions

9. What happened to Mohun Bagan and East Bengal

10. How many teams in ISL, name them

11. Show top 3 extra curricular certificates

PI Experience 12.

Q1. Why switch from architecture to MBA

Q2. How to design Sustainable landscape at IMT

Q3. How important sustainability in today’s world

Q4. Is climate change a serious things

Q5. Why isn’t anyone talking about extreme cold

Q6. Uttarakhand GOFL reasons

Q7. IIM Ahmedabad structure debate

Q8. Why do you feel that it should be conserved

Q9. Any amazing standout building in Gurgaon

Q10. Any structure that you admire around the world

Q11. Asked questions about my startup, basically the complete revenue model and the plan ahead

Q12. Asked multiple questions about Amazon-FRL-RIL deal

PI Experience 13.

Ques: where did u do ur grad from?

Ques: diff between expense n investment

Ques: Are salaries paid to R & D employees capital expenditure or not?

Ques: what is GAAP (As i quoted an Accounting standard in previous ques)

Ques: name a few Accounting standards?
Names a few n bluffed

Ques: Explain implication of LIC IPO
Told both positive n negativeQues: which field in MBA?

Ques: how to quantify risk

Ques: A vague ques on why does all the financial instruments fail or financial services scam?

A few follow ups on this
Less than 10 mins interview

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PI Experience 14.

Panel 5
1st panelist
1) why sales job after engineering

2) why mba now

3) work ex question

2nd panelist
1)What have you learnt in work ex

2) How will you help government in solving farmer protest

Over 10 min interview

PI Experience 15.

1) You are from Bsc Ag or BTech ag?

2) You have mentioned you’ve written a paper on Organic Farming? Tell us more about it?

3) You have mentioned about being a hero? You think you can be the one for the farmers and what they’re facing?

4) He grilled me on this for 5-7 mins I guess.

5) What does RBI do?

6) What does SEBI do?

7) Who is the governor of RBI?

8) You have a youtube channel? What content you post?

9) How do you think storytelling thing is gonna help you in being a manager?

10) He again grilled me on this by saying you will make better excuse than others. And blah blah…

11) What other calls you have?

12) I don’t think you’ll prefer IMT Ghaziabad over IIMs. Again the female panelist made a taunt kinda thing saying we’re waiting for a story.
That’s it.

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PI Experience 16. fresher

Q:Which sector do you want to work in?
A: Fintech

Q:What’s Indian Govt take on crypto?

Q:What’s your take on it?

Q:Do you own any?
A: Yes, BC & Litecoin

Q:I want to buy. Tell me how can I?
A: Told

Q:Any policy to combat fin illiteracy?
A: PM-Jandhan yojna

Q: criticism on it?
A: Idk but educated guess

Q: LIC disinvestment: take on it?
A: Told

Q: Should crypto be in mainstream?
A: Told

Q: Talked about my summer school

Q: 3 Cultural differences UK/US & India

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PI Experience 17.

B.Tech ECE

P1 (50 around, Female):
Introduce yourself.
– Done as crammed up

P1: Do you have any Placement offers?
Ans: Told them about my offers, organizations and ended with the fact that I didn’t accept any when I got to know my CAT result

P1: Why MBA?

P2(50+, Male):
Tell me about 1 domestic and 1 international event of recent times which caught your eye
Answer: Being a delhite told about Farmers issue and RIL-FG-Amazon Rift.

P2: So tell me something about the Amazon-RIL-FG situation.
Answer: Thanks to Catking was able to recite the major points

P2: Now tell me about the Farmers Situation. Imagine you are the leader of Farmers. Which point will you put weight on?
Answer: Mentioned MSP and Compulsion of Written Contracts and Safety for the small scale farmers

P2 : What are Social inclusion activities and being a national minister how do you plan to inculcate that in the society?
Answer: Explained about how I hope to pursue it, mentioned about Vocational activities and Bagless days of NEP.

Thanks and Bye bye
It was for less than 10 mins definitely.. Didn’t see the exact time
I was last in my panel
Panelists were cordial
And Thankfully wasn’t asked about Grad

PI Experience 18.

1. Tell me something about yourself which is not in your resume

2. Integrate 1/x dx

3. Tell me the purpose of differentiation that when x^2 is 2x then what it means (really grilled me on this)

4. Tell about the pros and cons of FMCG companies doing B2C buisness (I have no where mentioned that I am interested in marketing, it was completely random)

5. Privitisation of PSUs pros and cons

6. What will you do or what should govt do about the misinformation spreading about vaccines?

7. Asked me 5 subjects which I studied in last semester and 2 questions based on that(one I was able to give ans)

8. Famous chess openings (I have participated in chess competition in college)

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PI Experience 19.

Fresher bcom
Last on the list
Felt they just wanted to be wrap up and go.


1. famous personality by your name

2. where did chetan bhagat studied from

3. post graduation kaha se ki usne

4. favourite subject

5. what is segmentation – explain

6. what is positioning

7. Star question- what do u think is the difference btw positioning in india as compared to THE US .

Over to p2
8. question from sop for hobby ( i am a content creator)

9. number of subscribers ?

10. what is the usp of your content

11. what did u learn from it

12. explain scope of digital marketing

The end

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