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Important Topics For CAT Preparation: CAT 2022
July 11 2024

CAT 2022 is just around the corner, and lakhs of aspirants will be appearing for the exam. One of the most important rules of giving the exam is to be well versed with the syllabus and the most repealed or important topics for the exam. Because being aware of the important topics can help simplify the entire process of preparation.
The CAT exam consists of three sections- quantitative aptitude, verbal ability & reading comprehension, and logical reasoning & data interpretation. In each of these sections, you will find a wide range of topics covered in the syllabus. In addition to the different topics, some crucial topics will continue to be weighted heavily in CAT 2022.

CAT Exam Pattern 2022:

The exam pattern for CAT 2022 will not be different from that of CAT 2021. Here’s what the pattern is expected to be this year:

 Total 3 sections and a total of 66 questions in 2 hours. 

Section Number of Questions Sectional Time limit
Verbal Ability 24 40 minutes
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation 10+10 40 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 22 40 minutes

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Important Topics for CAT 2022-

Preparing well for the most repeated or important topics of CAT , can help you score more than 90%ile in the exam. Here’s the important  CAT topics from each of the sections:

Important Topics for CAT Quantitative Aptitude:

Quant is one of the easiest sections of CAT, and the right amount of practice and concept can help you score more than 99%ile in the section. The CAT’s quantitative ability part typically contains questions that have elementary mathematics.

Here’s the list of the most important topics from the Quant section


Topic Name Expected No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Algebra 10-14 Questions Moderate
Arithmetic 6-8 Questions Moderate
Number System 2-4 Questions Moderate
Modern Math 1-3 Questions Easy
Geometry & Mensuration 3-6 Questions Moderately Difficult


Books Recommended for the Quantitative Aptitude: 

  • Arun Sharma
  • RS Aggarwal
  • CATKing LOD 1 and CATKing LOD 2

NOTE: More than 50% of this section consists of Arithmetic. Hence, it is advised to focus more on the Arithmetic and Algebra topics as they hold the maximum weightages. And, a score of 30+ is needed to get a 95+%ile.

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Important Topics for CAT Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation:

The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) section of the CAT Exam is considered the most unpredictable. The DILR portion of the CAT is certainly the most challenging and unpredictable of the three, but with the right strategy and mindset, it’s far simpler to succeed. When preparing for the CAT DILR, choosing the appropriate approach is crucial.

Topics Expected No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Blood Relations 2 to 3 Questions Moderate
Puzzles 1 to 2 Questions Moderate
Data Sufficiency 3 to 5 Questions Moderate
Graphs Related 5 to 8 Questions Moderate
Seating Arrangement, and Data Arrangement 5 to 6 Questions Moderately difficult
Tables and Caselets 3 to 5 Questions Moderately difficult
Clocks & Calendars 1 to 2 Questions Moderately Easy
Assumption and Binary Logic 1 to 2 Questions Easy
Syllogisms and Venn Diagrams 1 to 2 Questions Easy

NOTE: In this section Caselets is the most important topic. And, a score of 25+ is needed to get a 95+%ile Attempt for Above 95 Percentile: 20+.

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Important Topics for CAT Verbal Ability:

One section dreaded by most MBA Aspirants, especially engineers or those from a technical background, is the Verbal section. Students find it hard to score in this section even after a lot of practice and cannot comprehend why that happens.

That’s why to score well in this section the candidate must start with VARC with the right approach. Here’s the list of most important topics can will help you fetch good percentile in the exam:

Topic Name Expected No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Reading Comprehension Passages 17-18 Questions Moderately Difficult
Para-Jumbles (VA) 3-4 Questions Moderate
Para-Summary (VA) 2-3 Questions Moderate
Odd Sentences Out (VA) 2-3 Questions Easy
Fill in the Blanks 1-2 Questions Easy

NOTE: In this section, the reading comprehension passages is the most important section. And, A score of 31+ is needed to get a 95+%ile.

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These were the list of the most repeated topics in the CAT exam. These topics are a must-do set of topics, but other than that the candidate should also prepare for other remaining topics as well and practice as much previous year question papers as possible including giving mock and sectional tests.

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