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International School of Business; Research (ISBR) GDPI Experiences
May 18 2024

ISBR Business School (International School of Business & Research) is situated in Electronic City of Bangalore which is set up under the aegis of Bangalore Educational Trust in 1990. ISBR is listed among the Top Business Schools of the Country and approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD Government of India. The primary motive of the institution is to prepare students for life and establishing them in a leader who is capable to influence the world with their passion and success. Students here are groomed for the Industry exposure with exceptional foundation and a wide variety of specialization in marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Systems, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Health Care Service, Telecom. The Alumni association at ISBR proves highly beneficial during final placements of Students. Below are some GDPI experiences from the existing batch at ISBR :


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1. Jovita Devaraj (PGDM 2020-2022)

I was aspiring to pursue my PGDM, when I happen to come across ISBR Business School situated in Bangalore, which is one of the best B-Schools in the State. I was intrigued by their best courses offered by the Expert faculty and Industry Veterans, International Academic partnerships, focus on practical learning, Industry collaboration and exposure, and many other aspects. And I decided to try and be a part of this Institute. I applied for the admission process online and was guided by an admin staff on the various rounds and how to go about in the entire interview process. My interview was scheduled on the Campus itself. I had some prior GDPI experience, so I was not anxious, rather was relaxed for the entire process.

I reached the Campus and I liked the Infrastructure, the great atmosphere, and also the smiling and welcoming faces of ISBR. This made me feel ready enough to face the Interview process with much confidence. All the students were seated in the Conference hall and we had a brief meeting with the Academic and Program Coordinators and were also introduced to all the courses that ISBR was offering. The staff was very kind and professional and the entire Induction was well coordinated. Post this, the Interview process began which had four rounds altogether, which were the Aptitude Test, Essay writing, Micro presentation, and PI. Since I had qualified for the first round with my CAT score, I was directly given an essay topic on “Is Technology a boon or a curse in the current era?” and I had to write about 500 words on it. And then when everyone was finished, we were sent for our presentation round one by one.

 It was a micro presentation that I had to present for about 10 minutes on the topic “Is Self-Confidence the key to Success?” My presentation went really well and the Professor too was impressed. After that, we had to wait till everyone else was finished. They moved on with the final PI round. I was sent to a different Conference room again where there was one panelist. I liked my PI experience since the Professor was friendly which helped me to ease into the situation. She spoke to me about me, how I channelize my strengths and weaknesses, my interests, hobbies, etc. I was able to confidently answer her and the constant smile on her face helped me to perform better. The overall experience was great and now waiting anxiously for the results was the hardest part.

We were all seated in the Library when they started declaring the results to each of us in person. I was super thrilled and happy to know that I was selected when the Admission Coordinator declared my results. I was excited to embark upon a new journey with ISBR. Never did I regret once choosing this Institute for the next 2 years of my life and the journey has been nothing but amazing and fruitful so far. I am very glad to be here.

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2. Doel Bhattacharya (PGDM 2019-21)

I had a great experience while going through the GDPI process at ISBR. The best thing which I liked was warm welcome by the faculty heads and the process went on very smoothly. The process began with my general introduction which emphasized my objective, passion and zeal to pursue this course. The selection process was conducted in four rounds such as:

  • ISBR Internal Test comprises aptitude, verbal and logical reasoning
  • Essay writing
  • Micro presentation
  • PI

ISBR Internal test went on for an hour and I could score great in that test. Then 15 minutes were given to me for essay writing. The topic of essay writing was related to cryptocurrency. The micro presentation was conducted by one panelist who was very much impressed by my thoughts on the essay and asked me several questions on that domain. I gave two micro presentations for five minutes each on the impact of social media and the education system of our country. Overall the presentation went on great and I was appreciated by him.
The last round was the PI round which comprises the following questions such as:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why ISBR?
  • Aligning personal goal with career objective
  • Why PGDM after being a successful software developer at TCS
  • Many questions were based on the change of domain
  • Career plan for the next five years
  • Differentiator pointers or USP

