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Know your Specialization is for all those students who are aspiring to do MBA, and for those who are actually doing MBA. To know which specialization suits you the best is the most critical and the most important part, which will be a roadmap for you in achieving your future goals. CATKing brings you a unique product to help know your specialization.

To deduce your desired specialisation,
Let’s play a Quiz.

Let us explain you the steps of the Game:

  • The user wants to pursue MBA and is confused regarding his specialisation
  • There will be 3 rounds of questions and answers which will take 10 minutes
  • All the questions will be predominantly rejection based questions
  • The number of questions asked in each round can vary depending on your answer

How "Know Your Specialization" can help students

  • Get on the cutting edge of your discipline and find a market niche
  • Having prior knowledge to introduce new ideas that are good for business and is going to help you get into leadership roles.
  • After doing your MBA, you'll find that "Knowing Your Specialization" finally will lead to greater job satisfaction
  • There’s the competitive advantage of being in authority in an area that brings value to prospective employers.
  • To remain more focused in a specific field, helps you to give full energy and time on one your area of interest.
  • Providing more stability to your area of interest and thereby accelerating the future growth through risk aversion

P.S: Rejection is easier than Selection, that’s why we have GDs before our PIs.

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