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IIM Visakhapatnam Personal Interview Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIM Visakhapatnam (Vizag) Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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IIM Visakhapatnam PI Experience 1:

M1: Introduce yourself.
P: well prepared answ

M1: Asked about gap year after 12th.
P: Told

M1: Tell about your graduation experience, how you handled responsibility?(intro related)
P: Briefly told about role.

M1: Tell about your NGO experience.
P: Explained

M1: were you place in campus?
P: Yes but due to pandemic offer was revoked

M2: What is difference between information & technology.
P: Tried to differentiate between them not sure what to say.

M2: You used word data several times. Difference between data & info.
P: data is the fact available with us, can be structured/ unstructured. Info is what we make of it. Data is input info is output

M2: what type of data is there? What are its structure?.
P: explained structured & unstructured data.
Various type of DBMS.

M2: Example of RDMBS. How rdbms is unique?
P: explained.

M2: what is AI?

M2: How AI can help managers.
P: Explained.

M3: Companies which use AI.
P: Told. Domains.

M3: Specific companies & application.
P: Told 1-2. But wasn’t able to explain.

M3: You like cricket you said.
P: Yes

M3: Say two teams play a match. One is strong say Australia. Other is a team like Bangladesh. In which format do they have best chance to defeat Australia.
P: T20. More impact of bad form. Less time to recover. Bangladesh doesn’t play much test.

M3: Any questions?
P: Asked.

Greetings exchanged.

10-12 min. Good conversation. Friendly panelists.

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IIM Visakhapatnam PI Experience 2:

BE ECE with 1.5 yrs exp in SAP
Three panelists – 3 male ( one – 30s and two – 40s)

– Introduce yourself

– Tell about your job

– Challenges faced in job

– Mean median mode of normal and std normal distribution

– Asked to draw uniform distribution

– Which ERP can be implemented in IIM V

– Follow up questions regarding different ERPs

– Why gap year

– Difference between analytics and big data

– Practical ques on big data like at what instance data becomes big data

– Difference between finance and accounting ( since I have done certification in financial accounting)

– What is working capital

– Which industry works in negative working capital

– Question on mergers and its effect on financial statement

IIM Visakhapatnam PI Experience 3:

GEM 98.45 20 MONTHS WORKEX 89/81/76
Q1. Introduce yourself

Q2. You have done Btech in ECE tell me about the recent developments?
Answered 5G

Q3. What is difference between 4G and 5G explain me in layman terms

Q4. Tell us about your day at work

Q5. Which all are other pricing strategies?

Q6. You did your Internship with Airport Authority of India. Do you remember any recent plane crash?
Was not aware

Q7. You had 1113 international rank in English Olympiad which word is your favourite in English
Was surprised by the question but answered Magnanimous
She said it is a good choice 

Q8. Spelling of a random word
Said something not sure correct or wrong

Q9. What is mean

Q10. Where is it used in real life

Q11. What is Standard Deviation

Q12. Where is it used in real life

Q13. Why do we take square of deviation from average why can’t we take modulus?
Didnot know

Q14. Any questions
I said no

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