Finally, results were declared within an hour after completion of the selection process. It made me elated and now when I am on the verge of completion of my PGDM, I feel thankful and blessed to be part of the ISBR family. I have learned a lot in two years of this experience, I feel grateful for the constant support which I have received from my honorable Professors who were my guiding light. I would like to enlighten my achievements:
Internationally Certified Competent Leader and Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International
Best Manager Award, National Level Management Fest, CIMS Bengaluru
Presented 6 successful research papers based on HR and Business Analytics at International and National Conferences.
One research paper got published by a reputed journal and the other one got published at IIPM, Bengaluru e-journal Conference Proceedings.
I did four successful internships from TCS iON, IIMB Incubation Cell, Olcademy and Createn.

  • HR Strategy Analyst Intern, TCS iON
  • Research Intern, IIMB Incubation NSRCEL
  • HR Lead Intern, Olcademy
  • HR Business Partner, Createn

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to ISBR Business School, Bengaluru for their constant support and motivation.

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3. Binita Saha (PGDM 2020-2022)

I had my PGDM interview on January 18, 2020, which was held in Kolkata. I still remember the day when I first entered the room for my GDPI session.
The selection process of ISBR was a 4 steps process, starting with an aptitude test followed by essay writing, Micro Presentation, and Personal Interview.
There were almost 18-20 students and after verifying the hard copies of the documents, candidates were asked to sit for the aptitude test. I was not part of aptitude as I had a MAT score of 690 with me which made me eligible directly for the other three processes.
After that each one of us were given different topics to write about within a time span of 15 minutes to check our writing skills. I got “Peer Pressure” as my topic.

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It was then followed by a Micro presentation on certain current affairs topics that were provided to us 48 hours prior to the interview. I choose the topic “Man-Made Disaster” for my presentation. The panelist gave me 8 minutes for presenting followed by 2 minutes of QnA.
Later on, we were asked to wait for the Personal Interview. One by one, the members of the group were called in for the interview. Finally, it was my turn. For the PI, there was only one panelist. The panelist started by asking me to introduce myself and my area of interest in the future. The panelist was friendly and helped me to convert my nervousness into excitement and listened to my answers and asked certain clarifying questions from my response.
The result was declared on the same day and I got the call later regarding my admission the next day. And that is how my journey begins with ISBR Business School, Bangalore. I would like to thank ISBR for boosting up my confidence and giving me a lifetime experience.

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4. Krishanu Mukherjee (PGDM 2020 – 2022)

I was very lucky enough to give the offline GDPI interview just before the imposition of nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic which was gripping under its arm all over the world. I was selected through Feb-19 MAT and then started preparing myself accordingly. As we were given the basic idea that what are processes that we have to go through during the day of selection. The GDPI interview held in one of the posh hotel of Park Street, Kolkata. The ambience was awesome and I was little nervous as well although I was fully prepared for the judgement day.

My MAT score was fair enough, so I didn’t have to give the Aptitude round, so I have directly gone for the Essay writing round in which the topic name was, “How E-Learning is going to an impact in Indian Education System” which I reckoned have well duly written on my own. Then among the dozens of other candidates, I was the first one who goes for the PI round started with the micro presentation in which the topic was “Work-life Balance”. Then I have to explain each and every slides in a lucid manner and then afterwards there was Q&A session regarding the micro PPT.

Then, our esteemed college faculty Prof. Kirron Bindu asked several questions ranging from the current affairs, basic finance terminologies, YES bank NPA fiasco etc. The overall process was about 45 minutes which was breath taking to be honest. Then, the result was announced by my admission councillor in which I was selected. I really wants to thanks my college ISBR, Bengaluru for this wonderful opportunity to pursue my PGDM dream. I hope that I can learn as much as I can within these two years without any fail. Thank You!

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5. Pallavi Mahalik (PGDM 2020-2022)

Like every other candidate after my BBA, I was aspiring for PGDM and ISBR BUSINESS SCHOOL was the last stop in my journey of B-school admission process as my brother suggest me to go for it. I had an online selection procedure due to pandemic situation. And all the process was replaced by two process in online that was extempore through video call and one final personal interview with my MAT score.

I am glad that I got the opportunity in the interview process as the faculty who took my interview was very genuine. and the panelist who took my personal interview even was good enough and they make the environment friendly enough to take out that nervousness out of me. And am glad that I got selected in ISBR BUSINESS SCHOOL as the selection process was tough. 

In extempore they gave me the topic (COVID -19 pandemic and its impact on service sector) though it is a recent topic so I easily able to clear the round even my personal interview went well as they asked about HR topics. And about my personal interest. even they gave me some situational based question and was judging my perspective.

I would like to say in this pandemic even this college has been instrumental in guiding us starting from orientation program, guest lectures, virtual industrial tour, certification courses, separate mentoring session and all our subject faculty who cooperate with us a lot which was unexpected for me and I am really grateful for it. This pandemic affects us mentally much more than physically but our faculty ensured our mental health not affect us much by constantly being there by our side, clearing all our subject doubts in online platform, giving samples papers for practice before our 1st trimester.

My journey is totally like an adventure and my most favorite session till date is our orientation program where it’s going to bring 360-degree transformation in YOU. Lot of participation in our club events make us feel more confident as we compete with each other and gain more learnings from others, this all are possible for ISBR itself where it has turned online platform gradually into offline and we don’t feel like we are studying online lectures.

I am happy to get such beautiful and peaceful ambience with good faculty. I am glad to be here in ISBR and looking forward for my transformation with real world and real learning.

6. Prajwal Markandey (PGDM 2020-2022)

Due to covid-19 pandemic, the whole interview process was conducted online for me as well along with lots of others.

Instead of group discussion, mini presentation was conducted to check presentation skills along with communication & researching skills of the students.

The interview was conducted by a single panelist who was also one of the most senior faculty at ISBR & it was a one-to-one exchange. At first, I was explained & told everything about ISBR i.e., information about specializations they offer, life at ISBR, their signature mentorship sessions & doubts regarding placements, other facilities etc. were also cleared.

After this, mini presentation took place topics for which were shared prior to this process. I was asked to explain on any of the given topics for 5 mins. Out of all the topic I chose was “Jack Ma”, as he is one of my ideals in the world of business & an inspiration to those who seek to lead from front.

Later to this, Personal interview took place. The interviewer asked questions about my fields of interest, hobbies. Further, they asked which specialization I prefer & why, my long-term goals & what I seek if admitted in ISBR plus where do I see myself after 4 years. There were many other questions based on my UG studies plus some on personal life.

Overall, the whole thing was an extensive process & it covered all aspects about my professional as well as personal life. It was a pretty great experience to be honest as I got an insight about what I should expect in coming years of the Master’s degree.

Presently, I am in the 2nd trimester of PGDM program at ISBR & I am very happy to share that I made the right choice choosing ISBR for pursuing PGDM.

7. Abhinav Thiyagaraajan (PGDM 2021-2023)

Hi, I am Abhinav Thiyagaraajan from Mumbai.
After completing my undergraduate degree in BSc. Computer Science, I was aspiring to do a PGDM. And it was my dream to pursue PGDM from a reputed institute like ISBR. I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned in securing my admission at ISBR. Hence, along with the entrance exam
preparations, I had also started preparing for interview rounds. So I attended classes that would explain how to go about and prepare for the interview. After the CET results, I got a call from ISBR for the PI round. I couldn't control my happiness as I had got a call from the college where I really wanted to be, but then it was time to perform in the PI round to achieve this milestone.
Some of the questions they asked during the PI round:
Tell me about yourself

  • Talk about your work experience, if any.
  •  What is your passion?
  •  Why do you want to do an MBA?
  •  What do you understand about this case study? (given prior to the interview)
  •  Which course do you want to take up and why?
  •  Why should we select you?

After all these questions, my PI concluded, and I was told they would let me know the results. Post the PI, I got a call from the Director of Admissions, Kavitha maam, and she answered all my queries about the course curriculum and other aspects. I had also gotten a chance to speak to the alumni of ISBR to get a real-time understanding of college life, courses, placement, etc. My heart started pounding with the stress of whether I’d get through or not. There was a tough competition to crack for securing your admission. After two days, I got an email stating, " You are selected; you may come and take admission". My happiness had no limits after that mail populated my mailbox. I was just waiting for the next day
to arrive to take the admission. Then, finally, the day came. I was on the ISBR campus to take admission.
This was my admission journey to ISBR. Happy Learning!

8. Kamalapriya V (PGDM 2021-2023)

Kamalapriya V – PGDM in Data Science and Business Analytics
ISBR Business School conducts the selection process at various locations offline. They assess the candidates’ potential through three rounds as selection criteria:
● ISBR Aptitude test
● Micro presentation
● Personal Interview
Qualifying ISBR Aptitude Test is mandatory for the students to secure their admission at ISBR. However, students with valid test scores in CAT, MAT, XAT, NMAT, etc., are exempted from this test. After qualifying for the ISBR Aptitude Test, I attended my Interview process at Ramada Hotel in
Chennai. The process was smooth, and I had a great experience. Micro Presentation I was given ten topics, out of which I selected one for the micro presentation. My topic was ‘Technology and Nature are Natural Enemies’. The duration was 20 minutes. After that, in the QnA session, the college representative asked a few questions about the presentation and provided their valuable feedback.
Personal Interview
Finally, it was my turn. One panelist interviewed me. I was asked to introduce myself and also to talk about my academic journey. They also questioned me on the program choices I had opted for in the application form, significantly changing from Science Stream to Management. I liked the PI process because I was able to talk about my areas of interest. I preferred ISBR Business School over the other B schools as it has excellent faculty, immense industry exposure, and academic collaborations with some of the world’s best colleges.I got to know that it offers ample opportunity concerning placements and training. Also, it provides a conducive environment for learning, be it academically or extracurricular activities.

8. Akriti Pandey (PGDM 2021-2023)

I am a computer science graduate from BBDNITM Lucknow. After my Engineering, I wanted to go for MBA, and I started looking for b-schools. I got to know about ISBR Business School through a consultancy. I called the college and got to know about it more. Things were explained by the counselor very well. She described the college and helped me in the further process. In the first round, we were asked to prepare presentations on some topics and present one of them. This literally helped me a lot in knowing about different topics. After I qualified the first round, I had an interview with the panel. Questions were asked from different fields to check our fundamental and general knowledge. Being a computer science
graduate, I was asked questions from my field and some general knowledge questions. Next, we had a meeting with the director of admissions. She took an hour and explained all the certifications, course structure, and placement activities. The college also shared the contact details of some seniors so that we could clear our doubts regarding any concerns.
I had a great experience and got to learn new things. The overall process was very well organized.

9. Jahnvi Garg (PGDM 2021-2023)

Before I opted to go to ISBR Business School, I had to undergo a rigorous selection process that included a personal interview and individual presentation. The individual presentation was to be given within a pre-specified time frame.
Candidates were provided with ten topics on general awareness and economic affairs. First, we had to choose one topic and prepare a presentation. Then, there was a QnA round based on the presentation given by the candidates.
Personal Interview:
My interview went for approximately 40 minutes.
Major questions revolved around my work experience, past academic record, and future aspirations. I was asked why I wanted to choose ISBR for my further studies even when I had offers from other colleges. The interview was more of a discussion in which I was given a chance to clarify any questions I had regarding the course work, placements, etc. In a word, my interview was really engaging and educational. The interviewer guided me throughout the interview, which made me confident in my decision to go with ISBR. I gathered that they groom a person as a whole rather than just
imparting theoretical knowledge.

10. Eshant Gupta (PGDM 2021-2023)

Once I decided to choose ISBR Business School to pursue my PGDM, I was informed by their admission team that the selection process would be conducted in two phases – Individual Presentation and Personal Interview. My selection process was held in Hyderabad, Telangana.
Individual Presentation
We were given ten topics, and out of which we had to choose any one topic to prepare and present it in front of the representative from college. We had 5 minutes to explain our topic, followed by questions related to the presentation, which continued for 20 minutes.
Personal Interview

  • It was quite an exciting part because the questions asked to me were related to my
    area of interest and my work experience.
  • CV was just for reference.
  •  The interviewer was more focused on how you were responding to the questions.
  • My interview was more focused on the specific reasons why this college and why PGDM?
  • In a nutshell, my interview was quite interactive and full of learning.

Note: I was exempted from the ISBR Aptitude Test because I had a good score in NMAT.Although I had offers from other reputed colleges, I chose ISBR because of the quality education and Return on Investment I will get only in ISBR.

11. Sreesha (PGDM 2021-2023)

Even before my graduation, I started looking for colleges to pursue my MBA. I wanted a college offering unconventional specializations in MBA like Healthcare Administration.ISBR was one of the options I had on top of my list. After I applied, I received a mail that said I had been shortlisted for the next round. Micro presentation and personal interview was scheduled in Chennai, Egmore, and I was given a time slot to attend the same.
I received a mail before my interview date which had topics from which I could select one
and prepare a micro presentation. A micro presentation is nothing but a short presentation of
5 mins.Here is my step-wise selection process at ISBR.
I chose the topic; MARKETS ARE FOUND, NOT CREATED, did a little research on it, and prepared vital points that helped me deliver my presentation smoothly. After the presentation, I was asked a few questions about myself, and the personal interview had started. The interviewer wanted to know more about my interests and background. The interview was very smooth and the questions asked were easy to crack for me.
A decent update about current affairs will make the interview easier for the interviewee. After the interview, I felt pretty positive as I was happy with my performance. They had told me that the result would be mailed within 48 hours. I was delighted when I received a mail stating that I was selected. Now, I am a proud student at ISBR Business School. I hope this information helps you in any way.

12. Vivek Nair (PGDM 2021-2023)

I searched for colleges after my entrance exam for Management through various sources like YouTube and other education portals. Also, my friends in Bangalore told me about ISBR Business School.I visited the campus and filled the application at ISBR. They guided me through every step of
every process till the end. Finally, I was shortlisted by the college based on the entrance exam cutoff and Personal interview. My interview place was Mumbai, where I appeared for the interview. In the interview, they asked me various general questions about my academics, family
background, etc. And, also I was asked to give a presentation on a particular topic. My topic was the farm bill. Later, I got shortlisted by the college.
The interview at ISBR was a fantastic experience for me from a learning perspective. The interviewer imparted knowledge on various aspects.
I chose ISBR as my college even though I got various offers from different colleges because of the environment. Moreover, the ISBR faculty ensures that the students become leaders who can work in a diverse environment and accomplish the most complex objectives. As skilled teachers dedicated to student learning and highly accessible, they give ISBR students an unmatched academic experience.

13. Satya Vineesha Peddada (PGDM 2021-2023)

I checked all the colleges to apply for PGDM courses as soon as I received my MAT score. First, I researched some of India's top business schools. Following that, I made a list of colleges to consider. Finally, I applied for the ISBR PGDM program and was picked for the interview within a few days.I was given some topics to choose from a few days before my interview, and I had to make a micro presentation on one of them.

I had my interview in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. In addition, professor Venugopal conducted
an interview with me as part of the selection process. As a result, the presentation lasted 15 minutes. Because I come from a non-management background, all of my questions were based on my undergraduate education. He inquired as to why I took the management course.

The interviewer inquired as to why I chose PGDM and this college in particular. I explained why I chose the PGDM programme to improve my management, social, and communication abilities. And I shall be exposed to a wide variety of challenges and socio-economic scenarios and connect with people from different backgrounds. Moreover, I can learn the importance of building contacts and networks of fellow professionals across the verticals, domainsand industries.  Even though I received offers from other colleges, I picked ISBR Business School because I have
always preferred practical learning to theoretical knowledge. I discovered that this college offers both. Also, I did some research on this college by looking at the website, and I was able to see the experiences of alumni who had attended this college. As a result, my interview went well, and the interviewer provided some insight into the major subject I wish to pursue. I was accepted into ISBR College after the screening process, where
Professor Venugopal surprisingly mentored me for the Pre master's programme. He walked me through the entire program and was exceptionally helpful.

14. Urmila Jain (PGDM 2021-2023)

After completing my B.Sc Psychology from Madras School of Social Work, Chennai, I wanted to do a course on management in a well-established institute and specialize in hospital and health care management. During my hunt for the right B-school, I came across ISBR Business School, Bangalore, Karnataka, online. When I connected to the admissions team at ISBR and enquired about thecourse curriculum and the process, the team made sure that all my queries were answered and that the process was explained for the admissions. They had both online and offline
curriculum to combat the pandemic.I had chosen the offline curriculum, for which the following was the process:
The process of admissions started with-
Filling the application form
Submitting management entrance test scores
Call letter
Micro-presentation and the PI round
Offer letter
Seat allotment
The entire process was hassle-free. The interviews and presentations were conducted in various cities of India. And online for the ones who chose the online program. My interview took place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the week after which my call letter was issued. Various topics were provided a week before the interview and presentation, out of which I selected one and presented. After the presentation round, my interview was
scheduled, which happened to be reasonably interactive and professional. Finally, after a week, my offer letter was issued.
Now was the time to visit this great campus and interact with the team, students and a few faculties, who were very warm and welcoming from day one. The campus is compact yet very beautiful. The positivity this campus spreads made me feel that this is the right place where I should be spending my two years. Not just the “happy vibes”, the institute’s curriculum, which gives students a platform to understand and be a part
of real-world learning through practical exposure, makes it even more worth joining.At ISBR Business School, practical learning is of utmost importance. The student-alumni interaction, student-faculty interaction helps students to understand the course better and what
possible opportunities are coming their way. All in all, ISBR Business School is an institute filled with well-equipped faculties, diversified
student- friends, and abundant opportunities. Real-world- real learning is achieved here.

15. Ashmita Banerjee(PGDM 2021-2023)

My name is Ashmita Banerjee. I am from Kolkata, West Bengal. I have completed my graduation in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). After completing my graduation, I decided to pursue PGDM with a specialization in marketing. After thorough research on different B-Schools in India, I concluded to apply to ISBR Business School.

I got an interview call from ISBR Business School shortly after applying, as I scored 228 in my NMAT entrance exam among all other accepted scores in the school. As my scores were quite good, I did not have to give the ISBR aptitude test later on.  Within a few days, I got a call from ISBR, and I have explained the entire course curriculum, which matched my interest. After a couple of weeks, I was asked whether I would like to choose an online or an offline interview via email. Since I wanted to have a real-time interview experience with the panel members, I opted for an offline interview.

In the interview, I was supposed to give a micro presentation. A few topics were mentioned, and we had to choose any one topic and present on the same. Since I have an inclination towards marketing, I decided ‘Markets are found, not created’ among all the exciting topics. My interview location was in my city, Kolkata. I chose a slot according to my convenience and reached the centre on time along with all my documents. A few other students were waiting for the interview, along with an admission committee member of the school and me. After waiting for some time, our panels arrived, and I went for the interview right after the first student. As I entered the room, I was greeted by my two-panel members. One of them was

Satya Kiran sir, who later on took my mentoring program. After that, I was asked to start giving my presentation. My panel members appreciated

my presentation, and then I was asked why I chose this topic in particular. That was when I gave my introduction. It was an extremely interactive session where I answered the questions and gathered knowledge from my panel members. We spoke about the current affairs, the covid situation, financial concepts and the updates on marketing. I felt very nervous before entering the interview room, but such communication made me very relaxed, and I felt very confident. At the end of the interview, Satya sir said, ‘See you on campus’, which had definitely put a smile on my face.
Overall it was a very smooth interview process.ISBR Business School is a place of diversity and knowledge. I am in my first year now, and I
will never regret the decision to join here.

16. Anvesha Sisodia (PGDM 2021-2023)

My name is Anvesha Sisodia. I am from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I completed my BBA (Marketing) from Alliance University, Bangalore and I am a certified Advanced Digital Marketer. My goal was to pursue PGDM from Indias one of the premier B-Schools. therefore I enrolled to ISBR Bangalore.
Because of my excellent counsellor, my registration process went extremely smoothly.There were three rounds, and I had the option of going through the procedure online or offline. Because of the pandemic, I opted the online process.

  • First Round – Aptitude test
  • Second Round – Micro Presentation
  • Third Round – Personal Interview

First Round – Aptitude Test

  • The aptitude test was conducted online with the time limit of 1 hour.
  • After successfully clearing the test cut-off, I received a mail mentioning
    that I was eligible for the other two rounds which were scheduled the
    next day.

Second Round – Micro Presentation

  • 10 topics were given as choices for the presentation, and my topic of
    discussion was “How pandemic has affected the life of students”.
  •  The time constraint of the presentation was 5 mins, followed by Q-A
    session from the Panelist.
  • I successfully completed my micro-presentation round as well, and got
    eligible for the last round which was the PI round.

Third Round – Personal Interview

  • The final round was the PI-round, I had an extremely amazing
    experience with the panelist.
  • My CV was kept for the reference, and I was I asked about areas of
    interest and the skills I have.

The panelist asked me to introduce myself, which was followed by questions like- which was followed by questions such as "Why PGDM?"
and " Why ISBR?" before moving on to general and managerial questions.The panelist made me comfortable, so I could really feel confident about myself, and my interview went extremely well. I was directed to wait for the results after all of the rounds. I received my call
letter within a week, confirming that "I was selected" and that I can confirm the final college admissions.
I was also enthralled by the fact that I had the opportunity to speak with the ISBR Placement Head and Director of Admissions. I was certain that ISBR was the one location that could help me achieve all of my dreams and goals. The process itself gave me precious learning and I’m glad to be a part of the prestigious institute.

17. Viren Viswanathan (PGDM 2021-2023)

I was absolutely delighted to be shortlisted by the admissions team of ISBR Business School for an interview process, which would give me a chance to enroll myself for a PGDM program in one of the top up and coming B-schools the country has to offer. Since it was the peak of the pandemic, the interview was held via a virtual zoom meet.

I was given a set of presentations topics to choose from beforehand, and that I would be selected based on my presentation skills followed by a personal interview with one of the panels. From the set of presentation topics, I selected “Women leaders of today”, which I felt was one of the most intriguing and unique topics, as women leaders are often underrated. On the day of the presentation, I was sitting well prepared and slightly excited/nervous about how it will transpire. Upon getting a call from the panel, I began with my presentation which lasted for approximately 12 minutes. What followed was a thoroughly professional one-on-one personal interview round, where I was asked about my family background and other demographics. I was also given a couple of situation-based questions, to which I feel I answered fairly well. The panel seemed quite pleased with the interview and I was told that the results would be announced in a couple of days.

After 3 days, I got a mail from the admissions team of ISBR that I had been selected for the 2 year PGDM program. I was very pleased upon hearing this and eagerly waited for the inception of my journey with ISBR Business School. Meanwhile, I was told about the fee structure and other details I needed to pay heed to. Regular updates were followed by the admissions team before I arrived at campus. I was also introduced to the Pre-master’s
program during this period, where I had to analyze and present my perspectives of different management case studies. The mentorship program was also a crucial part of getting us prepared in terms of our direction and goals in life before the real journey began.

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